Over G Fighters

Xbox 360

Over G Fighters Achievements

Most Earned

Reward 1 of ScenarioMode
Reward 1 of ScenarioMode25 (25)Welcome to "Over G"! You earned "F-14A". Earn all achievements clearing various missions from now.
Reward 4 of ScenarioMode
Reward 4 of ScenarioMode27 (25)Cleared submission (air to surface) in Area 2 of ScenarioMode and earned "F-16C".
Reward 2 of ScenarioMode
Reward 2 of ScenarioMode32 (25)Cleared key mission in Area 2 of ScenarioMode and earned "A-10A".
Reward 5 of ScenarioMode
Reward 5 of ScenarioMode39 (25)Cleared key mission in Area 3 of ScenarioMode and earned "F-15J".

Least Earned

Premium reward 6
Premium reward 6281 (30)Defeated F-15J 305 sqd. in ChallengeMode (BigBoss) and earned "F-15J (305 sqd.)".
Premium reward 7
Premium reward 7227 (30)Defeated F-15J GoldenEagles in ChallengeMode (BigBoss) and earned "F-15J(Golden Eagles)".
Premium reward 8
Premium reward 8226 (30)Defeated F-2B F.T.SQ in ChallengeMode (BigBoss) and earned "F-2B F.T.SQ".
Premium reward 1
Premium reward 1214 (30)Defeated Ryoji in ChallengeMode (BigBoss) and earned "F-15DJ (aggressor)".
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