Outbuddies DX Achievements

Full list of all 38 Outbuddies DX achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Seahorse Revolver

    You found the Seahorse Revolver! An ancient living weapon with an ever-fusing power core.

  • Plasma Charger

    You can now charge the Seahorse Revolver to unleash a mighty plasma beam! Opens pink gates.

  • Missile Launcher

    Missiles are powerful, open red gates, and can even break stones!

  • Bubble Blaster

    The Bubble Blaster fires immobilizing ooze, transforming enemies into a suitable platform.

  • Bubble Charger

    Charge the Bubble Blaster to spread immobilizing clusters. Hitting an already clotted enemy will cau

  • Corridium Galvanizer

    The Corridium Galvanizer harms enemies by energizing wall structures and can activate shut-down faci

  • Corridium Charger

    Charge the Corridium Galvanizer to release a powerful dash that enables you to run along wall struct

  • Compressor Bombs

    Use Compressor Bombs to clear blocked paths!

  • Steam Boots

    The Steam Boots enable you to jump in midair.

  • Homunculus

    The Homunculus is an artifact of the Old Alchemists. It transforms biomatter into a durable sphere,

  • Jetpack

    You acquired the Jetpack Expansion! It allows hovering in midair and triple jumping!

  • Spin Blade

    The activated Spin Blade provides invincibility and damages enemies. It also restores your Steam gau

  • Ancient Core

    The Ancient Core is a mighty artifact of the Old Alchemists. It enhances the fire rate, range and ch

  • Blackthorn

    Beat the Blackthorn miniboss.

  • Razoth

    Beat Razoth, the Keeper.

  • Gaganom

    Beat Gaganom, the Old Nautilus.

  • Moxan

    Overcome the Moxan Sheep.

  • Tam Tam

    Beat Tam Tam, the Goblin.

  • Topa

    Convince uncle Topa to return home.

  • Buluc

    Beat Buluc, the Giant.

  • Nocturne

    Beat Nocturne, the Black Alchemist.

  • Xion

    Beat Xion, the Fallen.

  • Final Curtain.

    Finish the game and escape Bahlam.

  • Tourist

    Uncover 50% of Bahlam‘s map.

  • Explorer

    Uncover 90% of Bahlam‘s map.

  • Speedrunner

    Finish the game in less than seven hours.

  • Ocean Man

    Finish the game with a maximum of 7 deaths. Using Soul Eater tokens included.

  • Nice Guy

    Rescue a group of three Wozan miners.

  • Saviour

    Rescue 50 Wozan miners.

  • Tribe Member

    Rescue all 80 Wozan miners.

  • Heavy Duty

    Reach a missile stock of 100.

  • Script Kid.

    Reach hacking level 1.

  • Blue Hat.

    Reach hacking level 2.

  • Green Hat.

    Reach hacking level 3.

  • White Hat.

    Reach hacking level 4.

  • Black Hat.

    Reach hacking level 5.

  • Red Hat.

    Reach hacking level 6.

  • King of Monsters.

    Complete the Boss Rush mode.