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    12 May 2021 12 May 2021
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    Premise: I love simulators, especially those with tractors or commonly called trucks. I love long journeys during which I get lost in my thoughts, I observe landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views (when the game makes it possible).
    I thought I would spend hours and hours driving through the German highways while loading and unloading the goods and that I would enjoy what I have just mentioned.
    I played a lot on ETS2 and ATS, it was just amazing.
    On The Road The Truck Simulator is not comparable to ETS2 at all and it cannot be defined as a "simulator". It takes courage to release a similar title on a console in 2021.

    But let's analyze the strengths of On The Road:

    ► The interior of the MAN TGX and the SCANIA is very well done.

    This is all I liked in this "simulator".

    Cities are really badly designed, the AI ​​itself does not respect the rules of the road, on the motorway you will often see cars which appear all of a sudden falling literally from the sky.
    But that's not all, sometimes you will see the asphalt disappear from under the wheels laugh WTF!

    On the Road is a game that looks like it came straight out of 2005 and is totally full of bugs .. Nevertheless, I must say that they are fixing them with patches, but honestly it is a very low quality game.

    The advice I can give you is to leave this game and wait (I hope so) for ETS2 to arrive on consoles one day. ETS2 is a real simulator.
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    iM JacKAgreed, On the Road has a trailer full of potential, but unfortunately, it's currently broken down in the middle of nowhere.
    Posted by iM JacK on 12 May 21 at 10:22
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