Outcast - Second Contact Walkthrough

9. Story Wrap-Up

If you have reached this page I will assume you are enjoying the game and have consumed at least some of the story/lore. As such, this page will be a summary of the remaining story missions in a more basic form. Note that the two portals in the Temple Fae in Shamazaar that were not used on the previous pages that may assist, so if you have not cleared out the eastern fort in Okasankaar you might consider doing that now (Motazaar will already have been cleared). Also spend up in Talanzaar, grabbing all the weapons you can - the HAWK-MK8 and FT 74X are both very useful in the final battle.

From the point of obtaining the last Mon in Okaar, expect the story to take a further 2-3 hours.

Side quests are not covered. The only one you may want to consider is the mission to convince the leader in Talanzaar, Zot, to stop paying taxes which will further weaken your enemies. Nice, but certainly not necessary.

Return to Talanzaar. Find Shamaz Zokrace who is located in a room attached to the central structure (the Palace Fae), on the north-west side. Talk with him about Marion. She was seen near Zelb’s Bar.

Zelb is located at the south end on this same side of the Palace Fae. Head down there and talk to him.

You are told Marion is in a house to the west of the Palace Fae.

Head north. On your map you will see small orange squares along the internal walls of the Palace Fae. The most northern one should be a little south of Zokrace. To the west of this northern orange square will be a building with a weapon trader in one of the rooms. In the same structure on the north is a closed door with a barred window next to it. Interact with this door to find Marion.

Wander around a little and eventually Marion will contact you again. When waiting for these messages, stay away from the area you will need to go to. So, on this occasion, don’t go to Shamazaar.

Marion tells you she is in the north of Shamazaar. Head over there.

Go north, where you will see the blue shield that blocked off the northern area before is gone. The enemies here are spread out around two pairs of connected towers. Clear out the soldiers and climb the northern tower (on the east side). Cross the bridge and press the button in the pit. Go back to the southern tower and cross the bridge to find Marion and complete this mission.

Once again, roam around until you get another message. This time you must go to the Darosham in Okasankaar.

Remember the Darosham? It’s the structure with the wheel puzzle and the lava pit in the south-east of the Okasankaar region. Go there and you will finally meet Kroax. Fight a battle with Kroax and some soldiers. Kroax will teleport a bit and can be a pain – if you have the LN-DUO 500 you can put down some mines where he appears to make things easier. Once you damage Kroax enough, he will teleport away. Go inside the Darosham to speak with Jan.

Head back to Ranzaar and tell Zokrym that you have freed Jan for a small reward if you want. Don’t stay there, though, as that will be your next destination and you won't get the next transmission if you are there.

Roam the other areas and eventually you will receive a final transmission and you will return to Ranzaar.

Arrive to find that things have gone badly. Take out the Gamors who will attack you and head to the red map marker, where you will find Jan.

The next mission in Okaar is the point of no return. If you have yet to unlock all the achievements or would like to continue exploring, make sure to save now!

Stock up on ammo and medical kits. The final battle is considerably more difficult than any so far (but still not too bad). Make your way to Okaar. Speak with Kyuran and ask about the Guardians.

Head east until you reach the boundary wall, then follow it south and you will come across a tall gate. A scene will play when you get close to the gate.

Exit the room and kill all the enemies. There is extra ammo spread out around the area. Once it’s all clear, approach the large gate for another scene, then a long unskippable scene.

Now you are at the final battle. Fortunately, you have your weapons and equipment restored.

Ignore Kroax at the start and head around to the south, where several soldiers will have spawned. Take them out first but save your HAWK-MK8 ammo. The LN-DUO 500 and the FT 74X are both effective against the soldiers. Remember to take a medical kit when you need to.

Use the HAWK-MK8 for Kroax once all the soldiers are killed.

Once you kill Kroax, sit back and enjoy the final cutscene. Congratulations!

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