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Posted on 03 July 09 at 07:30, Edited on 11 July 09 at 21:42
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Outrun Online Arcade is actually a port of Outrun 2SP, for original xbox. The series has it's roots in the arcde, where it was a huge hit until arcades started going out of style. Since then outrun has been a favorite of many arcade gamers who continued to play in both arcades and on there xbox's. Now this classic has been reborn (i.e. ported) to xbox live arcade to let gamers who both enjoyed the original and love a good racing game experience outrun in all it's glory

Outrun is an arcade racer, pure and simple. If your looking for a feature packed simulation racer, you're looking in the wrong place (see Forza 2). There are essentially 3 single player modes:Outrun mode, heart attack mode, and time trial mode. All modes are played on the same 15 tracks, which can lead to boredom for some. Others however, will take joy in mastering the subtleties of the tracks and not be bothered by limited selection. No matter what mode your playing, you always start on the same track and progress through another 4 for a total of 5 tracks per game session. You can create different track combinations by taking either a left or right turn at the end of every track. In general, right means hard and left means easy.

Outrun mode is a pure arcade racing mode where points are all that matter. You get points mainly from slipstreaming and passing AI cars.Outrun mode is probably the most played mode, followed by my favorite.

Heart attack mode has you taking on a bossy passenger who makes demands every step of the way down tracks. They vary from drift more and dont crash, to catch the stars and hit the ghosts (Yeah...) This mode is a personal favorite.

Time attack is exactly as the name implies, a time attack mode. You race on empty courses against a ghost car to get the best time. It's as simple as that.

If your looking for easy achievements then look somewhere else. This games achievements require a level of skill most players wont achieve. It's important to remeber that this is an arcade game, meaning it's REALLY HARD. If this is the first time you play it, you probably wont even finish the race. It takes practice to excel at this game, but once you know the ropes, you'll have a blast drifting around your rivals and making your naggy backseat driver smile with glee and compliment you(AWESOME!!!)
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Bomb Jack DK
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Bomb Jack DK
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GRAMMAR WARNING smile: Translated from Danish to English using Google Translate:

10 obese Ferraris, a woman who will be satisfied over and over again and fast-paced music with full speed are the main ingredients in SEGA's latest release on Xbox Live Arcade front. Outrun Online Arcade Building on the familiar and popular arcade racing series, and there is no reason to stay away for Outrun Online Arcade is one of the year's best arcade titles.

A cliche
Outrun The first game was released as arcade machine back in 1986 and quickly became a huge success. The game was technically revolutionary in many ways. The player was physically located in a machine that moved, and you steered with a steering wheel with force feedback, there was the shift lever and foot pedals for accelerator and brake. In addition, put the graphics also new standards for car racing, and music, most who played Outrun in the 80s, still humming along.

Since then a number of sequels released, the latest in the series and No. 8 in the series is 3 years old, Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, and it is also this game, Outrun Online Arcade resembles most. In fact, courts virtually a faith (but graphically optimized) copy of the 15 tracks in the Coast 2 Coast. Now, you might then think that because might as well buy the predecessor to the old Xbox, but fortunately has a great deal since then.

Basic gameplay is however the same, you control one of 10 Ferraris and can choose between automatic or manual transmission. The route consists of 5 checkpoints. At each checkpoint you must choose whether to take the track to the right or left and the game consists of a total of 15 different courses. The road is filled with cars and it is important to get the finish as quickly as possible, before time runs out. This is the familiar and traditional Outrun gameplay as we know from all the iterations in the series. It works excellent, steering is quite traditional for a racing game but feels really good for an arcade title, and it's fun drifting around the sharp turns.

New Initiatives
The game features leaderboards for all destinations, in addition to leaderboards for the new game modes. This is especially Heart Attack mode a little differently than just running the race. You drive the same way as in Outrun mode but the woman who sits beside you as a passenger, is difficult and provides a permanent challenge, and you have really strict on the way to satisfy her. For example, you must overtake a number of cars on a section of the route, one should operate on market readiness areas on the pitch or even frame some ghosts that suddenly appear on the pitch. All this is fun and an excellent ingredient in an otherwise already functioning cocktail.

Time Attack mode is a second game mode, whilst being just a bit outside the conventional Outrun mode. You can choose either a default route, which consists of 5 tracks, or you can select "Time Attack Mode 15 cont. Course "where you have to go through all the game's 15 tracks. Here we must therefore run on time, and especially the game's achievements, which gives this game mode extra long life. The developers have namely been so vicious that, for the toughest achievements, must run almost flawlessly through the entire route, which for yours truly required minimum 75 attempts, but look was in turn much larger since it finally succeeded. Leaderboards allowing a comparison with your online friends are also extending this particular game mode.

Of course it is also possible to drive online against your friends. Up to 6 players can participate in a race and you have the option to turn from collisions and also choose which route to drive. The online component runs virtually lagfrit and acts generally excellent.

A technical boost
The graphics in Outrun Online Arcade resembles its predecessor Coast 2 Coast but is naturally optimized for Xbox 360 There are still a lot of retro graphic style, but the level of detail is high and surprisingly nice for an arcade title. The game runs completely liquid, and good and effective in-game menus do that the game is fast and easy to navigate in.

Outrun has always been known for its excellent music, and the familiar tunes from their predecessors is also included again. They work incredibly well, the tempo is high and compositions perfectly to race to.

Vroom ...
Outrun Online Arcade is an excellent alternative to expensive retail titles in arcade racing genre. To 72 million can not complain about the price, and besides the traditional game modes, the game now features online races and leaderboards. The graphics are of high class and well-known and fast-paced music sits right in the closet. There are plenty of gaming for money, and you go after the game's achievements, one can expect many extra hours with both frustration and enjoyable entertainment.

All one could desire, was far more lanes, but overall, Outrun Online Arcade highly recommended and is definitely one of the year's best arcade titles.

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When i bought this game it cost me 800 microsoft points and i still feel like i have been screwed out of at least 600 of those points. The achievements are rather difficult to obtain (so annoyining that i have given up on them twice now). I would only recomend this game to very expierienced race gamers, but even then i would try to recomend another game first. I have played this game for near 10 hours total and I have played all modes and all i can say about this game is BLAHfacepalm Playing this game will not only frustrate you, it will down right drive you crazy. And to all who have voted negative on this review stating that i did not go into enough detail, they are pulling this game from XBLA which shows that my review is truthful about the quality of this game but also that this game is not deserving of a massive in depth analyzation. The fact that they are removingthis game show that there is little interest in this game, and maybe if someone had written a review like mine 9 months ago I wouldnt have made the mistake of buying it. If you want to know the whole story about a game then just play it, but if you just wanted to know if it sucked you would have to sift through alot of BS just to figure that out. THIS GAME SUCKS!! look at that i just save you five minutes of reading.toast
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