3. Outlast 2 Story WalkthroughUpdate notes

Start up a game on Normal for your first time through, you will be learning the game, gathering all 105 collectibles, and not hiding during this playthrough. Be aware that you MUST hide in a confessional at one point and that hiding under beds is allowed. Make sure to have your camera out when picking up documents as well, just to make sure they stick. If you like to follow visuals alongside/instead of text, the below video will serve to showcase all of the collectibles in order:

The intro cinematic will automatically give you Recordings 1-2/50 as well as demonstrate the video game industry's continued and extreme racism towards helicopters. Make your way down the corridor that looks identical to my high school before taking a right, following the priest to the end of this next hallway. The doors will slam shut in your face, so spin around and get a face full of the The Shining.

Upon waking, you must find your way down the cliff and to the crashed chopper. Mash cn_X to pull yourself from the wreckage, then head along the side of the cliff. Jump when prompted, until you can turn and slide down the rock formation here. Stick to the side of the cliff to shimmy across the ledge, then approach the downed chopper. Pull out your camera with cn_RB and keep it focused on the crash until the red circle in the center completes its cycle. Once it does, you will have captured Recording 3/50. With your camera out, hit cn_left. This will activate the microphone function, something you should always use in your camera. It's useful a grand total of once throughout the entire game, but you must use it for 20 minutes for an achievement. I stood here unmoving for 20 minutes, but you can just use it in conjunction with your camera throughout the game for:

Check to the left of the helicopter for some bandages before going down the path of the right. In your first playthrough you should use night vision (clicking cn_RS when the camera is out) in order to see where you're going as to not fall off the cliff. However, you'll need to navigate this and many similar sections completely in the dark on your Insane playthrough, so practice doesn't hurt. Upon reaching the other side of this darkened section of cliff you will see the pilot strung up on a tree, record him to capture Recording 4/50.

Move down the dark path on the right, using your night vision if you're having trouble. Upon sliding down some rocks, look to the right to see the church steeple in the distance. Keep your camera trained on this area for Recording 5/50. Continue on your way into the town, past the cemetery, until you see a house on the right. Go inside and make a right into the living room area, examining Document 1/55 on the table next to the corpse. Exit this house and go right, making a left when the road turns. Continue slowly down this path until you see a house on the left, enter it and retrieve Document 2/55 from the table. Leave this house and turn left, putting your night vision on. Walk up to the gate and film it for Recording 6/50 before turning to the right and sliding the window open enough for you to climb into.

Examine the door to the left in order to unbolt it, this mechanic is not utilized nearly as much here as it is in the previous Outlast but it can certainly be a lifesaver from time to time. Exit this house and go left, crawling under the gate and going right down the extremely dark path. Descend into the basement after the twisting road to find Document 3/55 staring you in the face. Move into the next room to find the token "creepy discarded dolls" horror trope, admiring the imagery before crossing the room and going up the stairs and out of the basement. Move past the toys, crawling under the locked gate when you come to it. Walk slowly here, picking up the items inside the shed. You'll hear a woman speaking, and this woman is Marta. She is the main antagonist of the game, our very own Chris Walker if you played the original. The quickest way through here is by waiting until you have full stamina, walking up until she screams and spots you, then just running straight and sliding with cn_B while sprinting under the house. The safe option is to lure her to you, making her follow you until you can put the shed between you both before running for the gap under the house. Either way, interact with the cart in the house to grab it, positioning it under the broken ladder. Jump on the cart and up the ledge to find Document 4/55 on the right. From here turn around and crouch, going under the ceiling beams until crashing down on the other side. Marta is done chasing you...For now.

Turn around and jump through the left window before jumping into another window ahead of you to the right. Put the camera away and unlock the left door. On Normal and Insane just gunning it is a perfectly fine strategy here, so immediately upon exiting the house run to the right and take a sharp left at the corner of the next building. Run right until the Inception noise plays and a flash renders your attackers blind. Walk ahead and check the ground on the left , picking up Document 5/55 from in front of a rock. Continue down the path with your camera at the ready, filming the church for Recording 7/50. Move left to find a hole in the fence, crawling under it and walking through the main doors of the church. Make a right at the junction and head through the door, examining Document 6/55 on the right. Unbolt the door and head down the stairs, following the catacombs around until you reach the prison. Take the key from the wall on the left by the crucifix and enter into the center area, dropping down into the middle pit for Document 7/55. Climb out of the pit and go right, crouching down to move past the prisoners in their cells, emerging shaken but unscathed on the other side. Unlock the door and pick up the bandages on the left, climbing the ladder in front of you and emerging into the house. Ascend the stairs here, picking up Document 8/55 from the table on the right. Unbolt the door and go down the hall, jumping from the window to reunite with Lynn and earning:

In the interest of keeping things spoiler-free, the next bit is just a walking segment down a mostly linear path. You and Lynn will talk, bad guys (girls?) will show up, and you will either leave this cutscene disgusted or aroused. Once you regain control of Blake, move ahead and into the murky water. This is the best place to farm for time underwater since it happens so infrequently, so dunk your head under and stay still until you see bubbles. Once you do, pop up and breathe, then repeat. After staying underwater for 10 minutes you will earn:

Back to the game, wait for the patrolling guard to be walking away. Climb up onto land and run to the next pool of water, avoiding the second guard and bursting into the door. It doesn't matter how close these guys are to you; after reaching the door and seeing the flash you're safe. You're back in school, so use your night vision to find the door and exit into a classroom. Film the blackboard for Recording 8/50 and approach the desk to find a photograph. Look at this photograph (what the hell is on Joey's head?) and put it back down to make a door appear on the opposite side of the room; exit it and begin running to the right. Loutermilch will appear down the hall and push you back twice, just keep powering through. Exit the school through the front doors and run past the front gate ahead of you until an avalanche sends you sprawling back into the real world.

