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IMPORTANT: The patch to fix achievements has been released. However, it disables fast travel from the map without purchasing the ability, which *could* impact trying to combine lightless, shardless, and look at the time (speedrun). However, I do firmly believe you can speedrun the game in under four hours without fast-travel from map. My speedrun using this feature was 2h20min. Not being able to fast travel at any time wouldnt add more than another hour to my run. I *believe* you can still fast travel from spirit well to spirit well without buying this, as well. Just not from anywhere.

Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Ori and the Will of the Wisps! Most of you know me as a massive fan of the first, and Moon Studios has captured lightning in a bottle once again. From the visuals to the soundtrack to the gameplay, everything is absolutely stellar. The game follows our favorite loveable forest spirit Ori directly after the events of the first game. This time around we must save the land of Niiwen from darkness and corruption, the result of something I won't mention for spoilers on the main WT page. Be warned though, because the story walkthrough page WILL be spoilerific.

Overall the game is a fairly easy completion. The no deaths and speedrun achievements are easy enough to save scum, and both can be accomplished on Easy. In fact, 36 of the 37 achievements are obtainable on Easy, leaving only the Hard mode run for a challenge. Further, you can use the game's 'backup saves' on your save slot to reverse any deaths that may happen, meaning you don't even need to make manual backup saves to work toward the Immortal achievement.

Theoretically the quickest completion would be a 100% completion playthrough on hard, followed by a Lightless, Shardless, 0 deaths speedrun on Easy. I'd advise against save scumming for the 0 deaths on the same playthrough as your 100% run because doing so glitched the collectibles on my first playthrough. If you're getting frustrated playing on Hard as your first playthrough, as it is pretty rough for the inexperienced, then I'd suggest the following order:

Run 1 - Normal difficulty. Don't worry about dying. Just play through the game and get 100% completion. Save scumming caused my health orb pickups to glitch and not register, meaning I had to do an entirely new 100% playthrough. Not good. This also helps prepare for Hard.

Run 2 - Hard mode. Don't worry about dying. You will, a lot. Especially that godforsaken worm. Even the escape sequences are made more difficult (less margin for error) on hard. This will help cement your knowledge of the game and the routes to take.

Run 3 - Easy mode. This is where you'll do No Shards, No Purchases, No Deaths, and the speedrun. Don't worry, easy mode is baby mode and aside from the one hit kill stuff you shouldn't struggle to avoid dying even without upgrades or shards. Even the bosses are a pushover on easy. The devs made easy mode VERY easy and approachable for literally anyone of any skill level. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE AT THE SPIDER BOSS. That is the one achievement you *might* struggle with even on easy (killing it with no damage). Return to that save once you finish the run and use shards and go explore for upgrades if you need to in order to make the fight easier. Spirit Spike + the two 25% damage upgrades + Reckless/Finesse/Lifeforce/Spirit Surge shards make this achievement a joke even on Normal difficulty.

After that just mop up if you've missed anything like beating the dev times on the spirit trials and whatnot. It shouldn't be much if you follow this three run layout.

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