2. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Tips, Roadmap, & MapsUpdate notes

Ori 2


1. Use your charge flame. A lot of folks I've talked to have neglected this ability for dealing with enemies, which only makes it harder on you.

2. If you're struggling with a section trying to kill everything, consider just bashing through/past them and carrying on. You don't have to kill everything.

3. Upgrade the spirit link tree early as this will greatly increase your survivability. Get Triple Jump (2nd to last upgrade on the top tree) as early as you can.

4. When you are bashing off of an enemy or projectile, don't just release the bash right away. You can hold cn_Y for a few seconds before it will release on its own, so use that time to get your bearings and aim your bash for maximum effect (or safety).

This walkthrough is going to assume you're splitting your plan of attack into three separate playthroughs. While you could combine your 100% clear run with Hard mode for greater surviveability, it isn't advised. The skill tree takes 54 points to max out on Easy/Normal, but 75 points to max out on Hard mode. It would be a waste of time going for 100% completion on Hard mode, because you won't have enough points to max out the skill tree, and would either have to grind enemy kills to get them (which would take forever) or do a separate run on Easy/Normal to get the achievement for maxing the skill tree. That said, for maximum efficiency your playthroughs should be:

Playthrough 1 - Elite and Supersonic on Easy difficulty - Just rush through the game as fast as you can. Don't upgrade anything on the skill tree. Once you finish the game and unlock Elite and Supersonic, reload your game-clear save and explore the map for 100% map completion, all Life/Energy/Ability cells, and unlocking all upgrades on the ability tree.

Playthrough 2 - Hard mode playthrough - Focus on upgrading the top skill tree until you get triple jump. This one also regenerates your life when you create spirit links, which is essential on Hard. Any extra points should go into the bottom skill tree, with only one point in the middle for the Spirit Magnet ability. Don't worry about 100% map completion, just grab as many Life/Energy/Ability cells as you can without going out of your way too much.

Playthrough 3 - One Life mode (Unhinged and Immortal) - As mentioned in this achievement's solution, you CAN 'cheese' it if you wish. Just play offline until you've made solid progress, then reconnect to Xbox Live. Close the game and relaunch it. Load your file and create a soul link just to be safe. You want to make sure your local data syncs/overwrites Xbox Live's stored file. Return to playing offline, and if you wind up dying while offline, delete your local save data. NOTE: MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE RESERVED SPACE AS WELL. While this isn't 100% confirmed, it is possible that the reserved space has a 'cache' of sorts denoting whether you've died on one life mode. Better to be safe than sorry. If you die offline and delete your local save, just reconnect to live to re-sync the save from the last time you updated it. I will say that doing this achievement "legit" is very satisfying, and would recommend to anyone to do so, but that may just be my love of this game showing.

Follow along with the maps below, barring the Ability Cells which I haven't placed on the maps in order to reduce clutter. You'll get most, if not all, of the Ability Cells anyway while exploring for the secrets, life & energy cells, etc.

Once all of this is done, you should have unlocked the vast majority of the game's achievements, apart from 100% exploration (unless you did that on your Easy save before doing Hard & One Life). I have placed a few RED CIRCLES on a couple of the maps to denote places that are commonly missed for 100% map exploration. When going for that, make sure you grab every single Spirit Energy orb, as these count toward map completion now (they didn't in the original Ori). Any achievements you're missing at this point can be mopped up after finishing 100% exploration. For those interested in a rough path to 100% map completion on a single playthrough without a ton of backtracking, it looks roughly like this:

  • Prior to Ginso Tree - Collect Secret Areas #1-8, Map Stones #1-3, Health Cells #1-4, Energy Cells #1-6, Ability Cells #1-2.
  • During Ginso Tree - Collect Secret Areas #9-12, Energy Cell #7. Don't forget to use the Spirit Well so you can come back for 100% exploration.
  • After Ginso Tree, before Black Root Burrows - Get Stomp, Secret Areas #13-18, Map Stone #4, Health Cells #5-9.
  • Black Root Burrows - Get Dash & Light Burst, Secret Areas #19-21, Map Stone #5, Health Cell #10.
  • After Black Root, before Misty Woods - Secret Areas #22-23, Energy Cells #8-10, several ability cells.
  • Misty Woods - Unfortunately I can't create a map for this as it's misted out in-game. Secret Areas #24-27 are here, as well as an Ability Cell (Good Eye achievement).
  • Between Misty Woods and Forlorn Ruins - Map Stones #6-7 (fragment #7 is used inside Forlorn Ruins), Secret Areas #28-29.
  • Forlorn Ruins - Map Stone #7, Secret Areas #30-32, Health Cell #11. Don't forget to save at the Spirit Well so you can return for 100% exploration.
  • Sorrow Pass - Map Stone #8, Secret Areas #33-38, Health Cell #12, Energy Cell #11. Save at the Spirit Well.
  • After Sorrow Pass, before Mt Horu - Secret Area #39, Energy Cells #12-14. Don't forget to save at the Spirit Well east of Mt Horu if you didn't access it earlier-on while exploring.
  • Mt Horu - Map Stone #9, Secret Areas #40-45, Energy Cell #15. The final Spirit Well (#12) is here as well.


Legend: Yellow stars are secret areas. Energy Cells are denoted by blue numbered E's. Health Cells are green numbered H's. Map Fragments/Stones are white numbered M's (two for each one, the fragment and the stone itself). The red circles are around easily missed locations for 100% map exploration.







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