1. Orbital (WP) Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

I'm going to take you through the achievements for Orbital which is a fun windows phone game.

The majority of the achievements (10 out of 15) can be earned in any mode.

There is an achievement for obtaining a specified score in each of the three game modes.

The final two achievements are for playing in multiplayer mode, although these achievements can be obtained without a second player.

I will include the achievements in the order I expect them to be achieved, you may obtain them in a different order depending on how quickly you pick up the game mechanics.

1) Start a game in Supernova mode to learn how to play and obtain the specific achievement for this mode by earning 200 points. You are likely to earn many of the general achievements whilst working on this.

2) Start a game in Gravity mode to obtain the specific achievement for this mode by destroying 50 orbs.

3) Start a game in Pure mode to obtain the specific achievement for this mode by destroying 15 orbs.

4) Start a game in multiplayer mode to aim the two multiplayer achievements.

5) Continue playing in your favourite mode to mop up any remaining achievements.

Have fun!

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