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    PAC-MAN Museum is an excellent game to have in your collection if your a fan of retro arcade games but especially if your a PAC-MAN fan like me, but NOT if your an obsessive completest (also like me lol) as this game has some of the most grueling XBLA achievements I've seen since Perfect Dark (Crowning Glory - 5g), Serious Sam HD: TSE (Coin-op Co-op - 15g) and my all time most epic bloody fingers grind (literally) Trials Evolution. I've taken to calling this game "The PAC-MAN Completes Collection Killer" and On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this games difficulty a 9 to 9.5. I've always enjoyed playing PAC-MAN, I have so much PAC-merch in my apartment its silly! even the original NES Tengen cart! The point is, I've played alot of PAC-MAN in my life, and this game is making me feel a n00b at least 20 times a session.. So I turned to TA guides and youtube videos and discovered that there are an incredible amount of patterns that can be practiced and performed that will make you look god-like in the eyes of a struggling gamer. At this point, I have never been better at playing PAC-MAN than I am now, yet this game is so relentlessly demanding that my new found skills are still not enough to seal the deal. Even though I am getting pwned consistantly, I find myself still having the time of my life playing it! Dont get me wrong, I love a good challenge and welcome them most of the time (getting "Titans" like this completed once in a while gives me an excuse for having Hannah Montana Completed lol) I'm just making sure that I make it very clear in my review that this is a PAC-MAN fans dream game if your just looking to have insane fun, but for achievement hunters - it is for PAC-ELITES only. I WILL complete this game in the end, I have to! But it goes for everyone who plays this game when I say = If you challenge the complete in this title, you'll either be beaten and give-up after total demoralization, or you will complete it and become a true PAC-MAN expert in every sense of the word! PAC-MAN Museum features 9 PAC-MAN based games in one collection spanning from the original PAC-MAN (1980) to the more recent PAC-MAN: Championship Edition (2007). I was a little bummed out that the PAC-MAN WORLD series wasnt included but I'm not complaining at all anymore since this game has managed to provide me with hours of hectic fun, aswel as a handsome collection of almost all the PAC-MAN games up to Championship Edition, on top of the fact that it has presented me with one of greater challenges I've faced as a gamer. So with that said, the $19.99 pricetag that I had a hard time paying for retro arcade games turned out to be well worth it. My only complaints aside from having my liver handed to me repeatedly is that there is no option to change your screen size in any of the games, so regardless of the size of your TV you will be playing the game on a screen roughly 60% it's size. And also, I wasn't impressed to find out that PAC-MAN Museum players on STEAM and PC will apparently have the ability to save progress at any point mid-game, in any of the 9 games... yeah, that broke my heart... But aside from those issues I rate this game a 4 out of 5. I should also mention before ending this review that MS. PAC-MAN was included for free with the purchase of this game, however it was a DLC item added to the museum games and NOT the XBLA version of MS. PAC-MAN. The complete list of games included are = PAC-MAN, Super PAC-MAN, PAC & PAL, PAC-ATTACK, PAC-LAND, PAC-MAN Arrangement, PAC-MAN BATTLE ROYALE, PAC-MANIA, PAC-MAN: Championship Edition And The MS. PAC-MAN DLC Pack.
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    Tasty PastrySome very useful information in here, but since it's a wall of text it's extremely hard to read.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 08 Jul 14 at 14:34
    Darklord1899Excellent review as with the other person the wall of text has put me off somewhat. Thanks for the save info and the achievement info.
    I liked and played all the games so I might have to have a think about buying this game in a sale.
    Posted by Darklord1899 on 22 Jul 15 at 08:00