Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Outcast - Second Contact uses both auto and manual saving. The process of saving is a little different – you need to open your backpack with cn_B and select the GAAMSAAV item (yes, really…). Then press cn_X to activate it and choose the save slot with cn_A.

Players have reported that the game can be quite glitchy.

  • some achievements will not unlock when they should,
  • menu screens are blank - this may be linked to using the inventory screen (cn_B) to pause the game - DO NOT DO THAT! Use the menu button instead,
  • random graphic events like carts spinning around or, more importantly, NPC's getting stuck inside walls,
  • there is a side mission in Shamazaar that can be difficult to trigger - no known workaround as yet,
  • conversation options not appearing when they should.

For this reason, you want to spread your saves out, as it is possible you will need to revert to a previous save if things don't work as they should. In the worst case, you can start a new game and race through Ranzaar, then head to the specific region and complete whatever action you need. Or, just keep a save at the end of Ranzaar to use as a fallback.

One of the other controls that rates a mention is weapon selection. Pressing cn_RT will bring up a weapon selection screen, so choose whichever weapon you want (or to put it away if you already have one equipped). With the weapon at the ready, press cn_LT to aim and cn_RT to fire. Note that you only start with one weapon and can purchase others when you get to the region of Talanzaar. When in combat, pressing (rather than holding) cn_LT reloads the weapon.

For my achievement playthrough, I only used the UZA-SH1 as a slightly more powerful option than the starting pistol and, on one occasion for a specific achievement, the LN-DUO 500. The HAWK-MK8 would also be useful when the tougher enemies appear. Certainly don’t feel you need to purchase or upgrade all the weapons as the game is entirely completable with just the starting pistol. If you choose to finish the story line, consider some of the other weapons as the last few enemies are tougher.

Zorkins is the currency used in the game. You will likely end up with enough Zorkins to buy all the weapons, a Twon-Ha and many of the upgrades as well. There are some times when you will need to purchase story items from NPC's so keep around 300 Zorkins on you at all times.

The weapons available are as follows:


Starting pistol. Solid enough weapon. Resources for ammunition are plentiful.


Automatic pistol. Higher rate of fire and better for the tougher enemies like the Gamors.


Sniper rifle. Fires sleep pellets. While aiming, use cn_LS to change magnification. Even by sniper rifle standards, difficult to target moving enemies.


Heavy laser. Fires the green projectile that most soldiers use against you. Hold cn_RT to charge and let go to fire. Powerful but fires a slow moving shot so lead your target a little.

LN-DUO 500

A mine/grenade launcher. Used for one specific achievement. Fixed aim so you need to plan and put the mines ahead of your enemies or in choke points where they will pass. Hold cn_RT to charge and display the projectile path and let go to fire.

FT 74-X

Flame thrower. Very expensive, but a great weapon to use when enemies rush you. Sets enemies on fire and is a 1-hit kill.


Following on from weapons, ammunition needs to be found, bought or made. Throughout the game you will find ammunition for the different weapons scattered around, particularly in enemy forts and outposts, on roofs as well as underwater. You can purchase ammo from the traders in the Talanzaar region, but this is not recommended as you want to spend what Zorkins you have on weapons.

The third and most useful method is the make ammo via the Recreators. These are blacksmith-like NPC’s who you can find in 4 of the 6 regions. To have them make ammo, you must first show them a sample of the ammo you want (just the first time), then give them the required resources to make it. They will only be able to make a limited amount at a time and you have to wait a few minutes while they do their work. Early on you will be limited by the amount of resources you have, but once you get into the game you will regularly be able to ‘order’ the maximum amount.

The most efficient approach is to order another batch every time you collect, so you don’t have to wait around.

For this reason you want to constantly be collecting resources. Each type of ammunition has a different resource requirement, which the Recreator can tell you, so just get in the habit of collecting everything you can. Your scanner will identify some, but not all items so don't just rely in it.


cn_RS selects the type of map you have, scrolling though none, a minimap and a full screen, partially transparent map. Additionally, it will auto-rotate as you move around. The maps in this guide are all oriented traditionally, with North to the top, for consistency.

