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OF: Dragon Rising
Type Game
Publisher Codemasters
Developer Codemasters
Discovered 19 Aug 2020
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Release date 10 May 2011

(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB)The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising™ takes gamers as close to war as they'll ever want to get; recreating the brutal reality of the modern combat experience in stunning detail. Through an epic single and multi-player campaign set on a vast open-world battlefield, Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising™ challenges players to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of contemporary warfare.

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Skirmish Pack

Download the essential ‘Skirmish’ pack to extend the unique Operation Flashpoint experience with 4 new multiplayer maps and 4 new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions featuring solo and 4 player co-operative play.  Hunt down SAM Launchers hidden in the sprawling complex of ‘Lumberyard’ or assault dug in PLA forces in ‘White Fang’, two tense new ‘Infiltration’ maps. ‘Annihilation’ maps pitch armour and infantry against each other in rolling battles across a valley in ‘Stomping Grounds’ and in ‘Fo…

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Overwatch Pack

Get some with the ‘Overwatch’ DLC pack for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, featuring new multiplayer modes and Fire Team Engagements. In Blindside, the PLA must complete objectives in the shortest time possible while the USMC defends in tense, tactical engagements. Meanwhile Supremacy tasks opposing forces to occupy strategically vital positions featuring force multipliers like gun emplacements and air strikes.These multiplayer modes are complimented by two exhilarating new FTEs. In Frie…