Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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Outcast - Second Contact is a remake of a 1999 PC game where you play as Cutter Slade in the sci-fi world of Adelpha. After a short tutorial, the majority of the game world is open and accessible so there is no need to progress the story very far to obtain all the achievements. This guide will primarily focus on getting all the achievements, with a short summary of the remaining story at the end.

Due to its inclusion as a Games with Gold title in April/May 2019 the games Trueachievement score does not reflect its difficulty. While the combat can take some getting used to, this is a fairly simple and straightforward completion. Following the guide it could possibly take under 10 hours, but a more realistic timeframe is 12-15 hours.

The action takes place across six distinct regions. With the possible exception of a short trip to the region of Talanzaar to upgrade/purchase weapons, it's recommended to tackle one region at a time in the order shown. Be aware that it is easy to get bogged down in side quests that may seem important but remember, if it isn't in the guide, it is not required for achievement-hunting purposes.

So get those wise-cracks at the ready and load up your pistol, Cutter... the Talan need our help!

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