2. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (VAIO) (Windows) General hints and tips

  • Adapt to Survive – Although I’m sure many will have played Pac-man in some form on consoles/arcade machines before, handling Pac-man on your laptop or tablet will obviously handle differently. So you’ll be pleased to know that the controls work surprisingly well. There’s a handy tutorial that only takes a minute to complete, which I recommend just to get the hang of things.
  • Fire in the hole! – One of the fun gameplay mechanics added to CE DX is the ability for Pac-man to use a finite number of bombs per game. When you get yourself in a bit of a pickle and ghosts are coming to gobble you all up remember you can pinch the screen to survive and fight another day.
  • Follow the yellow pip road – Unlike classic Pac-man, trails of yellow pills will appear once you have cleared all of the previous pills from the screen. The trails often propose the optimal route for Pac-man to go in order to lure as many sleeping ghosts as possible. This is important in order to obtain high scores, so try and plan your route accordingly to both collect all the pills on screen whilst waking the maximum number of ghosts.
  • I ain’t afraid of no ghost! – Following on from the previous tip, waking up as many ghosts as possible and having them follow you as a “ghost train” is the best way to obtain high scores in Pac-man CE DX. Try to build as long a ghost train as possible and then when you have yourself a good haul nom a power pellet and start going to town on that ghost train to build a huge combo. I hope Pac-man’s feeling peckish =)
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