Project Gotham Racing 4 Reviews

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    Project Gotham Racing 4 Review

    Introduction wink
    This is a review of Project Gotham Racing 4, an X-Box 360 exclusive racing game from Bizzare Creations. As you can see, this is already the fourth game of this series, so there was PGR3 also on X-Box 360 and PGR 1/2 on the X-Box. All those titles were very decent arcade racing games so expectations were high.

    Graphics shock
    The graphics of that game are really beautiful. All the cars are original and they also look so, very detailed and clean, you can also play in-car camera and there the cars are decent not more not less. Nevertheless the cars graphics can not compete with a game like Forza 3.
    But therefore the graphics of the tracks are very good, all the tracks are living so you have people standing at the outside supporting you with your national flag and the entire track design is very various. You drive in places all over the world like London, New York and Shanghai and many more. And all that places look very differently but beautiful. This game does also have dynamic weather effects, it is the only racing game on X-Box 360 which has such a feature. So you have rain and also snow and this effects are really nice, you can see the reflections on the streets and with snow the entire track is white. So overall the graphics are really nice, but in rare cases there are some slowdowns when there is really action on the screen, like having all eight cars on the screen while driving through a puddle.

    Overall Graphic: 8 from 10

    Sound music
    The most important thing about sounds in a racing game are the engine sounds of the cars and the bikes. And I can tell you, they are really felicitous. All the cars sound differently and fit to the responsive engine, so for example the F50 is very high frequented while the Viper sounds very violent. I am not an expert, but I think that they have done a great job there.
    This game does also have normal soundtrack, which contains various track with all types of music from pop to classic so there will be music for every one. I personally turn the music off in racing games to only the engines so I do not take car of soundtrack so much.

    Overall Sound: 9 from 10

    Game play roll
    PGR4 is an arcade racing game so you should not expect very realistic handling of the cars like in the Forza Motorsport series. But nevertheless the cars handle well you will be able to handle them when you first play this game. All the cars have a handling difficulty from easy to insane and you can be sure recognizing the differences. Easy cars are easy to handle, well you can full throttle any time and you will still be able to control that car perfectly. The harder the car rating gets the more carefully you have to drive, so the car ratings are like the driving helps in other racing games.
    Most racing games contain only cars, but we also have bikes here. Although the bikes handling is completely different you are also able to control them easily. But the bikes are only a nice extra, most of the time you will find yourself driving a car.
    Kudos, when you have ever played a Project Gotham Racing game you should know what this is. Kudos are like a reward system while you are racing, you will get kudos for racing clean and taking turns well and also for style moves like drifting, jumping, making wheelies and things like this. So this is also a pretty nice feature since it is an arcade racer.
    So after all the game play is like you would expect it from an arcade game, easy and good to learn but a bit to simple as the damage system which is only optical and not very good.

    Overall Game play: 7 from 10

    Game design clap

    Single player
    All modern racing games have some kind of story, where you always start as newcomer only to fight your way to top of the best, number one of the leader board. And you will find exactly that in the Gotham Career Mode, where you have seasons in which you can choose from certain events depending from your rang. Such an event always consists of different races. And that is a very positive aspect about that game, you will not only drive the classic street racers where you have to be the first out of eight but there are many other game types. Sometimes you have to do many style moves and then you have to navigate through a cone parkour and then you have to overtake as many cars as possible and then and then and then. So this game really offers you a huge variousity of game types and it will not become boring very fast. And you can make sure that it will always be a challenge by choosing one of three difficulties.
    Beside that career mode you will also find a classic arcade mode where you can earn medals for accomplish certain races and challenges. This is also a lot of fun and you can aim for sheer perfection by completing every arcade chapter with a platinum medal.
    Besides that you can also just set up a custom race or do hot laps run.
    You will earn kudos in every race you finish which you can spend in buying new cars and tracks from a shop, but this is really simple as you can only but certain packages of cars or tracks. The content in that aspect is good, you will find various cars from the Mini Cooper to the F50 and the cars are separated in classes depending on the performance. Also the choice of tracks was done very wisely as there are tracks all around world and not to less of them and with the dynamic weather feature each track will become a unique experience.

