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Posted on 04 August 17 at 23:00
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Resident Evil meets Zelda plus some Sweet Home and you get yourself Outbreak.

I really liked this game because I like these types of games. With that being said, I don't think that everyone that plays this game is going to like it. There are no check points, no saves and there are no video clips or cut-scenes to aid in the story. However, if you are a fan of the old Resident Evil games and the top down type of exploration games like Zelda then this is going to be your favorite game,......for a while.

What this game is:
Had this game come out on the 360 it would have been an arcade game. It is a topdown action/adventure type game similar to Zelda but with guns and zombies instead. It looks like old Doom or Wolfenstein from time to time with the cut and paste backgrounds. There are 2 basic modes campaign and onslaught.
Onslaught is a horde type mode that progressively adds more difficult enemies while making weapons and ammo more expensive with each purchase.
Campaign consists of finding keys or solving simple puzzles to advance or get better weapons. Levels can take from 30 mins to 2 hours to complete. There are 8 campaign stages.

What I Liked
-This is the type of game I have been wanting to play for a long time. It is short, simple with varying degrees of challenges for the achievements. It is easy to see the similarities to RE with weapons, lock-picks and heal items but it probably has more in common with the Resident Evil "Outbreak" games than the normal cannon. Outbreak probably has even more similarities to an older game called Sweet Home that was released for the Famicon. There is a ton of room to explore and on lower difficulties, an abundance of weapons if you explore. The catch is, that you have limited storage space and thus the fun challenge.
-There is a lot of places to explore. The funnest part of these games types of games was getting to explore and being rewarded for that with ammo and weapons. This game does a great job of that.
-Really great development team. I reached out to them with a question and there was a fast reply. I saw this throughout their message boards. They seem to love the genre.
-There are actually a lot funny moments in the game particularly in the texts that are scattered through the campaign.

What I did not like
-STORY- I was not interested in the characters at all. There is a write-up for each of them but I really did not care about that. Even many of the texts that are scattered throughout the game I skipped (a few were really funny though).
-MULTIPLAYER- There is a selection of characters each with their own special ability or starting weapon. THIS IS AWESOME! But, you really miss out how great this would be in single player. At the time of this review, the Xbox One version did not have the multiplayer working. For myself, I hate multi-player anything and I usually avoid games altogether if anything even as simple as co-op is involved. However, this game and the characters really need the multiplayer. For starters, the onslaught mode(horde mode) is WAY too difficult solo. Imagine doing Gear's horde mode solo or Left for Dead insane mode solo. Possible but, wow, no. This would be a perfect chance to balance out a team with each character's ability. Even in the campaign mode, the multiplayer really would have added to the experience.

Achievements Ah, the part you care about most. How tough is this going to be to complete? Not bad. You should be able to unlock 6 achievements just by completing the tutorial. There is another pile that you will get naturally as you play the game. There are 10 achievements in the onslaught mode. The last 3 onslaught achievements, levels 20-30 are very difficult. If multiplayer is fixed it might be easier. The completion of campaigns and even the difficultly specific ones are really not that bad. There is an achievement for completing a stage without killing anything that while challenging is not too bad. The last one I got was simply a grinder; finish 100 stages. This was the worst one in my opinion. We all hate grinds. While it took me 80+ hours to complete the game it could easily be done in 20 to 40 hours depending on skill level. It took me a long time because there were no solutions when I played this. I spent about 40 hours just on trying to figure out the pacifist achievement.
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