2. Outlast 2 General hints and tipsUpdate notes

PRACTICE!!!! - Outlast 2 is not a forgiving game, even less forgiving than its predecessor. Before jumping into Insane mode you will spend a LOT of time practicing on Nightmare. I illustrate this point first because it is absolutely imperative.

Run! On lower difficulties, enemies can be sidestepped or avoided if you get spotted. While you may not survive a full sprint through enemy territory, remember running away is often your most viable option.

...but not always. You don't have unlimited stamina, so fleeing full speed down an empty stretch of road only to run into a lynch mob at the end of your sprint will only end painfully. Conserve your stamina for when you need to escape, not just to get from A to B slightly faster.

Heal! Bandages are scarce and the amount you can carry is fairly limited, so avoiding damage is priority one. Failing that, heal immediately so your stamina is not affected by your wounds.

That's really it, the game is incredibly simple in terms of practicality. The tricky bits come down to execution, which will take practice.

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