Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

7. Motazaar

As usual, when you arrive in the region for the first time you will unlock a region-related achievement:

Motazaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Motazaar82 (30)
Reach the region of Motazaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,358 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.72) 10,111

Make a save here. There is a conversation that may glitch in this area and you want to be able to revert back to if it does. Follow the walkthrough and talk with Ashkar immediately.

External image

There will be a friendly Talan, Moungree, nearby. Talk to him then head into the town over to the west.

The leader in this area, Ashkar, should be in town. More than any other NPC, Ashkar seems to roam around the area so you may need to go looking for him. He should be over to the west side of town, with a green map marker.

Remember that you can talk to other NPC’s and use their help to locate Ashkar if you can’t find him, just don't progress the story at all. When you find him, talk to him about BOAT LIGHT HELIDIUM, ABOUT MON, about SHAMAZ ZAGY.

This is the glitchy conversation. Assuming you have started the quest in Okasankaar to replace the crystal in the lighthouse, if you don’t have the option to ask about BOAT LIGHT HELIDIUM in this conversation reload your save. This should only happen if you don’t talk to Ashkar before doing anything else in this region.

Lor, Motazaar's recreator, can be found in one of the buildings to the north as you walk into town.

Take a look at your map. It will be split by a chasm, indicated by parallel lines running east-west. For the sake of clarity, ignore the area north of the chasm for a while. The directions given ahead refer to the southern area only unless specified otherwise.

Up to the north west you will see a green map marker. There is a group of Talan miners here. You will see one of the miners lying on the ground. Nearby is a Talan called Zine who will be waving at you. Talk with Zine to learn that his friend is injured. You will receive a task to collect Faenea plants to help him.

Head north to the aforementioned chasm on the map. Head through the narrow pathway leading to it. You will find 3 Faenea plants in the small area here, on the west side. They look like cactus plants and will eject spores when you get close. Move close enough to trigger them, then back off (although they don’t do too much damage). Collect them once they’ve landed – you only need 2.

While you are in this area, drop a dynamite near the small machine on the east side. Shoot it to destroy the machine and unlock:

Rift bridge down! in Outcast - Second Contact
Damage the rift bridge to slow the soldiers down.
  • Unlocked by 773 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 10,111

Return the Faenea plants to Zine at the mine. He will heal his friend.

Talk to Zine again and now he will respond to FIND LARGE HELIDIUM. He will agree to mine a large rock for you but it will take some time.

While you wait, head over to the north-east of the map. Clear out the enemies here and loot the buildings – make sure you head into the first building to the south of the portal. Inside there are three Stone Keys on the ground, along with other loot. Be sure to grab them all.

In the same temple, on the south wall in the centre is a map. It can be hard to spot.

External image

Grab it and talk to Shanaz Zagy in the room to the north of the portal. Go through the conversation until you can ask ABOUT TEST OF FAE and then ABOUT MAP (say Yes to give the map) for him to mark it with the route you will need soon on your quest to save Shamaz Keb.

By now your helidium should be ready. You may have to have the same conversation with Zine but he should walk to the rock crusher almost right away. From the miners, walk to the south and Zine will put some rocks onto a large machine that looks like a cross on the map. Once the rock crusher does its thing, the Blue Helidium you need is on the steps at the front of the machine so just walk up and grab it.

Head back to the portal you used to arrive in Motazaar and go through to Talanzaar. You need to find a Talan named Azirad, who should be towards the south-west of the map, next-door to Gran, the recreator. He is marked on the map on the Talanzaar page of this walkthrough if you need help finding him.

Talk to him and select NEW BOAT LIGHT. He will agree to carve the Blue Helidium.

Wait a short while and talk to Azirad again when he leaves his hut. Choose RETURN BOAT LIGHT to get the Cut Helidium.

The portal back to Okasankaar should be nearby (outside the walls in the south-west). Remember to replace the F-Link teleporters if you are using them. Head through and jump back up to the top of the lighthouse. Select the Cut Helidium from your inventory and use it on the light. This will restart the light and unlock:

Boat light fixed in Okasankaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Zern fix the boat light by providing a piece of helidium from Motazzar.
  • Unlocked by 673 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.87) 10,111

Optionally, but recommended since you've done all the work, you can talk to Zernar who should be by the docks. Tell him FIXED BOAT LIGHT for a reward. Ask about SANKAAR then ask him to STOP CATCHING SANKAAR and he will agree, which will further weaken the enemy soldiers.

Make your way back to Motazaar, via Talanzaar, to continue.