Ethan greets you at the bottom and will spew plot at you, so follow him into his house and basement. Follow the basement path and grab the bandages along the way, sleeping in the bedroll. An old friend will pay Ethan a visit and eventually you will be able to leave the basement by breaking boards hanging from the ceiling near where you came down. Exit the basement and film the body on the floor for Recording 9/50. To the left of the door on a nightstand is Document 9/55, pick it up and head outside. Go down to the left and go for a swim in the creek, following the path until you can come up on the shore on the right. Go across the bridge and film the burning crosses, heretics included, for Recording 10/50. Turn around from them and go into the shack on the waterfront to find some supplies and Document 10/55 on a bed in here. Return to the crucified and go down the path surrounded by corn, running to the gate with your camera out. Marta will walk from left to right and you must follow her movements with your camera in order to fully capture Recording 11/50. Now crouch down and go through the hole in the fence on the left, walking until your stamina is full. Start running once it is, avoiding the corn and running down the straight path and immediately banking right once you're able to. Keep running and get past the guy guarding the boxes, climbing up the ramp and jumping over the fence.

Move ahead and stick right, keep going past the coward who begs you for his life to be spared and walk up the porch on the left to find Document 11/55 on the floor in front of a door. Keep moving down the road and open the barn door, sliding inside and immediately crouching down to hide under the cart on the right. Watch the enemies in here as they wander about, as they'll either leave through the front door or disappear into the back of the barn. Exit your hiding space and go right, grabbing the cart and quickly placing it in front of the broken ladder. Climb up and into the loft, jumping up a ledge and shimmying through this tight area. Pick up Document 12/55 from the left side of this room and get on the beam in the center. Carefully balance yourself across until you get to the end and take some meat to the face and fall into a pile of bodies. Leave through the broken gate and go down the hill, making a left at the bottom to find Document 13/55 on a podium. Turn around and go down this path until the Inception bwaaaah plays again and the birds begin to fall from the sky. Film the bodies for Recording 12/50 and go down the righthand path as it curves around. Jump up on the rocks in front of you, shimmying across the small gap before climbing up some more rocks. Get a running start for the jump to the next rock before climbing up and moving left to climb up some more. Move ahead into the incredibly dark cave, using your night vision to find the spot in the rocks you can crawl through to end up in the heretic cave. Film the large statue here for Recording 13/50. Descend down the stairs and turn right, taking in the jump you have to make here. This is a very dangerous jump, particularly on Insane, so get a running start and jump at the last second to make it across. This is an area worth practicing. Jump up and out of the cave, following the path around a spooky tree and through the narrow passage behind it. Film the town in the distance for Recording 14/50. Look left and get across the gap here, dropping down after shimmying and making your way into the creek. Cross the water and get into the house on the other side. Follow the hall and duck down under the staircase, popping up on the other side to find Document 14/55 on the table in front of you. Go up the small stairs on the right and unlock the door, then go up the much larger staircase.

Ascend these stairs, making a U-turn at the top and going up the next set of stairs here as well. On a desk in the left side this room is Document 15/55. Near this document is a bookshelf you can push out of the way to exit this room. Drop down and walk forward until Blake mentions something about an elevator, but alas it has no power. Turn around from the elevator and walk down the hill, passing by the crucified body. Go to the back of this building and jump the fence to the left, moving ahead until you see a small basement window you can interact with. Drop down into this window and enter the door in front of you, walking into this room and checking the desk on the left for Document 16/55. Leave this area through the same window, jump the fence, then move through the shed and back onto the main path. Stick to the right to avoid the enemy here, walking up a very small set of stairs in front of a house and past them. Go to the right when you can, following the side of the building until you find an open window to jump in. Go down the stairs to the basement once inside the house, moving the shelves out of the way to reveal a hidden room containing Document 17/55. Exit this house the way you came in and walk back to the road, getting ready to sprint. Move a bit up the road and start sprinting, hurry past the house on the right and make a very sharp right to avoid the enemy once you reach the top of the hill. Take a hard left into the barn, running around the cart and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will be safe, so take a breather and walk over to the desk on the right for Document 18/55. Go into the small room on the left and jumpstart the generator, staying perfect still and making a 180 degree turn. The woman behind you will start to walk away; follow her at a distance. Once she stops in the middle of the landing, stick to the right wall and quietly shuffle past her like she's your ex and you're at a mutual friend's wedding. At the bottom of the stairs head back the way you came, watching the people of the town flee into their homes. Stick to the right of the fence and walk until Marta sees you, then with full stamina start your sprint down the hill and take a left into an alley, using your camera to spot the hole in the bottom of the fence on the right. Slide under it and jump over the next fence, making a very sharp right until you're back on the road. Run up the hill and hit the elevator switch to escape Marta once again.

At the top of the elevator use your camera to record the small sign in front of you for Recording 15/50. Turn around and follow the fence next to the elevator to find a tree, a body, and Document 19/55 on the ground. Turn right from here and move up to the well in the center of the village for a sloppy makeout session and teleportation into some vents. Follow them around and make every turn they do, crawling forward until they crash. Leave through the door you're facing in this room and run left, following the hall until a locker on your right creaks open to reveal a music box. Wind it up to unlock the door on the left, so grab the battery on the cart and go through the newly opened classroom. After leaving the room turn right and focus your camera on the hanging corpse until you get credit for Recording 16/60. Approach the body and open the door behind it to begin one of the best transitions and chase sequences in the game.

