Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

5. Talanzaar

When you first arrive, you will unlock:

Talanzaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Talanzaar68 (30)
Reach the region of Talanzaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,945 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.27) 10,106

Note that you are facing south at your starting point, so pay close attention to the directions in the area and rotate the map to make navigation easier. Remember that all maps in this walkthrough are aligned with north at the top.

Nearby you will find Tenuz who will engage in some dialogue. You can then enter the town through the large opening nearby.

Head forwards a little, into the city. A Talan will walk over from your right and stop near the building there. He will wave you down and give a lead on Marion (story-line objective, ask WHAT IS WRONG?) and he will direct you to find Shamaz Zokrace.

Proceed over to the west. You will see two purple markers close together on the map.

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Inside the building is a trader who will be marked as Citizen – Water Essence . Talk with him to learn that he has some of your equipment and will be kind enough to sell it back to you. There are several of these traders throughout the city and each will sell different weapons, equipment and ammunition. I bought the UZA-SH1 from this first trader but it is optional.

There are numerous traders across this map - they all sell different weapons and equipment. It's a good idea to save some of your cash, though, as there are a few purchases you will need to make throughout the game.

Now make your way to the south of the map.

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You need to buy the LN-Duo 500. The two traders marked on the map should sell it (there may be others). It costs around 500-700 Zorkins. (If you don’t have enough, remember to come back later on – you’ll be passing through Talanzaar a few times anyway)

On the way put an F-Link by the portal to Motazaar towards the north-east (check the map above). Also there is an achievement for defeating 20 soldiers in this area, so don't shy away from combat.

Once you have the LN-Duo 500, go to the well located towards the south and talk to Zade, the water merchant’s assistant there. Discuss the well and the problem with it and tell him to clear everyone out. Use your new weapon. To fire this weapon, hold cn_LT and then cn_RT to aim – keep cn_RT held down while aiming. The path of the projectile will be highlighted. Aim so it’s landing inside the well and release cn_RT to fire. If you’re on target, the rocks will be blown away and you will unlock:

Well, I can fix it! in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Heza repair his well.
  • Unlocked by 771 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.62) 10,106

Roam around the city taking out the soldiers marked in red on the map. Be sure to clear out the guards marked at the portal to Okasankaar in the south-west. Once you’ve killed 20, you will unlock:

Defeat soldiers for Zot in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat more soldiers to convince Zot to stop paying taxes.
  • Unlocked by 996 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.19) 10,106

Despite the achievement description, you don’t have to have spoken with Zot.

Take note of Gran, near the Okasankaar portal in the south-west, who is the Recreator in this area. Order more ammunition as required. You'll be passing through this area a few times again so it's handy to have some ammo ready to collect.

There are numerous side quests to be found here but none are related to achievements.

When you are ready to move on, go to the portal outside the walls in the south-west. Put a second F-Link here. Later on you will be going back and forth between the Okasankaar and Motazaar portals outside the city walls here, so having an F-Link at each makes the trip much easier.

Take the portal through to Okasankaar.

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