When moving around, holding cn_RB will make you run. A stamina gauge will appear in the bottom right. Often this will just not work - it seems to be more reliable if you run in a straight line.

Much of the game involves finding and talking to certain NPC’s. They are located on the maps with markers – generally green are generic while purple are named/important and red are enemies.

If you are struggling to find a particular NPC, you can ask anyone and they will point the way, literally. Just greet them and ask LOCATE TALAN. Generally NPC's are static and should be in the location marked on the maps in this guide but some may move around a little.

Conversation options that are important will be written IN CAPITALS. All important conversations should be details but feel free to exhaust all dialogue options.


Along your travels, you will collect a number of gadgets:

PROXI-130 HF - Tracker

Places an arrow on the ground showing the nearest enemy. Not particularly useful as enemies are shown on the minimap.

UBIK-0A - Hologram

Creates a hologram for a while that will confuse enemies, allowing you to flank them or get away if you are being swamped.

PPS - Invisibility

This makes you invisible for a while. You cannot shoot while invisible so it's better suited for sneaking past enemies or saving for a specific achievement near the end of the walkthrough. Save them up until then.

F-LINK - Teleporter

The most useful gadget in the game. You will collect 3 from the storehouse in the village in Shamazaar. If you look in your inventory, each will be marked with a different symbol (either 3 horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines or a square). To use one, select it in your inventory so it is in your hand. Press cn_X to place the yellow crystal beacon on the ground. This is the location you will teleport back to. The F-Link will still be in your inventory. Move away and when you want to teleport back to that spot, select the F-Link and press cn_X to use it again. You will pick up the yellow crystal beacon when you teleport and walking over it will also automatically pick it up.

You can place all 3 teleporters at once and they work independently of each other. If you forget where a teleporter is, the symbols will be marked on the full page map. You can only teleport within the same region - if you left a beacon in another region it will not work, but once you return to that region you can then use it.

THNDR-STP33 - Proximity Detonator

A mine that explodes when anyone gets close. Be careful as you can set off and take damage from your own mines! With careful planning these mines can be deadly.

O2K-Mini - Oxygen Tank

When swimming underwater, you have an O2 gauge that appears in the bottom right. When this runs out, you will normally die but if you have an oxygen tank the gauge will refill automatically, allowing for much longer underwater exploration.

CLAPR-T - Remote Dynamite Detonator

Does exactly what it says. Drop dynamite and back away. Use the CLAPR-T to set the explosive off. Can be used whilst invisible so it is most useful for a specific achievement, used in conjunction with the PPS. For most of the game just shoot the dynamite instead and save your CLAPR-T's.

Medical Kit

Self explanatory - it heals you!


Twon-Ha are the bipedal animals that you will see throughout the game. It is possible to purchase one from Zalinass, an NPC in Shamanzaar - this will place the Bought Gui item in your inventory. You can find your Twon-Ha in the pen to the south-east of the Shamazaar village. The reason you would want one is that you can ride them and move around a bit faster.

To mount the your Twon-Ha, stand on it's left side and an cn_X prompt will appear. Holding cn_RB will make the beast run. It will stay where you leave it but may eventually return to one of the pens in Shamazaar.


Your actions in the game will effect your reputation. Killing non-enemies and property and generally being unhelpful will damage your reputation. Since there is an achievement linked to having a good reputation, this walkthrough will assume you play nice. Check your shots if non-aggressive Talan are nearby and be cautious when using explosives in populated areas. Completing the quests listed in the guide will be more than enough to maintain a good reputation. NPC's will be more helpful and some prices will be lower if you have a good reputation.

A popup above an NPC will show a face that reflects your reputation with them and you can ask the Shamaz NPC's about your reputation if you want to check.

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