After being knocked down the stairs run down the hall and make a right, past the guy eating and out the door. Run across the road to the next house and getting inside, using your night vision to see the two right turns in this room as well as the obstacle to vault over. Duck under the house and start crawling, this linear path can be navigated entirely by pushing up on the left stick. Eventually you will see an opening on the left which you can turn and crawl under to reach another road. Run to the next house across the way, through the door and into the crack on the left as the ceiling collapses behind you. Keep moving through this house, running down the hall and planting yourself to the left of the door. The enemy will break through the door and charge into the room, allowing you to run right past him and down the stairs, taking the door on the right immediately, closing and bolting it behind you. Turn around and push the shelf here to reveal a passage, run down it and use your night vision to navigate the dark tunnel. Upon reaching the end, continue filming the woman on the bed for Recording 17/50.

Go to the opposite side of the room and push this shelf as well, moving to the right and shimmy across the body pit. Once you get to the other side look to the left to find Document 20/55 on a podium. Follow the hall to another house, moving up the stairs as you go. You'll hear an enemy call out that you're in the house, so make your way up the stairs and under the boarded door onto a balcony. Go left and vault over the balcony to take a hard but non-lethal fall. Run straight and vault the gate, making a left and running to the crawlspace under the house. Crawl forward without stopping, despite what's going on around you. After exiting the crawlspace run straight for the shed, jumping up into it and dropping down. Use cn_X to destroy the floor while looking at it to drop under the shed, duck down immediately and start crawling forward before running right down the path and into the basement window here.

Exit through the door on the left and enter another door immediately on the right, picking up Document 21/55 from the shelf in front of you. Leave this room and go down the right hallway and up the stairs, going through the double doors at the top. Look to the right with your camera to examine the chalkboard for Recording 18/50. Go around this room and avoid the chairs to enter another set of double doors, going right up the stairs. Go across the top room and look to the desk on the left for Document 22/55.

You can do a health-saving glitch here, but if done incorrectly can kill you so avoid it on Insane. Looking at the open window, run to it and jump as soon as you hit the sloped ceiling. if done right you will hit the fence before the ground, saving you health. If done wrong, you take regular damage and need to use a bandage. If done very wrong you glitch through the fence and die. No matter your technique, once on the ground move to the right to find a baby carriage under a tree containing Document 23/55. Another cart moving sequence is ready for you now, so grab it and push it close to the fence. Use it to climb the fence, then on the other side walk to the stable on the right and check the right side of it for Document 24/55. Turn right after leaving the stable and make another right down the road, moving straight up the small set of steps and make a left at the porch. At the end of this little area is another podium with Document 25/55. Return to the road and make a left, running straight down and duck into the building on the left for a bandage. Grab the cart and start to push it forward, only to be stopped by Marta. Turn around and run for the hole in the fence on the left, waiting inside it for her to round the corner. Exit this area and go push the cart up to the gate, climbing on it and over the gate before she catches up. If she happens to break the fence and chase you, repeat the process again or run around the entire building before pushing the cart again. You'll drop down on the other side of the large gate.

Walk ahead and enter the first house on the right, entering the study on the left and go all the way to the wall before turning around and pushing the shelf towards the door you came through. Enter the hidden room to find Document 26/55 amongst the bones. Leave this house and start up the road, using your camera to look at the chapel ahead of you to capture Recording 19/50 before taking the first left and following it around to a set of 3 graves and Document 27/55. Turn around and get back up the hill, entering the chapel at the top. Directly in front of you there will be Document 28/55 on an altar. Enter the church and approach the back of the room, waiting for the tortured man to start walking to the confessional on the right. Hide in here (don't worry, this will not void your achievement and is necessary!) and wait for Knoth to enter. Keep your camera trained on the woman on the rack until you get credit for Recording 20/50. Now this part is tough, so get ready. Exit the confessional and run left, back out the front door and down the hill. As soon as you reach the bottom interact with the barn door and pull it open far enough for you to fit through, then run inside and use your night vision to find your way around the shelves and throughout the door on the left wall. Run up the stairs here, jumping at the top to cross the gap. Hop over the tower here and down into the field below.

Turn left and duck under the hole in the fence, going into the house in front of you. There will be some bandages in the sink on the right if necessary, moving past the woman and into the next room here. Grab Document 29/55 from the table on the left and jump out the window, making a right and jumping over the fence here. Go into the house across the way and through the window on the right. Go to the table on the left and pick up Document 30/55. Go back to the corn and start moving through the cornfield by sticking to the left fence as much as possible. Once you emerge from the corn field run down the left path and into the mill here, locking the door behind you. Go into the room on the right and enter the double doors on the left, retrieving the crank and batteries from the table in this room. Leave this room and go left, exiting the building and climbing the left staircase to the top. Interact with the hole here and tap cn_X to open the sluice gate, going back down the stairs once you're done. Go back into the building and crawl down the conveyor on the right, standing and running left when you get outside to slide down the hill.

Move to the right and up the path, making another right and crouching down to get into the square hole in the building. Grab Document 31/55 from the table and crouch back down and move right. As soon as you hear Marta speak turn around and run to the silo, holding cn_B to get on your belly and hide in the tall grass as she aimlessly wanders around and looks for you. When she's out of view, stand up and run the way she came from, making a right through the shed and squeezing through the gap in the fence on the right. Even if Marta sees and chases you, she'll leave you alone at this point. Run left past the barrels and bodies, sticking right and going into the slaughterhouse. Film the hanging bodies from the ceiling for Recording 21/50. Move past the bodies and make a left U-turn, moving down this path until you can go right. Interact with the chain to get the meat hook, then jump through the window you picked up the hook from. Across this room is Document 32/55.

