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    Orbital is a unique puzzle game where you shoot down orbs until they explode. There are three different modes in this game in which the primary goal is to explode orbs and gain points that contribute towards your overall score. It has Pure , Gravity and Supernova modes. the numbers count down from 3 to 1 , however you have to shoot the orbs to lower the number down to 1. Once one or more orbs have a 1 by them shoot all of them at once by deflecting your beam against either side of the walls or deflect off the orbs to explode and destroy more.
    Controls : 9/10 You position the beam with your finger and shoot it by pointing at a wall or orbs you want to shoot at. The controls are fluid and very responsive.
    Gameplay: 10/10 : Gameplay is good by destroying the orbs and is very fun and addictive for any hardcore puzzle fan or classic Shump gamer. Very similar to the Visuals and music of Geometry Wars.
    Achievements: 3/10 : Very easy achievements , there are only about three hard ones that will take some practice to get.
    Fun Factor: 10/10 : Addictive and absolute fun when you need to relax or have a good time.
    Overall Reviewed score : 32/40
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    DaShAgbit on the short side, also for someone who doesn't have any idea what this game is, I doubt it they will after reading this review. I still kinda like it though, +1 from me because you are exactly right about the achievements
    Posted by DaShAg on 11 Jan 12 at 10:35