Overwatch: Origins Edition

Xbox One

Overwatch: Origins Edition Achievements

Most Earned

Can't Touch This22 (20)Prevent the attacking team from touching the payload for 1 minute in Quick or Competitive Play.
Level 1022 (20)Reach level 10.
Decorated22 (20)Earn 50 postgame medals in Quick or Competitive Play.
The Friend Zone23 (20)Play a Quick or Competitive Play game in a group with a friend.

Least Earned

Cratered275 (15)Hit 6 enemies with a single use of Doomfist's Meteor Strike in Quick or Competitive Play.
Air Strike175 (15)Get a killing blow with Doomfist's full-power Seismic Slam in Quick or Competitive Play.
Halt State157 (15)Pull enemies into 1000 damage with a single use of Orisa's Halt! in Quick or Competitive Play.
Rapid Discord84 (15)Get 4 kills or assists with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord within 6 seconds in Quick or Competitive Play.
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Overwatch: Origins Edition New Game Mode Revealed - Deathmatch

In a new developer update video from Blizzard Entertainment, the team behind popular first-person shooter Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan reveals a new game mode that will be making its way to the Arcade very soon.

Posted 9 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 14 comments

Summer Games 2017 is Coming to Overwatch

Game Director Jeff Kaplan is known for constantly feeding information to gamers via developer updates. This time around he reveals new information regarding the upcoming event, Summer Games 2017.

Posted 19 days ago by Will Cruz, 10 comments

Overwatch Summer Games May Be Returning For 2017

We have just picked up the achievement list for Overwatch: Origins Edition - Summer Games. There are 3 achievements worth a total of 45 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Posted 25 days ago by Jack Watling, 11 comments

Doomfist Smashes Into Overwatch Next Week

Blizzard revealed a new hero called Doomfist. His rising uppercut and meteor strike were showcased to gain a bit of a buzz. Today, Blizzard gave gamers a look at the development of Doomfist and when he’ll make his debut.

Posted 1 month ago by Will Cruz, 24 comments

Overwatch Officially Announces Doomfist

After being imprisoned for years by Overwatch and finally breaking free, Doomfist is one of the Talon leaders who believes that humanity only grows stronger through conflict.

Posted 1 month ago by Gabriel Kreulen, 26 comments

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