5. Outlast The Hard PartUpdate notes

Do not read this page before you've completed the game. You can't really do any of this until after you've completed it anyway, so come back later.

You have two choices now. Go for all the remaining achievements at once, or spread them out. Whichever way you decide to do it, study this outstanding video from AlfaFoxWulf (make sure to give him a Thumbs Up, this video is pretty essential):

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He outlines the perfect way to proceed through the game to get the remaining achievements in one go (again, I say one go, but chances are it'll take you several goes). If you decide to spread them out and do the Claustrophobe achievement first, this means you always have the option of hiding during your Insane run if things go wrong.


To unlock this achievement, you need to complete the game without once hiding anywhere. This can be done on any difficulty, so do it on Normal if you plan on multiple playthroughs here. The only real danger points here are:

a) In the Security Room right at the start. Check the above video at 3:30 to find the best way to avoid the hits. It involves kneeling under the hinge to the left of the door and rushing past the enemy. It's a very easy and excellent way to leave this room without hiding. It's possibly the only way to get out of this room without hiding...

b) When the Doctor is checking on his patient, hide in one of the dark corners next to the double doors. This can also be seen on the above video, at 24:00

But again, if you're playing on Normal, there's no worries as you can just continue from the previous checkpoint. If you're playing on Insane, well, better practice these bits on Normal first...

Successful completion of the game without hiding will unlock:

Lunatic & Energiser

Both of these should be done together as there's not really much point in splitting them up. Again, watch the video above and follow everything he does carefully. If you've already done Claustrophobe, that means you can hide in the Security Room at the start to avoid the danger here. However, with the Doctor it's worth hiding in the corner instead of under the bed anyway as it gives you much more time to get away.

Remember, there are no saves or checkpoints on Insane, so don't lose patience. Don't try to rush anything or it will cost you. If you make a stupid mistake, it's best to leave the game for another time as you're more likely to take risks or rush around after, which will just annoy you more as you get killed.

You can also improve your chances by upping the Gamma in the game's options, and playing around with your TV's picture settings so the dark bits aren't quite as dark. However, the pitch black bits in the game will still be pitch black regardless of what you do.

Never press the Y button. You'll kick yourself if you do.

On successful completion of the game, you will unlock:

And that's it! Congratulations on your 1000G!

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