Go back the way you came, moving out of the wall right of the doors you used to enter the slaughterhouse. Move back down the path, getting ready to sprint after passing back through the shed. Make a left and keep running, taking another left once you reach the building you entered for document 31. Squeeze through the door on the left and run to the gate at the end, mashing cn_X to put the hook on the chain. Turn around and interact with the chain, raising the gate before running and sliding into it. Kick Marta away and exit the slaughtering area. Move right down the path, following it more as it turns right and up the hill. Before going up the stairs grab Document 33/55 from the podium then feel free to ascend. Jump up into the little outhouse and drop back into school. Pull out your camera as soon as you drop tor record the wall drawing for Recording 22/50.

Go through the left doors here, following the hall until you find a classroom on the left you can enter. Pick up the plastic sheet from the desk and exit this room, going right and through both sets of doors until you come through a classroom on the right you can enter. Follow this room to the back, placing the plastic sheet on the projector before grabbing it and moving it down and to the left, making sure to align the drawing on the wall and the picture. Once the game stops you, you know you have it right. Leave this room through the door on the right, going back to where you first dropped in to find a brand new door on the right . This room is a bit buggy, so use your night vision to run back and forth through the hall 3-4 times, testing the doors each time. Once the only other door in this hall creaks open, enter the room and grab the cart here and maneuver it under the open ceiling tiles. Jump up into it and follow the path until you get grabbed, where another scene change will occur. Keep on crawling ahead, back into the forest. Move ahead until you slide down the embankment, filming the broken bridge in front of you for Recording 23/50 and:

Follow the cliffside to the tracks, turning right and closer to the cliff upon reaching the bridge. In a crevice at the end you will find a battery as well as Document 34/55. Go to the bridge now, balancing yourself over the first beam before doing the same upon reaching a more stable platform. Get your camera out before crossing the last long beam in order to start recording the swarm of locusts around you for Recording 24/50. Start across the last beam now in order to be clearly and inevitably buzzed off the sides and into the trees below, where you will meet Nick & Laird. When they leave, drop down from the trees and begin the next section of the game.

Pick up your camera and start moving left through the creek, jumping over the downed tree blocking your path. Keep moving until you find another tree to duck under; do so and continue following the water until you reach a corpse next to Document 35/55. Keep following this path until you find a large log with an opening in it for you to crawl inside. Exit the log on the other side and start moving right, following the water until it reaches a gate. Film the quarantine signs on this gate for Recording 25/50. Turn left and drop down the series of rocks here, keeping your eyes on the ground to the right in order to pick up Document 36/55 from another corpse. Find the dead end soon after this, turning right and crawling under the rocks here to find yourself in the Scalled camp. Move forward until you see a fire, then turn to the right to find a cave. Go inside and past the bathing Scalled here, jumping up onto the ledges to find Document 37/55 on the top. Leave the cave and proceed slightly up the hill where you will be grabbed, vomited on, and immediately afflicted with syphilis. Unfortunately for Blake, he still has to get through the rest of this game before he can stop in the free clinic so keep going up the hill and to the left, making another left and ducking under the house here. Stand up and look to the right for Document 38/55 before leaving this house. Go right across the road to another house, this time you just need to open the front door and look down for Document 39/55. leave this house and make a right, following the path until you move slightly run by some rocks. Look to the right to see a gate, film the happenings behind it for Recording 26/50. Keep moving down the path, up the hill and past the small fire until you get to some climbable rocks (they have blood smeared down the front of them) that you should jump up. Shimmy across the cliffside and jump up another rock before turning left and jumping again, only to be met with a syphilitic bitchslap that sends you tumbling down the cliff.

Start off by grabbing your glasses and running forward, even as the flaming arrow sails past you. Run into the forest past Nick & Laird, making a left as soon as you can. Avoid getting caught up in the trees as you move left, make your way to the orange glow of the fire. Upon reaching it, squeeze into the small space in the cabin wall to the right of the fire for a transition into the school. Heal as the priest is staring you down if you got hit by an errant arrow, then exit the locker when prompted. Go right down this hall and follow the girl as she skips from hall to room, so make another right, a left, and a right into the administration room. Approach the computer (which has Wolfenstein playing on it for unknown reasons) and interact with it. Get back up and get your camera out, then exit this room and turn left. Go left down this hall and right when you can, soon getting a jump scare and the process of Recording 27/50, staying still until the event is captured. At the end of this hall turn right, then turn left at the next opportunity before jumping up into the ceiling. You'll return to the real world inside a tree trunk, so move ahead until a cutscene starts. This is a long one and ends with you needing to mash cn_X which will also unlock:

Stay low to the ground and move left, through the tall grass and around the sleeping Scalled by the fireside. Move to the tent on the left of the fire and pick up the bandages within, use them to heal yourself while still in this small area. Turn around and continue left, past the sleeping Scalled and through the grass on the left. Crawl through the hollow logs here and begin to move right behind the tents. Jump up on the rocks here until you're up on the cliff, following the path until you come to a drop-off on the left. Walk into the water, where you will always be spotted. Move to the shore on the left and get the Scalled into the water, then get out of the lake and run to the right, jumping up onto the rock on the righthand side of the path. Move left through this open area until you find a downed tree which you can balance your way up. Take this path, jumping over a downed tree and sliding under another one so you can try to cannonball into the lake below. Wade through the mire until you see Nick & Laird on the shore with a lamp. Duck under the water as Nick pisses in it, waiting for the lamp to move away. Once they're gone feel free to stand up and walk to the shore, taking a right into the house once you reach it. There will be 2 bandages on the left in the living room; grab these before taking your camera from the table in the dining room for another transition.

