Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

6. Okasankaar

Your first visit to Okasankaar will unlock:

Okasankaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Okasankaar80 (30)
Reach the region of Okasankaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,409 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.68) 10,105

External image

Assuming you have come from the Talanzaar portal, you will arrive in between a small town to the north and a soldiers camp to the south. To save a little time, head east. There is a small, irregularly shaped lake here. On the other side of that lake, a new enemy will appear. These plants are called Zeedog’s and look like a cross between a plant and a snake. It's best to target the stalk near the base when fighting them as they swing around a bit.

Once a plant is down, collect a Strange Gland from it’s base.

Now head back to the town. Keep an eye on the mini-map as some of the soldiers from the camp to the south may sneak up on you, depending on how close you get to them.

There will be enemies in the town so clear them out. It’s easy to stay on ground level and wait for them to come to the edge of the perimeter wall. There may be one or two who stay in the town so eventually you will need to head in and take them out.

Around the time the town is clear of guards, you should unlock:

Building a good reputation in Outcast - Second Contact
Achieve the highest level of reputation by helping the Talans.
  • Unlocked by 909 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.33) 10,105

If not, it should unlock shortly, unless you have been sloppy with your aim and have killed random Talan.

Now you can explore the town. Elisee, the recreator in this area, is located to the south-east of the town.

On the west side of town is a small dock with two boats. In the right-hand boat you can talk to Sadar, the fisherman. Ask about PROBLEM. You should already have one in your inventory, so mention ZEEDOG and GLAND to hand it over. Sadar will fix his boat and you will unlock:

Sadar problem solved in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Sadar fix his boat using a Zeedog plant.
  • Unlocked by 771 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.62) 10,105

Make your way up to the top of the town – there are several sets of stairs to choose from. You can find Shamaz Kaleb up here. Talk to him ABOUT MON. Go through the conversation, learning ABOUT ORU and ABOUT GORGOR.

Sadar will be happy to take you to Oru’s Island in his newly repaired boat, so head back to him and he will take you over, with a story on the way.

From where you dock, run over to the north-west. There will be many Zeedogs here. They are bullet sponges so it’s easier to ignore them and just run past. Oru is marked on the map as a red marker. Talk to him inside his hut. To progress, you will need to find his supplies - a gun and ammunition.

Run back to Sadar and get a ride back over to Cyana (the town).

Climb back up to Shamaz Kaleb and ask about ORU GUN. He will tell you that the gun has been hidden in a sunken temple.

Exit the town to the south. Stick to the shoreline on the west. You should spot the temple as a square-ish shape just off the shoreline. There will be a green map marker on the shore near it. Approach the Talan here, Egar. Talk to him and he will agree to help press the buttons required to open the temple.

The buttons are on a large rock to the south. Egar will count to three – press cn_X as he says 3 and you will see a very short scene showing the temple gate open.

Swim out to it and dive under the gate. You can surface to replenish oxygen inside the temple if you need to. Gather up the supplies along with Oru’s gun.

3 soldiers will automatically spawn on the shoreline and scare Egar away. Kill them then head back to town.

Find the merchant, Zele who should be near the docks. Ask him about ORU'S AMMO, ABOUT BOOYAT and ABOUT DAGUERACH. Also ask ABOUT ZORT so you can get a reward a bit later on.

Find the other merchant, Zafar who should be over towards the north-east of town. Talk to him ABOUT BOOYAT. If you ask WHERE BOOYAT GROW but decline his price, he will tell you anyway (the Darosham). Ask ABOUT ZORKATRAZ to learn that a Talan was taken there who may have 1 Booyat.

You can choose to help him with his problem to get his Booyat for free. Ask WHAT JOB? to learn about a thief.

Loiter so you can see the box on the south side of Zafar’s trading shack. A fisherman (green map-marker) will wander to and fro, stopping to steal from the box. If he sees you, he will stop and you have to walk away for a moment. If you go to the east side of the building to the south and drop down and crouch with cn_LB, you should have a good line of sight and he won't spot you.

When you see him grab something from the box, run up to him and you should have the option to say I SAW YOU! You can choose to turn him in or let him go - all options lead to a free Booyat. Letting him go will give you option of paying 100 Zorkins to cover the money he stole (in which case he will lead you to a secret treasure location if you talk to him again) or refusing (you take the money back from him). Whichever option you take, tell Zafar CAUGHT THIEF and then choose NO when talking to Zafar to get the Booyat.

If this doesn't work out you can just buy the Booyat from Zafar.

Next, head to the Darosham. This is located in the south-east of the region and is easily spotted on the map by the yellow lines.

Head inside and you will see a flame between two statues. Behind it is a rotating disc. Don' get too close to the flame as it will kill you instantly. You need to shoot the symbols on the disc in the following order.

External image

This will extinguish the flame and raise the disc for a short time, along with unlocking:

Wheel done! in Outcast - Second Contact
Unlock the wheel to enter the Darosham!
  • Unlocked by 710 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.78) 10,105

Inside there is a river of lava separating the two sides. You will constantly be taking heat damage in this area but it’s only a little so don’t rush and fall into the lava.