    Also the multiplayer part of the game is not neglected, you can do the classic races alone or within a team, you can choose whether to only drive one race or an entire championship and you can choose a simulation option. All those types have a matchmaking system.
    If you have a group of people can also set up custom races in which can choose any game type and tweak a lot.
    In addition the game also offers you daily tournaments where you have to drive a fast lap and if you were fast enough will be set within a cup seeding where you have to face other drivers.
    Certainly you will also find leader boards and you can share pictures which you have done in the photo modus as well as videos with the entire world.

    Overall the game design is pretty well and offers you a lot, it will take some to complete this game and then you can still find yourself doing some online races.

    Overall Game design: 9 from 10

    ------------------------------------------- wave

    When you have an X-Box 360 and not totally dislike anything that has to de with cars you should make sure not to miss that game. You will like the uncomplicated action and it will keep you entertained.

    Overall Game Rating: 33 from 40
    4 STARS Rating

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    The good:

    * Gorgeous environments
    * Fun driving model and spot-on control
    * Rain effects are the best of the new weather effects
    * Buying items with kudos is a nice incentive for driving with style.

    The bad:

    * Motorcycles seem overpowered
    * No reason to use underpowered cars in most events.

    There's plenty of easily colour-customizable vehicles to choose from, Arcade mode for showing your skills off in the leaderboards, with multiple difficulty levels; from "Steel" being for rewcomers to the game up to "Platinum" for the real experts behind the wheel. The tracks dont particularly get boring either, as i anticipated.. With some easy to manuvuer and others being challenging to master laps. This game is a great for play about racing with a friend, especially if you enjoy racing games then this is for you.

    The other big improvement over PGR3 is in the tracks. For starters, they're far more detailed, with the spectators, flags and extra buildings giving each city the sense that it's actually a city, and not some race-track with a few polygonal buildings straddling either side. They're also a lot more exciting, with big jumps and better corners for drifting.

    More on bikes: They're a neat introduction, but to be honest, felt they controlled a bit...Funny. But it is great racing against them in a car, because while they can weave through traffic easier you can mow them down and smack the rider off their bike, knocking them out of the running

    Downloadable Content
    Free Challenge Pack (Free)
    Hydrogen-Powered 2007 Peugeot Flux, is a great little car that comes with this, Plus, you’ll get two new game modes-one of them is the Tourist Mode, which lets you tool around any city in the game checking out sights with your friends (Free Roam Type Thing). Or play Free Roam Cat and Mouse, where a slow mouse vehicle must avoid enemy cats. And you add another 10 achievements. Get more racing fun for the best price-free!

    Premium Challenge Pack (400 points)
    For a small fee of 400 Points, gives you seven new cars, the 2008 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Concept, 2007 Volkswagen Golf GTI W12-650, 2007 Peugeot Flux, 1987 BMW M3 E30 DTM, 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia, 2008 Honda S2000 CR, and 2008 Callaway C16 Speedster. You get three new bikes-the 2007 Yamaha YZF-R1, 1995 Aprilia RS 250, and 1998 Aprilia RSV 1000 Tuono R for all your automobilic needs!

    Overall i give it a 3.5/5
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    In this game you can ride on various cars and bikes. You can play in Single player or Multiplayer with friends. Also you can play on Xbox Live. This game has great graphics and AI. Soundtrack is very good. You can hear Hip-hop, Rock and other music during the game. Cars and bikes are very realistic. Also you can make photos with funny moments of the race (like falling from the bike). You can place photos on Xbox Live. This game has very DIFFICULT achievements. The most difficult achievements are ACHIEVEMENTS-PUZZLES. shock These achievements can be earned only with prompt. angry There is full review:


    PGR 4 has good graphics. Cars and bikes are very realistic. You can do races in various cities, like London, Tokyo and Shanghai. 10/10


    Sound is very realistic. Soundtrack is VERY good. 10/10


    PGR 4 has easy controls and fun tricks and good AI. Also you can earn Kudos for performing tricks. 9/10


    AI is bad. You can earn 1st place in 5 seconds. I recommend to play in multiplayer. cry 4/10


    And if you want to play in GOOD RACING GAME, I recommend you to play in PGR 4!!! headspin


    You can download two add-ons for this game. First add-on for FREE, second add-on for 400 MS POINTS!!! redface First add-on includes two new multiplayer game modes and 2 new ACHIEVEMENTS-PUZZLES!!! shock Second add-on includes new achievements and cars.

    Summary: This is a racing game, where you can ride on exotic cars and bikes.