4. Outlast 2 Insane playthrough

While the majority of the story walkthrough on the previous page can be used here, I will highlight the instances which are much more difficult on Insane. For one, your battery use must be absolutely bare bones minimum. Flick the night vision on and off in certain tough situations. If no enemies or environmental hazards are around, navigate the area blind. Practice the below areas on Nightmare MULTIPLE times before trying an Insane run. Weave the sections below into your memory and keep your senses sharp throughout the whole game. Below is a video which showcases all the "dangerous" parts and is certainly worth a watch before playing:

Marta's Vineyard

Yes, the very first Marta encounter is tougher right off the bat. Due to increased enemy speed you can no longer simply run by her. Walk ahead until she sees you, then back up until you can juke left and around the shed before running straight for the floor crevice, sliding from a run instead of crawling through the gap.

Back to School 1

In your first real journey back to the school (after Val licks your face) you can save a ton of time and battery by running forward before the flash dissipates. This allows you to see the door in front of you and to the right and open it. This prevents you from stumbling around in this confusing room and forcing unnecessary battery usage.

Square Dance

This part is when you're in Temple Gate Square, after moving the bookshelf and looking for the generator to restart the elevator. Normally, running past the enemies and up the stairs to the generator will work but that is no longer the case due to the inclusion of a second enemy descending the stairs in the barn. So sneak past the woman in the middle of the road and sprint to the right side of the house, peeking around the corner until the guy walks out of the house you're hiding behind and across the road to a basement door. Sprint up the hill and immediately turn right to avoid the guy leaving the barn, then hold cn_B to go prone under the wagon here. The new enemy will come down the stairs and walk along the right side of the cart, allowing you to slowly come out on the left side and sneak up the stairs to the generator without being spotted.

After the generator is on you can avoid the knife wielding woman as usual, but avoiding Marta got a whole lot harder. Get down to the square (past where the guy yells about Marta and runs into the house) and wait near the top of the hill. Marta will see you and start coming for you, now you must wait until she's committed to walking up the right side of the fence to come for you and make a run for the elevator. Run too early and she'll cut you off, grabbing you with ease. Make a run too late and she will jump you from behind. This is a very tricky part, so practice this checkpoint numerous times on Nightmare. I'd wait for her, make a run for it, and let her kill me after I reach the elevator so I could perfect the movement.

All the Boys in the Yard

The yard chase is very similar up until the end, as another enemy is present here. After being punched down the stairs run through and under the houses until the ceiling collapses. Run to the end of the hall but instead of waiting to the left of the door for the enemy to come through, hide under the bed to the right of the door. Wait until the enemy walks into the room before leaving your hiding place and going down the stairs, immediately hiding under the bed down here as well. The new enemy will emerge from the door you're supposed to go through, so wait for him to make his way up the stairs. Once he's out of sight leave the bed and enter the door, closing and locking it behind you. Push the shelf out of the way and continue as usual.

Marta Carta

The first meaty challenge of the game comes after going through the window and moving the cart to the fence as Marta chases you. Her speed means you have to react quickly and put objects between you two, since outrunning her isn't much of an option. Push the cart forward until the game forces you to stop, then quickly turn around and slide under the fence on the left. Wait here, close enough to the hole to see her but not close enough to be attacked. The moment she moves out of view, leave and start pushing again. The difference occurs at this point, when she uses her scythe to break a section of fence to your right. As soon as she attacks the fence, turn around and run. Run to the end of the fence, around the building, taking every left you can and avoiding getting caught on barrels or fences. Run through the hole in the fence she created and grab the cart, immediately pushing it up to the gate. This should have given you enough time to jump on the cart and over the fence before she catches up to you.

Downhill From Here

In the confessional after the torture scene, the game gets a bit broken on Insane. The moment Blake says "Mines" leave the confessional and start running. Throw the door open as quickly as possible before running down the hill. Hold cn_X as soon as you get the prompt to grab onto the door and push it open. The very moment the door because open wide enough to squeeze through, let go and get inside. Run around the shelves and make sure you remember the door is on the left, slamming outside and up the tower to escape the enemies. They key is to practice just how much you need to open the door, as taking an extra second to push the door open too long will kill you.

Great Arrows of Fire

Every encounter with Nick & Laird needs to be rehearsed better than a performance of Macbeth that will be attended by a casting director, but this one is especially tough since it's very inconsistent. Simply running by them no longer works, as you always get hit and an arrow hit on Nightmare and above is an instant death. After retrieving your glasses move ahead until they spawn in, then turn tail and run behind the wall and conceal yourself in some grass. Inch forward until you're underneath the tent. Once you are and they've passed you, move out and start running right through the forest and left to the cabin. You may get spotted lying stationary in the grass or after tapping up on your left stick, this one is a really awful section.

Shooting Gallery

While I explained what to do in the main walkthrough, it needs to be re-emphasized here. It took me hours to perfect this section, and it will take the same for you. After coming out of the closet after Loutermilch chases you into a locker, exit the room and follow these instruction exactly:

Leave this room to be greeted by an arrow, so get moving! Go left and open the window in the living room, jumping through it. Make your way left around the house, using night vision to see the traps in the trees as you run through them. The house on your left will have a window on the side, jump through it and bolt both doors shut. Move around by the window in order to provoke Nick & Laird into charging you, then stay by the window right of the door. Once you hear them hit the door, jump through the window and run right to the overwatch station on the cliffside. Shimmy left across the cliff, dropping down and facing the log here. Start walking across the log, recovering your stamina as you do so. Wait for the arrow to hit the log in front of you, sprinting as you get closer to it. The very second you can move left, do so. Stick to the right side of the cliff, as far right as you can without getting caught up on anything. You'll get behind some rocks here and find a small Scalled camp.

Jump up the rocks here, the arrow flying past you will never hit you. Run down the path on the right, sticking to the left but not far enough to get caught up on a cactus. At the end of the path climb up onto the rocks, grabbing the bandages on the right before crouching under the tree and down the cliff to get a hug from a Scalled. Use your cn_RS to wiggle out of his grasp and run straight, sliding down the slippery slope that accurately represents Blake's life until crashing into some barbed wire.

The Final Marta

While everything else (Loutermilch in the toilets, the library, the chases in the mines, Val's cave) should all be practiced repeatedly you won't see any deviations from normal...Not until the end, when you pick Lynn up from the mattress in the basement during the storm. The strategy is simple, just wait a few moments before running around the barrier to ensure Marta follows you instead of cutting you off. With that, the rest is very simple.

Completion of this intense mode will grant you the following:


Finish the game in under 4 hours

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableTime/Date


Finish the game in Insane Mode without reloading the camera battery

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificMissable


Finish the game in Insane Mode

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificStackable


Finish the game in Nightmare Mode

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificStackable


Finish the game in Hard Mode

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificStackable

Congratulations, as this is not an easy completion by any means!

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