Leave the cafeteria through the right hallway, making a left when you can and following this hall to the end. Take the lefthand door at the end with your camera out, filiming the spookies for Recording 28/50. Leave this room and take the first left you can, following this hall all the way to the end. Make sure your stamina is full, then walk down this next hallway backwards with your camera out. When you hear a crash and music change start to run, flicking your night vision on to make sure you don't hit the wall or door on your way out. Take a left down this hall and another left down the next, hiding behind (NOT INSIDE) the locker at the end of the hall. Once things return to "reality" make your way back to the hallway you just fled from, going into the open door on the right once you reach it. Answer the phone for the best dialogue sequence of the game, dropping it after you get a sensual neck kiss thru the phone. Exit this room and begin running left again, through the open door here and take another left down this now-familiar hallway. Take the left again at this hall, getting to the lockers you hid behind, but this time you need to hide inside the one Jessica runs into. This won't void the achievement, so don't worry about that. This will cause another transition, this time into the hardest section of the game.

Come out of the closet, I won't judge. Turn right and examine Document 40/55 from the table to unlock:

Leave this room to be greeted by an arrow, so get moving! Go left and open the window in the living room, jumping through it. Make your way left around the house, using night vision to see the traps in the trees as you run through them. This part will need to be practiced EXTENSIVELY on Nightmare, as moving between the wrong pair of trees will kill you. The house on your left will have a window on the side, jump through it and bolt both doors shut. Move around by the window in order to provoke Nick & Laird into charging you, then stay by the window right of the door. Once you hear them hit the door, jump through the window and run right to the overwatch station on the cliffside. Shimmy left across the cliff, dropping down and facing the log here. Start walking across the log, recovering your stamina as you do so. Wait for the arrow to hit the log in front of you, sprinting as you get closer to it. The very second you can move left, do so. Stick to the right side of the cliff, as far right as you can without getting caught up on anything. You'll get behind some rocks here and find a small Scalled camp. On Normal you may have been hit by an arrow, so heal up here. This is where I unlocked:

Jump up the rocks here, the arrow flying past you will never hit you. Run down the path on the right, sticking to the left but not far enough to get caught up on a cactus. At the end of the path climb up onto the rocks, grabbing the bandages on the right before crouching under the tree and down the cliff to get a hug from a Scalled. Use your cn_RS to wiggle out of his grasp and run straight, sliding down the slippery slope that accurately represents Blake's life until crashing into some barbed wire. You'll be tossed into another cutscene which ends in you mashing cn_X to escape. Once you're standing again look to the left and pick up the batteries from the satchel before taking your camera out and walking left to the barbed wire trap. Film it for Recording 29/50 and:

Walk back to your grave and follow it the other way (the right from where you stood upon exiting) and keep walking until you find another coffin. On the left of this corpse is Document 41/55 on a rock. Go back to your grave and find the battery satchel, then start moving forward into the dense forest. There are crawling Scalled here that can grab you, so try to avoid them as you make your way through the trees. Find the lights in the distance and move to them, crawling underneath the gate once you reach them. A few steps behind the gate you'll see Document 42/55 on a podium to the left. Move past the tents here and jump over the broken tree, walking with your camera out until you see the hanging bodies you can film for Recording 30/50. Return to the path and keep going up, climbing the rocks once you reach them. Follow the path up here, dropping down when you can and sliding when the game forces you to. Turn to the right and line up the window with the side of the cliff, making a running jump to get into the window from where you are. Once inside, pick up the foreshadowing Document 43/55 from the chair here before jumping to the top of the door and exiting this building.

Make your way up the path and start running , moving left behind the buildings and jumping up the rocks to the next path, following it up to find a rope tied around a rock. Untie it and walk down the path, finding the rope around the ground wrapped around the neck of a Scalled. Immediately after taking the rope you will be under arrow fire once again so start running, make your way behind the closest building and run back the way you came. Avoid the main path, sticking to the foliage on the right as you move around the outhouse, putting it behind you and the arrows as you run up to the next building. Stick right and move around this one as well to use it as cover, running down the path back to the shack you jumped through. Get back inside through the open window and interact with the pulley system here to bring an end to the Scalled leader. After crashing, pull out your camera and film the corpses to your right for Recording 31/50. You should also unlock:

Keep crawling until you end up on the...Roof? Roll with it, running around the outside of the structure and turn left when you can. When you see a door behind a railing, climb over the railing and go through the gated area, moving around this area you come to a metal door that's hanging open. Get inside and walk down the stairs, you may need to flick your camera on to find the door at the end of the hall. Start going down the stairs, slowing down once you see the small railing and blood. Descend down carefully, waiting to turn a corner and seeing Loutermilch coming up from the bottom. Run up the stairs and find the railing again, jumping on it so you will drop down to the landing behind Loutermilch. Run to the bottom of the stairs and turn left, taking the door outside to safety. Move diagonally in this outside area, looking down to find the trap door in the middle of this snowy field. Open it and descend down, using your night vision to move down this hallway as quickly as possible since Loutermilch will be in pursuit once again. Find the ladder at the end of this utility corridor, climbing it to find yourself in the kitchen. There may be some bandages on the left for you, then exit through the door on the right. Take out your camera and walk to the middle of the cafeteria, picking up the paper from the center table. Quickly point your camera at the wobbly wall, filming the light for Recording 32/50.

