Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

8. Okaar

On arrival, you will unlock the last region-related achievement:

Okaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Okaar109 (30)
Reach the region of Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 761 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.64) 10,111

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Roaming nearby will be a red marker which is an odd Talan named Kyuran. Talk to him and tell him of Oru’s fate for a reward if you want. You can ask him about the region and the Mon as well.

Start by heading to the south-east. On the map you will see a building that looks a bit like a cross. On the south side there is a button which will raise the gate, allowing you to enter the arena.

There should be 3 gamors waiting inside. Kill them all to unlock:

Gamor Arena in Outcast - Second Contact
Kill all the gamors in the Okaar arena.
  • Unlocked by 720 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.74) 10,111

On the northern side is a viewing platform. Be sure to collect the Wood Pipe which is located up there (it will be marked as a key).

Return to the gate. There is a button on the left side which will open the gate and allow you to exit.

The next location to visit is further to the south-east. On the map there is a temple that is a light blue colour. On your arrival you will see that the locals, the Oogoobar, are about to sacrifice Shamaz Zave. Intervene and kill the three Oogoobar.

Talk to Shamaz Zave who will be your 25th "Important" Talan, unlocking:

Build up your social network in Outcast - Second Contact
Talk to 25 important Talans.
  • Unlocked by 875 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.40) 10,111

Talk to him about MON and MAP.

Now backtrack over to the north-west where you can see a large rectangular structure. Note that you cannot swim over the river (marked in blue) that runs through the centre of the map. You have to cross at the central bridge (just south of the blue map markings), or on the very south of the map, looking out for traps. There are some angry birds at the bridge but it’s probably not worth wasting ammo on them – just run over and you should only take 1 or 2 hits.

The entrance to the rectangular structure is on the south side. When you step inside, a large snake-like monster called the Achondar will rise up out of the hole in the ground.

This battle can easily be cheesed by turning right and running to the south-east corner where you can hide behind the trees. If you get in the right spot, the beast cannot hit you so kill it with ease. The UZA-SH1 is very effective here.

External image

When it falls you will unlock:

Achondar in Outcast - Second Contact
Achondar115 (30)
Kill the Achondar.
  • Unlocked by 692 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.82) 10,111

There is a second Wood Pipe here (also labelled as a Key). At the round disc to the north-east of the Achondar's pit, it will be just between the two trees nearby.

With that collected, step on the round discs at the corners of the pit to open the exit.

Head to the south. You will come across a clearing with 3 Gamors in it. Kill them, then find the next Wood Pipe on the west side between some trees. This can be a bit tricky to spot.

External image

Now head back to the east side of the central waterway, this time making sure to loop around the south of the map. Just to the east you will find a series of traps. Take care as the swinging logs here are one-hit kills. Save before you enter just to be safe. Head to the Pipe In Trap Area marked on the map above.

Start from the south end. There is a log swinging in line with the path, then a second one swinging across the path. Just after the second log, after a few arrow traps is the final Wood Pipe.

External image

With all the wood pipes collected, head to the Oogoobar camp which is located in the south-east. Kill the enemies here and place the wood pipes as follows:

External image

If you’ve done it right, a short scene will play – pay attention to the scene as you need to collect the key that flies out and it can be hard to find if you don’t see where it lands. It should land just to the west in the small outcrop of this walled area. This also unlocks:

Organ puzzle in Outcast - Second Contact
Complete the organ puzzle in Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 669 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.89) 10,111

Grab that key. Now cross back over the central waterway via the bridge. Find the Rock Structure marked on the map above.

You do need to be slightly careful here as the large rock can kill you here. Shoot the smaller rocks several times so they gain momentum and swing out of the way which will start the large rock in motion. It will roll into the river and eventually block the waterfall.

Follow the rock and jump into the water below. Underneath where the rock has stopped is some stairs to a short tunnel. Head inside and you will find a second wood key.

Swim south and keep an eye on the east side. You will come across some steps to get out of the water.

Head around to the south of the large fort on the west side of the waterway. This is a good spot to get dynamite kills. You just need to kill 10 enemies with dynamite.

Use a PPS to go invisible. Equip some dynamite and approach some soldiers. Drop the dynamite near them and back away. Use the CLAPR-T to detonate the dynamite. You cannot shoot while invisible which is why you should use the CLAPR-T. If you are lucky they will all bunch up in the inner area. Otherwise, take them out 2-3 at a time. Keep going until you have kill a total of 10 enemies for:

Supremacy! in Outcast - Second Contact
Supremacy!53 (15)
Defeat 10 soldiers using dynamite.
  • Unlocked by 813 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.52) 10,111

If you don’t manage it here, you can head back to another area and target random enemies with the same method.

Keep fighting through the remaining enemies until you reach the centre of the fort. There will be a door with markings on either side.

Match the two Wooden Keys to the symbols on each side of the door to open it and enter. Inside, collect the Mon in the box to unlock:

Yet another one! in Outcast - Second Contact
Obtain the Mon in Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 665 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.90) 10,111

The only achievements that may be outstanding is for killing 250 enemies. Depending on how much exploring you have done, you may have already unlocked it. If not, travel between areas and check the maps for red markers. This guide has left several forts and barracks behind, so there should be plenty of enemies and random patrols will respawn. Just target the red map markers. At your 250th kill, you will unlock:

May the Yods be Silent! in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat 250 soldiers.
  • Unlocked by 715 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.76) 10,111


If you are just here for the achievements, congratulations on your completion!

The next page gives a rundown of the remaining story missions for those who want to play the story to completion.

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