1. Outlast 2 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

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Run, hide or die!

Welcome to the walkthrough for Outlast 2! As you may have gathered, this is a sequel to the excellent Outlast, a game described by one reviewer as "a highly disturbing haunted mansion ride through a corrupted asylum that illustrated just how terrifying a thing the human penis can be when it's bathed in night vision green and festively bouncing back and forth at you in a poorly maintained public lavatory". Outlast 2 certainly keeps with the central premise of the first game, where your main goals will be running and hiding from the enemy.

There are a whopping 105 collectibles to gather throughout the game, ranging from recordings to documents. I will point out each one. The game can be completed in 2 playthroughs, with ample time spent practicing on Nightmare mode before diving into Insane. With that said, let us begin!

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