Out of the Box Achievements

Full list of all 27 Out of the Box achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Hospital or graveyard

    Congrats. You beat the shit out of 20 people. How does that feel?

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  • Drunk friend

    You let 20 drunk customers in. Do you really know what you're doing?

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  • Papers please

    You've carded 100 customers. Maybe you belong in Arstotzka.

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  • Negotiator

    You tried to reason with 100 customers. Do you believe in flower power?

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  • Tough guy

    You've kicked out 100 assholes... And counting.

  • Plata o plomo

    You've taken 20 bribes. Have you ever considered a career in politics?

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  • Good job

    You've made yourself several max capacity bonuses. Seems like the job suits you.

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  • Massive party

    You've managed to let 500 people in the club. Keep up the good work!

  • Beat it beat it

    You've let 100 potential customers leave the line... And this is your reward!

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  • Riot

    There have been 20 brawls in your line. You better start showing who's boss.

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  • Cocky

    You've had to deal with 20 cocky customers. They just never learn...

  • Weak

    I thought you were a tough guy... But you've gotten your ass kicked 10 times.

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  • Ghandi

    You managed to calm down 20 customers, but don't let that get to your head.

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  • Trump

    Negotiating is not your strong suit. People have told you to eat shit 20 times.

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  • Kill the mole

    You took the "chat" a bit too far with the snitch.

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  • Confess

    You managed to make the snitch confess... But is that what you wanted?

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  • Save Liz

    Liz is still alive thanks to you. Now... Go and get her!

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  • Bastard

    You accused an innocent man. I suppose you're proud...

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  • Honest

    Thanks for being honest. No one deserves to go to jail for something they didn't do.

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  • Betrayer

    Wait a minute... Did Vinnie tell you to give that letter to your parole officer?

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  • Bachelor party

    Once every blue moon can't be that bad, but don't get used to letting minors in.

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  • Teenage

    Did you really have to listen to that monster?

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  • Thief

    You helped Howard, for old time's sake. Don't get used to it.

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  • Bad final

    I'm afraid you couldn't have done it any worse...

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  • Medium final

    Well... At least you tried.

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  • Medium violent final

    Is this what you really wanted? Keep trying.

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  • Good final

    Good work always pays off. Have fun!

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