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Getting Started

When starting Order & Chaos I would highly recommend linking your Facebook account (if you have one) to use for your login. You can stack you level achievements for Order & Chaos between the Win 8 and WP versions. For some reason when I initially created an account for this game, GameLoft lost my account information at some point. It's up to you, but I think the Facebook option is easier for logging in between the two. The game never posts anything to my account either wink.

Order & Chaos Online works on Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. It will play just fine on a tablet, but I much prefer using a mouse and keyboard for playing this game. With the mouse and keyboard you can use the Q, W, E, A, S, D keys to move, space bar to jump and your mouse to click and interact with everything. I find this much easier than the touchscreen controls. I pretty much use the Windows 8 version to play the game and only jump onto the Windows Phone version to play for the miscellaneous achievements.

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After choosing which way you are going to log into the game and the server you are going to use, you'll get to choose your race and class. The North American server - Arcadian Forest seems to have a higher population of people to play with vs some of the other servers.


Order & Chaos now has 5 races to choose from. They are split between The Order and The Chaos. With that being said you can choose between Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Mendels. Mendels were added with update 2.0 and start their journey in the Mendel City. There are some small differences with starting stats between the races but they are pretty negligible. You might as well pick the race you really want to play. The starting bonuses don't scale with your level, so once you reach level 10 it won't matter anyway.


Order & Chaos has four classes to pick from. Each class also has two specializations to choose from as well.

Warrior - Your tank/melee based fighter. You can specialize in Battle - 2 handed weapon damage or Guardian - your tanky sword and shield type warrior.

Ranger - Your bow & arrow/assassin type character. You can specialize in Ranged - archery or Assassin - stealthy/high critical dual dagger moves. This is my personal choice for leveling to 60 the fastest.

Monk - Your priest with fists type healer/buffer. You can specialize in Divine - healer/priest line (a lot harder for soloing through the levels) or Military - think with your fists. Honestly if you're just going for the achievements in this game I wouldn't pick Monk. It's probably the slowest of the 4 classes to level to 60.

Mage - Your spell casters. You can specialize in Fire - more single target spell damage or Frost - more crowd control. I wouldn't pick this squishy class either if you are just whipping through for achievements.


Depending on what type of class you choose you will want to focus on building up certain attributes with the gear you use. The game makes is pretty easy to pick the right gear. Warriors use plate, rangers use leather and Mages/Monks use cloth. The weapons in the game are also pretty class specific and you will do fine just upgrading your equipment with the quest rewards you can pick. With that being said here is what each class should focus on:

  • Warrior (Battle) - Stamina & Strength
  • Warrior (Guardian) - Stamina & Armor
  • Ranger (Ranged & Assassin) - Stamina & Agility
  • Monk (Divine) - Wisdom, Stamina & Healing Power
  • Monk (Military) - Wisdom & Spell Power
  • Mage (Fire & Frost) - Wisdom & Spell Power

Their are 5 main character stats in the game. Here's what they mean:

  • Agility – Increase player dodge and critical strike chance, and increase ranged attack power. 1 Agility = .03% Critical Chance, .04% Dodge, 1 Ranged Attack Power (2 Ranged Attack Power, 1 Melee Attack Power for Ranger)
  • Armor – Armor points shows how much damage is absorbed by your armor.
  • Stamina – Increase your hit points regeneration rate and max hit points with 10 per point. (All Classes, Warriors if tanking)
  • Strength – Increase your attack power. 1 Strength = 2 Melee Attack Power (1 Melee Attack Power for Ranger)
  • Wisdom – Increase your mana regeneration rate and max mana points. 1 Wisdom = 15 MP and 2 MP/8s (Mages, Monks)


Most of the achievements in this game are achieved by leveling your character. It's the only reason this game takes such a long time. You can level in Order & Chaos online either by Questing or Grinding. Personally I think the questing method is the way to go. It;s much faster, you get a lot more exp from turning in quests and better gear that's usually suited for your character with each turn in. Grinding involves simply killing monsters that are around your level. It's very boring and you won't get much out of it. The questing in this game is meant to move you from zone to zone. I found by completing all of the quests in an area before moving on to the next I was always at the proper level and always had appropriate gear. I haven't had to grind in this game yet. Even moving to a new area where enemies are 2-3 levels ahead of me I was still able to kill them easily and move on with the quests.

Sometimes you will receive Saintly Blessings from the daily Lottery Chest or the Timed Reward Chest near your Character Icon. These grant you bonus experience points while killing monsters for a certain amount of time. I highly recommend saving these Saintly Blessings for when you get to The Great Desert or Sinskaald Rift zones. Lots of enemies really close together in these zones where the blessing will benefit you the most. In these zones you'll be getting 500+ experience per monster kill with the blessing active. Just makes those last levels go by a little faster.


I highly recommend never buying anything from the real money store in this game. While there are experience boosts and items you can get with runes (you buy Runes with real money) their store is not completely stable. There are lots of threads out there of people saying they bought runes and even though they were charged for them the transaction glitched in game and they never received what they paid for. So buyer beware.

Make sure to save all the cloth, mineral ore and leather that you pick up. You can store it in your storage chest. Given the fact that I'm only going for achievements in this game and I'm not worried about crafting, I've been selling all my materials at the Auction House in Greenmont. Bag and storage chest upgrades start to cost a lot of money pretty quick. Having the cash to buy bag upgrades makes it so that you can head out into the field for longer and finish up more quests without having to return to a town every time you turn around. As well at Level 20 you can buy a riding permit and a mount. This will cost 109 Gold, but makes getting around a lot faster.

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