This is a weird section, mainly because this is the only point where the microphone is useful. Turn it on with cn_left and listen for Jessica's prayers. Walk around until you see the microphone peak, then find the spot the sound is coming from. Once Jessica says "Blake", "Over here" or something like that she'll disappear and appear somewhere else in this room. After finding her 3 times you'll get another transition and be thrown into chapter 3. Turn left and exit the cave, following the path and wooden stairs down to the ground before turning right and crash through the trees to find the shore. Take out your camera and find the heads buried on the beach Far Cry 3 style for Recording 33/50. Turn left and move toward the house, crawling under the porch and searching the left area for a hole in the floor where you can stand up and be in the house. On a chair in front of you will be Document 44/55, grab it before unbolting and opening the door outside. Turn left and jump over the balcony, running all the way left, dipping into the water to make your way around the rocks and getting back onto the shore. Keep running until you find a sleeping bag and Document 45/55, the only note linking the events of Outlast 2 to the first game. With that gathered, return back the way you came, going through the water and up the shore on the other side. Now we can work on something else, so put your back to the cliff and hold cn_B to crawl. Start pushing forward while crawling, never stopping and making your way around any rocks and obstacles. Keep going and don't stop until you unlock:

With your sins forgiven you'll be looking for a house to the right of the heads. Open the door to this house and climb through the window on the right, turning left and making your way up the rock face and stairs. Pull out your camera and look to the left in the distance to film the towers for Recording 34/50. At the top of the stairs start moving right, down the slope and making sure your stamina is recovered. Halfway down begin to run, jumping at the edge of the rocks to make to another platform. Move down to the left, down the path and into the front door of the cabin here. Document 46/55 will be on the table, so snatch that up before leaving the house and walking to the right from the porch. Aim your camera at the ground to film the bundle of sticks for Recording 35/50, then run to the right and into the cave here. Walk to the end of this cave, picking up Document 47/55 from the bedroll before turning around and exiting the cave again. Return to the fire and walk up to the shore near it, interacting with the raft here for a very relaxing ride down the leg. Start steering, moving your raft northeast for a few minutes. The skies will light up and a tongue will lash the water in front of you; this is the cue to start filming the fish for Recording 36/50. Start paddling on and you'll soon find yourself re-enacting a scene from Cast Away. Swim back to your raft and mash cn_X to clamber back onto it, rowing gently down the stream on the left. Avoid the rocks if you can, but all they'll do if you hit them is get you stuck for a few seconds until you paddle around them. Follow the river as it flows and you'll soon get stuck on the shoreline, mash cn_X a bit more to free yourself. Keep on rowing until you see a flaming Heretic thrown into the water from a cliff, then pull out your camera and film the floating corpses for Recording 37/50. Follow the river right, then again as it curves left. After paddling down the linear path of water you will be forced onto a rock, where you will be thrown from the raft once more and pull yourself onto shore. Move left here, past the logs on the shore until you find Document 48/55 on the ground to examine. Turn around and duck under the large tree blocking the main path, following the hill up and shimmying across the cliff face again. Take out your camera and film the bodies around the trees here for Recording 38/50 before approaching the dead tree on the left, holding cn_X to knock it down. Balance across it and move down the path, interacting with the raft to get back on it and row right. This path is very straightforward, so just keep rowing until you get to a very large and open area. The tongue will knock you off the boat again and Heretics will surround you. Run to the large facility in the distance, where you will be grabbed and dragged down into the water below.

As soon as you stand up in the pool, turn around and run! Keep running in this direction, flicking your camera on and off until you find the edge of the pool. Once you see it, jump on it and escape to put the lights back on. Go around to the right, where you should see two shower rooms. Enter the one on the left and film the bloody showerhead for Recording 39/50. Open the toilet stalls until one overflows with blood, then leave this room and follow Jessica through the locker room, leaving through the now opened door on the other side of it. Go left down this hall and up the stairs, through the door at the top and right again, following these halls around to another set of double doors and a big surprise. Turn around and run down the hall again, turning left and following this hallway as it continues to turn left. You'll soon get to a set of halls where the sprinklers start to bleed, stop here once they do. Back up to the wall and wait for a bit of blood to accumulate, then run down the hall and hit cn_B to slide. If you go far enough, you'll unlock:

If not, just try again. Follow this hall to the end, through the door on the left, and up the ladder in the left corner of this room. Once you open the trap door on the top, you should unlock:

Take the battery from the shelves on the left and leave this shack, taking your camera and looking at the Slayer song above for Recording 40/50. Go up the stairs here, going left once you reach a platform and up another set of stairs here. Turn left at the top once again, running straight and past all the creepy hanging stuff. When you reach a dead end turn right and go up the stairs, through the door and down a small set of stairs. Exit through the door in the left corner of this room, immediately turning right and walking past the vats to the wall. Turn left at the wall and walk down this room to find Document 49/55 on a corpse here. Continue into the next room and navigate around the wooden walls to the right, up the stairs and through the opening above. Go left and move through all the hooks until you reach the wall, go right and open the door here. Walk into the room to get grabbed by a very distraught man, who you should then follow into the crack in the wall, ending up back on the school. Go through the door on the right and into the computer lab, going down the 2nd row of computers and interacting with the only illuminated monitor in this aisle. Go through the prompts and leave the computer, turning around for a quick spook. Go over to the computer the body was hanging in front of and interact with this one as well. Once you go through these messages, exit the computer and whip out your camera. Film the blinking monitors for Recording 41/50. Exit through the door on the right and go left down the hall, taking another left once you reach the end. In this hall take the left passage halfway down and cross the area above the pool, moving left until you get to the stairs. Descend down, turning around as you do, and back up while facing the stairs. When the music changes and you hear Loutermilch again, start running up the stairs and through the door on the right. Run left down this hall, then take another left. Halfway down this hall you'll be grabbed and dragged under the water again.

Stand up back in the real world, exiting the trough and into the derelict building on the right. Go to the right and on the bench at the end of this room is Document 50/55, grab it and go back to the center of the room. Crawl under the debris here, quickly backing up when the Heretic drops down. Go around this area to the left and run just past the door. Wait here for one of the Heretics to bust it down, throwing him far enough into the room for you to slip past and run up the stairs. Keep your night vision on and watch the right side of this room for a gap in the wood, running through it and following it around. Jump over the obstacle in your way and go for the stairs, climbing up them and making a right, soon jumping over another desk in this hall. Make a right at the end of this hall, following it around and sprinting for the stairs in the distance. Get up them and make your way around, jumping over the pile of corpses and up the next set of stairs. Squeeze through the gap at the top and turn around, running to the shelf to push out of the way. Once you move it jump out the open window for a transition.

