2. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising General hints and tips

  • There are no achievements for completing the secondary objectives, unless I say otherwise, don't bother with them.
  • Take your time; if you run and gun you are going to die quickly.
  • Use crouch/prone to make the aim steadier.
  • Work as a team to achieve your goals, if you are using the computer AI as team-mates practice issuing orders such as: moving them, defending, attacking, and using the medic to heal injured team-mates. There are many other options to use, just play around with it.
  • Killing the enemies from a distance is the best strategy, so utilize this as much as you can.
  • If you are short on ammo, you can kill allied soldiers running about and take their weapon/ammo. A lot of these carry a Marksman weapon. Friendly fire must be on to do this.
  • When playing on HARDCORE difficulty you can check your ammo by HOLDING B. It is best to put your weapon to single fire on. You can change the settings by HOLDING B > then LEFT or RIGHT on the D-pad.
  • When possible you want a human player as the medic, as his syringe heals you up to 100%. If your medic gets killed all you can do is patch yourselves up. This makes things difficult because if your legs and arms are red, you can’t run, and your aim is not accurate.

Here are some bonus codes you can use when playing in SINGLE MISSION, add them in "BONUS CODES" menu.

  • OFPWEB1 - Encampment
  • OFPWEB2 - Debris Field
  • AmbushU454 - Ambush
  • CloseQ8M3 - Close Quarters
  • StrongM577 - Coastal Stronghold
  • RaidT18Z - Night Raid
  • BLEEDINGBADLY - Fire Team Engagement
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