Project Gotham Racing 3 Reviews

  • SuperEboySuperEboy133,056
    24 Sep 2014 24 Sep 2014
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    Even though this game was one of the earlier releases for the Xbox 360, PGR3 has some guts -- especially when compared to other racers of the time.

    It's easy for many gamers to run this game along side any of the Gran Turismo [PS3] series. In many ways it's proper to do so, but PGR3 did offer some things that may have been overly engineered in other realistic racing games.

    One thing that's nice about the game is that you can tell its developers had fun making it -- I remember hearing "Night on Bare Mountain" by Mussorgsky for the first time while racing. It's hard not to smile when you're listening to classical music as you race -- and I think developers probably thought it was funny as well.

    The game stays incredibly linear, removing any "city dwelling" that other racing games (Night Club, Need For Speed) felt the need to include. PGR3 is also pretty minimalistic -- while there's an impressive list of cars you can purchase, they aren't near expansive as other games. [As a Lamborghini fanboy, I was pretty much set once I saw the Gallardo was on there, though.] So if you're looking to make a replica of the Toyota Corolla you drove through your senior year of high school, you may find yourself pretty disappointed in this limited selection.

    In many ways, I found that PG3 was a happy-medium between realistic and over-simplistic racing games. The controls weren't near as sensitive as Gran Turismo [PS3], but not as forgiving as games like Mario Kart [Wii]. In short, you can't play the game without becoming well acquainted with the brake pedal button.

    Being as I've become a fanboy of XBLA, it was refreshing to see that demos of Geometry Wars (1 and "2") are included in the game. (If you actually do your research, you'll see that Geometry Wars originated from these games.)

    All in all, considering that a few online features to date [September 2014] have been removed, the game is a great party addition. The simplicity, yet occasional challenge, matched what I feel is acceptable in a racing game. If you see this guy in a bargain bin, I'd strongly consider picking it up. [The menu screen and music was oddly nostalgic.]
  • G01dustG01dust163,861 163,861 GamerScore
    27 Jul 2010
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    Great arcade style racing game. Didnt know how much i would like it but decided to buy it anyways. Glad i did and ive loved the series ever since. It has a great selection of cars,beautiful graphics and great controls. Achievements wise there are some tuff ones which include the platinum medal you need to get ingame and also the one i had the most problem with. Qualify for the online tournment. I managed to get 1000/1000 on this game and im very proud of it.

    What can i say its a great game. Go pick up and im sure you can get a great deal on it since its been out for a while. If you are looking for more online play and motorcycle then check out PGR4.Another great game. Just check both of them out.
  • halodeathbringahalodeathbringa80,127
    12 Jun 2009
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    If your a first time racing game buyer, don't buy this, at all. Why? It will send you to sleep. The reason behind it? Career mode is mainly challenges that require you to get X amount of Kudos, which you earn from doing drifts and power braking and such, theres races, but if you play on Novice (like me) the game is just too easy, and if you put it on hardcore, the game just becomes frustraiting when your in last place with the guys 30 seconds ahead of you at the START of the race.

    The inbetween difficulties are nearly the same as novice for me, except that when you look at the map with each up the guys get slightly closer towards you, On easy theri 1 minute behind, on Normal their about 45, and on hard their 15 seconds behind your guy most of the time, which still makes the game dull because you have 15 seconds relax time, so if you screw up you can get your car going while still being 10 seconds ahead of the guys, which takes all of the fun out of the game, it will be more of a "make sure you turn the car every once in awhile" affair. I for one have not been able to play this online, but it would probably be a better Career mode, making it worthy to play. The graphics are great, nice to look at and the sounds are note-worthy too.

    One of the biggest perks of this game is well, Geometry Wars 1+2 in your garages, its probably the thing I played the most in the game. Theres alot of cars in this game, so if your a car buff you'd love it, but if you don't know anything about cars, you'll more than likely just buy the coolest looking one that you can find, but is really worse then the car that costs 1/2 that but costs alot less.

    The game has quite a few good points too it (Geometry Wars, awsome graphics, awsome cars, fun races if you go slower than the norm) but the bad out weighs the good to me. (Theres a wide differnce between Hard mode and hardcore mode, You'll ALWAYS be in first for 9/10 of the game, cool looking cars are worse then the ugly ones.) Another really cool feature of the game though, is Gotham TV, which allows you to watch other people in Xbox Live, play the game and see how the race (maybe even improve your own style because of it too) which is nice if you want some downtime in between too easy races, and Geometry wars.