Shimmy across the ledge to the right until you come to another open window, which you can climb inside. Go out the door on the right and down the left hallway, stopping to film the bodies hanging from the pool room for Recording 42/50. Go down this hall on the right, then make a left, navigating around to the left again once you reach the double doors. Enter the classroom door on the right down this hallway, exiting from the door on the opposite side of the room. Approach the doors on the left, which will lock themselves as you get close. Turn around and run down this hall before turning back around and running back, opening the magically unlocked door. Start walking as you follow this hall, you'll need your stamina shortly. Walk through the open doors of the library, proceeding until Loutermilch appears in front of you. Turn on your night vision and move into the bookcases on the right, following them until you see a blockage in the path. Go left and make a sharp right once you do, following this row of books to the end, where you will take a right and a very sharp left. Go around these bookcases here, taking a left and another immediate left to find the table covered in books. Go around the table until Loutermilch appears in front of you, then turn around and run to the shelves past the table, making a right and going to the end of the shelf. Hide behind it, waiting for Loutermilch to follow you. Once he appears, go around the shelf on the left and make a right at the end, then left to end up back at the table. Go down the path Loutermilch was blocking, crawling over the stack of books to end up on the other side of the library. Get to the lights on the right, backing up into the room as you've done before. Once Loutermilch appears behind you start running, following Jessica left past the pile of books and tables and into the crawlspace between the shelves. Halfway through these shelves, you'll be snapped back to reality.

Grab the cart in this room and drag it over to the hole above the door on the right. Jump through it and move through this room, taking the stairs in the back right corner of this room. There may be some bandages on the table to the left on your way there. Go down these stairs and duck under the wood on the left, going down the passage on the right and following it until you reach a gap you can squeeze through. On the other side of this gap crouch once again to pass through the small hole near the floor, turning left once you emerge to follow this room around to some hanging bodies and Document 51/55. Go back now, turning left and interacting with the large metal door here to pull it open. Quickly squeeze through once it's open wide enough, turning right and pulling the cart from the side room next to the door in the main room for you to jump onto and over once again. You'll land directly in a Heretic den, so start running left and up the stairs immediately. When the floor curves right, drop down below and slide under the metal blocking the path here. Move left and keep climbing the stairs up, slowing down after ascending another floor. There will be a balance beam in the middle of the floor here, so carefully but quickly make your way across it. This part on Insane is extremely nerve-wracking as the beam is quite long, so just stay centered! You'll get to another platform halfway through with another beam on the right, take it to the other side and around to the left. Go up the stairs and into the door on the right, sliding down the slope and into the loving arms of Jessica.

This part is extremely difficult and requires some precision on your part, so be fast! Turn around and run down the hall on the right. Follow this hallway left, taking another left after passing through the open doors. Take a right into the bathroom here, running all the way right and into the last stall, closing it behind you. Loutermilch will come into the bathroom and begin singing a hymn; this is your cue to crawl back to the 2nd stall from the end on the other side of the bathroom. Once you reach it, stand up and wait for the song to end. Once it does, open the door and bolt outside, and run back the way you came. Upon entering the stairway you started in, run upstairs and open the door here. Go left and make a right at the end of this hall, opening the double doors and running to the right. Enter the door on the right at the end of this hallway, breathe a sigh of relief for your safety. Go out of the window on the left side of this room, shimmying across the ledge until you drop onto the ledge. Move up the stairs and jump to a small platform, shimmying across the building on the right. When you reach the end of the platform jump across to the next area. Climb up and into the building, pushing the metal cart on the left out of your way. Drop down into the hole the cart was blocking, right into another Heretic den. Turn around and get uphill, ducking down and crawling up the hill under the mine carts on the left. Once you can stand, move to the right and find a spot you can use to jump up. Duck under the wood in front of you and crawl up the slope, automatically slamming and locking the door behind you. There may be some bandages to your right, grab them if they're needed and proceed to the elevator in front of you. Hit the switch in here and turn around, walking back to the door as you see a cart break down the walls in front of you. Start running as soon as you can, past the cart and into the structure in front of you. Go down the left path and jump over the obstacle here, slide under the next one and jump over one more before running up the stairs. At the top of the steps, turn left and slide under some more rubble here. Run to the end of the floor and drop down, running on and dropping down again. Run from the ground back to the elevator, shutting the gate and descending. You'll shortly earn:

Once the elevator drops, jump to the outside of it and make your way around the other side. Crouch down and jump over the barrier as the elevator crashes behind you. Turn around and film it for Recording 43/50. Go back down the path, following the tracks as they curve right. Keep following them until a shadow darts in front you, then turn left at that intersection and move away from the tracks. At the end of this path you'll find Document 52/55 on the ground. Go back to the tracks, following them into the water. Duck under the debris and swim to the other side, popping up when you can. On the left you'll find an open door, go into it and descend down the ladder here. Walk forward once you reach the bottom, Loutermilch will run at you and collapse the cave ahead. Go down the first right path you see, filming the decorative corpses for Recording 44/50. Continue down the path, looking to the left for a hole to crawl into. Make your way through this tight passage until you come up on the other side. There may be a battery on the ground, grab it and jump up into the next area. Drop down and turn right, jumping over the wood panel here. Open the door on the left, then slowly make your way right. Keep moving until you see a door on the right, open it up and keep it opened. Move down the path past the door until you see a torch. Approach it very slowly with your camera out, stopping as soon as the progress bar starts to fill and leave it there until you get Recording 45/50. Proceed on until a Heretic jumps down in front of you; quickly turn around and run back past the door you opened, checking the wall on your left for a small gap. Get into it and stay still. The Heretic will grab you and pull you out, putting you behind him. Run past him and into the door you opened before. Close it and wait for a few moments for the Heretic to despawn. Open the door again to be greeted by a 2nd Heretic, run back to the wall crack and have this one drag you out as well. Run past him and this time run straight into the cave, past the torches and to the mine carts. Wait for the cart to stop before grabbing it and pulling it backwards, over the track switch. With the cart back, move to the right and pull the switch. Push the cart ahead now, moving it onto the other track before walking down the track it originally came from. Duck under the debris and follow the tracks, keep going straight past the torches to find Document 53/55 on the ground here. Turn around and go into the crevice on the left, looking down for the hole in the cave here. Crawl under and control your claustrophobia for this long section.

