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    21 Apr 2020 21 Apr 2020
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    Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles (OTNC) is the third entry in the Outbreak series, and tasks you with solving puzzles and killing the undead, replicating old school Resident Evil.

    The game retains the 3D, third person perspective that the second adopted, and has a similar camera to classic RE games (static, only moving when you move out of view). This is sometimes a welcome throwback, and sometimes a giant pain when fleeing the undead. The game plays fairly well, for the most part.

    Controls and movement may appear and feel a little stiff, but for those used to tank controls, you likely won't have much trouble adjusting quickly. The game also performs far better than other entries (or maybe I was just lucky), I didn't experience any frame rate issues like I have in newer entries.

    During the 6 hours I played (which is all it takes to max, even less if you aim to complete it as fast as possible, I played all the missions the game had to offer, and while not something I would return to, I enjoyed the game for the most part, it did feel like it adopted what made Resident Evil such a good game (on a smaller scale, granted).

    There were no difficulty achievements, so that helps speed this game up. All achievements can be unlocked by simply replaying the first level over and over, tedious, but nonetheless easy.

    The game isn't a masterpiece, but for something made by a lone guy, I found it to be an enjoyable use of $5USD

    - Captures the feel of old school horror
    - Variety of skills and characters
    - Easy gamerscore (if you're into that)

    - Little to no replayability
    - Lack of puzzles
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    bobby trippeA fair assessment.
    Posted by bobby trippe On 23 Apr 20 at 12:15
    Leo Ascendent@bobby trippe, this was probably my favorite one of them all, it was overall much more stable than the others (haven't played Last Hope yet tho). Had a very Resident Evil feel (at least the first and the lab levels did).
    Posted by Leo Ascendent On 24 Apr 20 at 23:33