3. Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Due to the horribly long text dump that happens when starting a new game, we’ll be making a save very early on and just reloading that a bunch of times. In the first room you’ll want to pick up the handgun from the desk, as well as the painkillers from the bed. Open the item box and take the floppy disk and painkillers from inside. Approach the door and enter code 1234 to unlock it and get:

Use your floppy disk on the computer on the desk, you’ll be reloading from this point every game. Go down the hall and kill the first zombie here for:

At the end of the hall you’ll find a box of ammo on the chair, pick it up and examine the door on the left. Use code 151324 to enter the room. Go to the right in here for some ammo, checking the desk for a key and the bureau next to it for some more ammo. Exit the room and kill the zombie in the next room, where you may possibly get:

Use the key on the door here, entering the next hall. Take the painkillers from the chair behind you before killing the 2 zombies waiting around the bend, following the hall to the end and going through the door here. Take out the green poison zombie first, then aim downwards and kill the crawler. Take the ammo from the mantle next to you and the pankillers from the chair before exiting this room via the door on the other side of it. Kill the zombies on the balcony and walk up to the door here, using code 987321 to enter it. Use one of the pankillers, then take the shotgun from the desk here for:

Exit this room and take the stairs down, using the shotgun to kill the 3 zombies in this hall. Take the door closest to the stairs, using code 3851 to enter into the garden. Run up the path to the Hunter, using painkillers every time he hits you. Use the 3 remaining painkillers after each hit until you’re out of them. With that done, hit cn_back and choose “Leave game”. From the main menu hit “play” then “continue game” and start it all over again.

During your next run you will unlock:

Next run you will unlock:

Also possibly:

Keep on playing this until you unlock the following:

If you don't get the critical hits yet, don't worry! You'll need so many kills that getting the hits will come without issue. After solving 50 puzzles you can quit out of the campaign, returning to the main menu and selecting Battle Mode instead to wrap up the remaining kills.

The first hall has 3 zombies, take them out and pick up the painkillers here. Go into the room at the end of the hall for another zombie and 2 boxes of ammo. Leave this room and go into the door you used the key on in story mode, waiting for the zombie to round the corner. With him dead take the ammo from the chair, rounding the corner and killing the zombie here too. Go through the same door you did at the end of the hall that you did in the story, immediately grabbing the shotgun from the mantle and use it on the Guardian. Leave this room and use any shotgun shells left on the zombie next to you. Switch to your handgun and kill the other 2 zombies up here before taking the door from the right side of the balcony. There is a zombie in this room, as well as some ammo. I was never able to make it past here, but if you do you'll probably suffer death by Guardian or Hunter at some point. Once you die just hit retry, repeating the process until you hit 200 kills and unlock:

That's it! Congrats on a very easy and short completion.

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