When you emerge from the other side go down the stairs on the right, at the very bottom there will be a door to open. Once you walk into the next room, film the bone structure here for Recording 46/50. Get behind this construct and squeeze through the rocks here, ducking under the stalactites and dropping into the water for a reunion with Val. Once you can move again, turn around and run into the cave behind you. Make a right when you can, flicking the camera on and off until you find the path on the left you can take. At the end of this passage make a right, sticking to the left wall and squeezing through the gap here. Once on the other side, follow the path through the cave and pass the light. Walk across this room, through the next section of cave. Walk to the back of this room, move past the sparking electrical box and use your night vision to find the hole under wooden panel dividing the wall. Look to the left while still crouched under water, waiting for Val to pass. Once he (she?) does, stand up and move to the right before interacting with the electrical switch on the wall. Turn around and go straight, ducking under the light hanging from the ceiling and moving right into the next room. Move to the center and around the structure here, interacting with another panel on the wall to flip the switch. Go back through the cave the way you came, back to the first electrical box and under the hole in the wood on the floor. Stick to the left and avoid Val as she (he?) moves around the room, past where the electrical box was sparking, and begin running down this path. Jump at the end of this cave and grab onto the wooden beam as it falls back onto the other side of the gap.

Climb up and duck under the wood, moving left and pushing the cart down the hill. Run past it, waiting by the switch for the cart to bounce back before using it. Go back to the cart and pull it back up the hill, giving it enough momentum before letting it go and waiting for it to crash into the wood barrier in front of you. Run through it and take the left path, descending the ladder when you find it. Halfway down the ladder will break, sending you to the bottom. Find your way around the wooden barrier here, running through this cave with Val in pursuit. Duck down and crawl through the first tiny opening, using whatever spare battery you have here to find your way through all the small twists and turns in the caverns, only turning it off briefly if the path is straight. Once the path splits, go down the righthand side and quickly get out from the hole.

Turn to the right and run down the cave, across the planks until they break. 2 Heretics will drop down here with you so move quickly, stick to the left path and pass the torches around the area, heading for the small fire on the shore in the distance on the right. Once on the shore move up and drop down into the next area, move around the stalagmites until you see a ladder. Turn around and walk straight from the ladder, squeezing through the gap here and moving to the left upon exiting. Read Document 54/55 from the floor here before going back through the gap and getting on the ladder in the cave. Duck under the wood here and follow this cave path to a ladder that you should climb. At the top, jump up onto the next platform above you. Jump up again and get onto the wooden beam here, balancing on it until you reach the other side. Jump up twice here, getting on another beam and following it to get back to the cave system. A short distance down this hall it will open up to a larger room with Document 55/55 on the floor to your right. This will unlock the first achievement for finishing the collectibles:

Go up the slope in this room and crouch under the stalactites, eventually falling from the cave into the Heretics drugs. Move right and stumble your way up to Lynn, only to be grabbed and ridden by Val. Your mind takes you to a happier place, where Jessica was dominating you instead. Follow her throughout the school hallways until an even scarier version of Loutermilch takes you into his room and does a great job of skeeving someone out more than any gory torture porn ever could. When he kicks you out of the room, run left to the doors. Once Jessica starts screaming turn around and run back, following them through the classroom and corridor until you reach the stairs and everything falls into place. You'll come back to reality once again, with the followers of Knoth slaughtering the Heretics. As soon as you can, turn and run from the pious group of loving men and use your light to find the turns in the cave. Once you drop down you'll be safe, so make your way along the path lit by flames here. After ascending a very long staircase, you'll be reunited with your wife at least, but more importantly get:

Upon getting back outside with Lynn at your side point your camera at the sun to start filming Recording 47/50. Follow the path down and around to the left, sticking to the linear path as lightning strikes around you and you cross a wooden bridge. Move left past the stone circle, approaching the house for another display of why Blake is not winning any husband of the year awards. When Marta approaches and you get up with Lynn again run to the right, going around the wall and taking a right into the next room. Go up the stairs and around the houses, making a left after entering the 2nd house. Go into the next room for another pretty satisfying scene. Take Lynn again and continue down the path, beset on both sides by trees. When lightning strikes and starts a fire in front of you move to the left, picking up the path. You'll shortly come to a gate with a wooden archway over it, take out your camera and film the distant lightning strikes for Recording 48/50. Move through the field and cemetery, up the stairs on the left and through the path. Go up some more stairs and into the church, approaching the rack as the cutscenes take over. After the scenes, pull out your camera and film the body in front of you for Recording 49/50. Go out the front door of the church, following the path down the hill. You'll come to the town square with the well in the center, surrounded by corpses. Pull out your camera and record this scene for both achievements with Recording 50/50:

Walk around the bodies for another big blast of light and a trip back to your happy place. Run around the hallways, following Jessica's voice until you find her in the kitchen freezer. Grab her hand to end the game, this will grant you:

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