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    Released in June 2006 and developed by the Taito Corporation (you know the guys who made that little known arcade game 'Space Invaders') and published by Ubisoft 'Over G Fighters' attempted to fill the gap of Aerial Combat games for the 360, Blazing Angels being the only alternative at the time.

    When it hit the scene, Over G received almost all negative reviews, critics tore the game apart slating every single aspect of the game. They emphasized it's lack of viable storyline, it's tired blurry graphics, it's glitchy controls, it's steep learning curve, and it's repetitive nature. It seems to me that these reviewers simply did not have the patience for this game and played it for half an hour before spewing out their premature conclusions. This game has an excellent combat system, very realistic physics and great graphics for it's time, and with some perseverance I guarantee you will begin to love it.

    Over G appeals to gamers who are after a more 'simulated' and challenging flying game, and with this comes a sense of elitism and pride. I would not recommend this game for casual gamers or achievement whores, but I highly recommend it to any aerial combat fan with a little skill and commitment in them.
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    The story is somewhat lacking, in fact it's almost none-existent, it is commendable however that they use all real life names of all aircraft, weapons and even all the locations in the world are real places.
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    The aircraft, weapon, and wingman selection screen coupled with the realistic feel of the pre-mission prep can be very fulfilling, although it is spoiled by the cartoonish appearance of the debriefing animation.

    The missions begin as short dogfights, usually shooting down a few enemies and it's mission complete. At first this seems ridiculous and far too easy to make sense, but the game soon builds up to larger and longer conflicts involving air, ground and sea targets. These later missions can become quite difficult and they require good planning beforehand, you must think carefully about your weapons and wingman choices.

    During missions you have full control of your aircraft, you have 4 views to select from, inside your cockpit looks great, but also outside, in third person, can help with avoiding missiles.
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    You have full weapon selection and speed control, do not use afterburners all the time or you may run out of fuel! You can, during most missions, choose to land and a restock on ammo and fuel, although I have played 4 campaigns and never needed to do this. You can also control your wingman, with 5 specific commands, your wingman actually does respond to these commands and you should remember to use him/her at all times. During missions you will have to prioritize targets and become one with your aircraft. If you learn the controls to a tea and remain patient this game will reward you with great combat experiences and a great sense of accomplishment.


    There are only 38 achievements, the first set are known simply as 'Rewards' and are unlocked by completing main and optional side missions during the campaign known as 'Scenario mode'. You'll be unlocking various new aircraft as you unlock achievements such as:
    Over G FightersReward 1 of ScenarioModeThe Reward 1 of ScenarioMode achievement in Over G Fighters worth 25 pointsMeet certain conditions in Area 1 of ScenarioMode to earn this achievement.

    Over G FightersReward 2 of ScenarioModeThe Reward 2 of ScenarioMode achievement in Over G Fighters worth 32 pointsMeet certain conditions in Area 2 of ScenarioMode to earn this achievement.

    After your first playthrough you can revisit certain critical missions with all your unlocked aircraft for the 'Special Reward' achievements, the easiest of these is:
    Over G FightersSpecial reward 1of ScenarioModeThe Special reward 1of ScenarioMode achievement in Over G Fighters worth 95 pointsPlay well in ScenarioMode to earn this achievemet.

    and the hardest:
    Over G FightersSpecial reward 6 of ScenarioModeThe Special reward 6 of ScenarioMode achievement in Over G Fighters worth 120 pointsPlay well in ScenarioMode to earn this achievemet.

    To unlock Hell difficulty for the remaining campaign achievements you have to complete the game through on Expert. Once you have done this you can begin your Hell playthrough which only includes the 8 main missions of the campaign. Hell difficulty however is extremely arduous because you are restricted to using the F-1 aircraft, which has limited weapons, limited manoeuvring capabilities and is a pig of plane. These achievements are known as the 'Rare Rewards' and will unlock after every main mission you complete, the end achievement being:
    Over G FightersRare reward 7 of ScenarioModeThe Rare reward 7 of ScenarioMode achievement in Over G Fighters worth 193 pointsPlay very well in ScenarioMode to earn this achievement.

    Achievements in the Challenge mode can be completed at any time. You are building your rank up as you find and destroy various 'Boss' aircraft in an 'arena' type mode, and if you fail and die you will lower your rank so it's best wait until you have a good grasp of the game before going for them. The simplest of these achievements, known as the 'Premium Rewards' is:
    Over G FightersPremium reward 5The Premium reward 5 achievement in Over G Fighters worth 133 pointsMeet certain conditions in ChallengeMode to earn this achievement.

    which requires the downing of some specific aircraft to unlock a specific Boss enemy then downing that enemy in a kind of one-on-one dogfight.
    Once you have unlocked the first five Premium Rewards you can then focus on building your rank up to ultimate and going for the 6th Premium Reward to shoot down the F-2 FT Squadron, unlocking:
    Over G FightersPremium reward 8The Premium reward 8 achievement in Over G Fighters worth 238 pointsMeet certain conditions in ChallengeMode to earn this achievement.

    After all of these are unlocked you can go for the final achievement which may take some time to grind in multiplayer, or even longer in the arena mode. You have to reach the third highest rank of 'Predator or Best Guy' and then defeat the final Big Boss to unlock:
    Over G FightersPremium reward 6The Premium reward 6 achievement in Over G Fighters worth 294 pointsMeet certain conditions in ChallengeMode to earn this achievement.

    Do not let these inflated ratios put you off this game, many off these achievements have simply not been attempted by all the casual gamers who mistakenly stumbled upon this game and didn't have the patience to finish it. With a some perseverance this game will be yours to command.
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    In conclusion this game is not for the faint-hearted and, although there are some flaws, it will appeal to any good aerial combat fan or any fan of a good challenge.
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    Shadow 00 FoxPretty good review--I must admit, I never thought the graphics were a problem, because I grew up with old-school flight sims. smile The skill and challenge was always in the tactics, not the visuals, who cares if it was a flying box on the screen, it might shoot you down, so DIE!!!
    For this game, I got frustrated on I believe the 4th mission, and left it for a year. I came back, and loved it the rest of the way. It's definitely challenging, but if you're a hardcore fighter pilot, this is a tremendous game. And, maybe I'll find the time to go back and finish writing solutions for those multiplayer bosses. wink
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 05 Oct 14 at 06:46
    Boots OrionGlad to see this reviewed.

    An interesting side point about this game is that it is regarded by actual fighter pilots as the most realistic flying sim out there. When I got this game a few years ago, I remember that there were several boards and forums out there that were devoted to this game and frequented by actual fighter pilots. No clue if they are still active though.
    Posted by Boots Orion on 05 Oct 14 at 21:37
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    Where to start...
    Well the controls on this game are very poor, hard to handle the planes. Sometimes when you want to fire your weapon it won't let you which half the time you end up failing the missions cos the enemy will destroy you.
    The story if there is suppose to be one is very weak so be prepared to be bored. I had more fun looking at my toilet roll that's how bad and boring it is.

    For achievements 3/4 of them are easy to get just go through the story mode twice. Just make sure you stack up on spare controllers cos you will end up like me breaking a few :(

    If you do pick it up test it on a dummy account first to see what you think.

    Overall it's not worth your money and time