Find Ashkar back in town. Tell him DAMAGED MACHINE and he will send you to talk to Zoran, the Talan who built the bridge who is not happy with you. You may have to exit out of the conversation and wait a moment before talking to him again for the DAMAGED MACHINE option to appear. Be sure to ask ABOUT ZORAN as well.

Zoran will be working at the windmill which you may have already noticed – it’s to the north of the Talanzaar portal. It’s near the larger irregular orange outline on the map.

There will be some enemies nearby so kill them and talk to Zoran. He will complain about your destruction of the machine. If you ask about SOLDIERS and ABOUT ASSISTANT he will send you on a quest to find his assistant, Makee and the machine part he is carrying.

You can find Makee back to the south near the portal to Talanzaar. He tells you that his friend was killed by gamors. Those same gamors took the machine part. Of course they did.

There is a trail of clothes that sparkle. You can follow the trail or just head all the way to the south-west. There will be some gamors here. Find the machine part by the remains. As soon as you pick it up, a cutscene will play showing the arrival of the High Soldiers.

Make sure you are stocked up on ammo as you will find yourself in combat shortly. Zoran can now be found working on the machine you destroyed. Return the machine part to him and he will send you to get a key from the High Soldiers.

This conversation will begin an attack from over the nearby chasm. While Zoran works to fix the machine, kill the enemies that attack. They all approach from the central path so you should be able to ‘spawn-kill’ them without too much trouble. Remember that there are cumulative kill achievements so don't hold back. Kill as many as you can here!

Eventually, Zoran’s work will be done and the bridge will move into place.

This battle alone should be enough to unlock:

Ashkar's request! in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat at least 20 soldiers in Motazaar for Ashkar.
  • Unlocked by 795 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.56) 10,111

You will also probably be close to unlocking:

The Yods will remember in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat 150 soldiers.
  • Unlocked by 866 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.41) 10,111

Go back to the north-east where you found Shamaz Zagy earlier. One of the soldiers here will have the key you need. Despite their name, these High Solders shouldn’t be any more difficult than the regular enemies. Check your inventory to make sure you have all 4 Stone Keys (they are shown in an image below).

Now head back through the gap and cross the bridge that Zoran has extended over the chasm. Proceed to the north and you will come across a series of raised pathways.

The way across is marked on the map in your inventory but is summarised here:

  • Turn right at the first intersection and follow this path as it curves around,
  • When you get to a T-intersection, turn right,
  • At the next T-intersection, turn right again,
  • Follow this path as it twists back around to the west,
  • Take a left path when you can,
  • This path will drop down and turn to the north, passing underneath the path you were just on,
  • Stay on this path. At the next intersection you can see the short path to the north (look for the rolling boulders).

It is possible to fall off the pathway, so be careful as you go. When you reach solid land, you can choose to help the lost Talan here if you want – you have no further need for the map.

Some more challenges await so this would be a good spot to save. First you need to time your run to avoid the boulders. At the first lava section, jump across the small moving platforms. In the second lava section just walk across the paths between the pools.

You will eventually reach a small area with 4 cells to the north and 4 stone blocks with key slots to the west.

If you want loot, open the 1st, 2nd and 4th (from the left) cells first. To do so, look at the symbol above the cell then place that key in the stone block slot. Grab the loot inside those cells.

External image

When you open the 3rd cell, you will automatically free Shamaz Keb in a cutscene and unlock:

Shamaz Keb Freed! in Outcast - Second Contact
Set Shamaz Keb free.
  • Unlocked by 712 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.77) 10,111

During the scene you will be transported back to Motazaar town. Shamaz Keb will hand over this area’s Mon but there is no achievement related to it.

As with the previous areas, you can return to Ashkar and tell him SHAMAZ KEB SAVED. Ask ABOUT MOTAZAAR and ABOUT MINES if you haven't already and he will now agree when you say STOP MINING which will further weaken your enemies.

Now make your way back through Talanzaar to Okasankaar. Be sure to stock up on ammo as you go as there are a few battles coming up and no recreator where we are going.

In particular, stock up on dynamite by searching or buying some from the vendors in Talanzaar as you will need some for another achievement soon. You also want several PPS and CLAPR-T – you have probably collected several but the vendors can sell you more if you need. 5-6 of each should be sufficient.

As you make the trip, you should pass through a portal for the 10th time, unlocking:

Daokas in Outcast - Second Contact
Daokas48 (15)
Travel 10 times through Daokas.
  • Unlocked by 999 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.18) 10,111

From the portal near the town in Okasankaar, head to the north-east of the main island where you will see a set of markers leading over to a smaller island (just to the north of an enemy fort and the portal to Shamazaar). Making sure to stay within those markers, swim over to that island where you can find the portal to the final region in the game, Okaar.

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