On the right side you can find some supplies along with a dead Talan and a Large Tooth nearby (this relates to a quest from a Talan you will meet shortly). Carefully jump over the lava to the left side. Towards the back you can find 3 Booyat, which look like sparkling purple mushrooms.

Jump back over the lava and head to the exit. Depending on how long you’ve taken, the disc may have lowered again. Simply shoot the symbols once again in the same order. 4 Booyat down, 1 to go.

Go back to the docks at the town. Make sure you have a good supply of ammunition and approach the boatman on the left, Zidar. He will take you over to Zorkatraz for around 120 zorkins.

To complete this journey, you need to jump into the water and swim alongside the boat. Stay on the left side of the boat as some enemies can spot you. Eventually Zidar will tell you to dive down underwater. You can surface and dive down again – the enemies will display a question-mark symbol but if you are quick you won’t set of an alarm. Alternatively, you will probably have collected several O2 cylinders by now - feel free to use them (just stay underwater and they will automatically be used).

Underwater, head straight to the wall in front of you at the south of the complex, then around the corner so you are facing west. Along this wall you will come to a cutting that leads into the prison.

Follow the cutting as it turns right and then left, into a larger area. There will be 3 gaps on your left-hand side. Ignore the first one and swim into the second one and surface. There will be steps to your left where you can get out.

You are exposed here but it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear out the enemies who will run around the outside of the area. If you struggle targeting enemies as they run around, follow the path below and hunt them down as you progress around the perimeter.

Killing all the enemies here will unlock:

Zorkatraz! in Outcast - Second Contact
Zorkatraz!95 (25)
Destroy the company of soldiers located in Zorkatraz.
  • Unlocked by 702 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.80) 10,105

Shoot the barrels on the platforms to the north to clear a path. Jump over to the north until you can dive into another pool. Swim to the north end of the pool and into the gap between the two large platforms to find another set of steps where you can climb out. Shoot the barrels to the north again and jump across. You will now be on the perimeter. Be very cautious of the external edge - if you fall off it will mean instant death most of the time.

Run back along the east side, then turn right at the far end, collecting loot as you go. At the south end, there is a small bridge over the cutting we swam through before and just after this is a cell with a prisoner, Martigar, inside. You need to find the Zorkatraz key which will have been dropped by one of the enemies. Continue around the west side if you don’t have it already (there are some supplies in the north-west corner you should grab anyway).

Use the Zorkatraz key to open the cell. Talk to Martigar to free him. He will give you another piece of Booyat. His dialogue ties in with the dead Talan in the Daroshan earlier, so choose GORGOR TOOTH to deliver the bad news and receive a small reward.

In the south-east corner is a horn. Press cn_X when near it to summon Zidar and get a ride back to town. No need to swim this time! clap

Stock up with ammo before going any further. There is a battle coming up that can be a challenge. If you have the UZA-SH1 that will be useful, but not essential.

Speak to Sadar at the docks again and ride over to Oru’s Island. Head a little to the north, sticking to the eastern edge and you will see a line of large lily pads leading across the water. Save before you jump across because it’s an instakill if you fall into the water. It’s very easy to over shoot the jumps. Also drop your last F-Link here, if you have it free, to save jumping back again in a moment.

The island is populated by several Gamors. Clear them out and find Daguerach’s which will be highlighted as foreign vegetation. There is other vegetation on the island so double check in you inventory that you have five Daguerach before you jump or teleport back across the lilies. It is also easy enough to ignore the Gamors and just run around the island - they don't do too much damage.

Speaking with Oru will transport you to what can be the hardest battle in the game, so make sure you have plenty of ammo. Return to Oru’s hut and BRING SUPPLIES.

Watch the cutscene and you will find yourself going toe to toe with the Gorgor.

The trick to this battle is to quickly grab Oru’s weapon which will be on the ground nearby. Where the rounds land, there will be streams of smoke that will tranquilize the Gorgor. Shoot all 5 shots then lead the Gorgor through the smoke. Try to space the shots out rather than bunch them all together. When it is stunned, unload with your weapons. If it gets close, it will instakill you.

Once it is down, save your game here as the next section is a bit buggy. First, grab the Gorgor zort which should have fallen nearby (optional). Now stand next to the Gorgor so Cutter says, “Great, now I stink like that gorgor”. (you need to smell like the Gorgor to safely swim across to the island with the Mon). Make sure you can see flies buzzing around Cutter before you proceed.

Now race to the north-east of the island where there is a smaller island. Swim over there and collect the mon from a small box.

Got another one! in Outcast - Second Contact
Obtain the Mon in Okasankaar.
  • Unlocked by 678 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.86) 10,105

You will automatically be rescued and taken back to the town.

After the scene, talk to Zernar, the town leader. Ask about CYANA, BOAT LIGHT and BOAT LIGHT NEEDS. Carefully jump over the platforms to the tower north of the docks. Take the used crystal from the middle of the top platform. Then make your way back down. This quest leads to the next area, the mines of Motazaar.

If you grabbed the Gorgor Zort on the island you can give it to Zele at the docks.

The easiest way to get to Motazaar is to take the portal just to the south of town back to Talanzaar. Cross the town to the north-east side to the Motazaar portal - you should have an F-Link there if you followed the guide previously. Remember to put the F-Links back down when you use them. Head through to Motazaar.

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