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    20 Oct 2009 20 Oct 2009
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    In a Minute Review - Paperboy

    Paperboy is a perfect game.

    Combine a tableau of obstacles, precision-twitch push button gameplay, and business management and you get this Midway quarter-jacking arcade classic. The game is faithfully emulated by Digital Eclipse and is nearly pixel perfect to the original arcade release.

    Paperboy controls well using the Xbox 360 controller (much easier than its arcade progenitor which had super cool BMX handlebars) and features 12 easily obtainable achievements. In this way, I feel that the XBLA release treats the source material well and doesn't punish you with impossible to accomplish achievements.

    What always made the game fun to me was the way the game offered you three streets in progressing difficulty, and a full week to work your paper route. As ridiculous as it sounds making it through a week's worth of work is rewarding and challenging.

    Paperboy is not the kind of game that will monopolize all of your time- but it is a great title to have in your library - and playing it from time to time is the video game equivalent of wearing a nice old baseball cap.

    Paperboy is a retro title- but it squarely fits within that 8 bit generation that many 30 something gamers fondly remember. So go ahead, take a ride on Easy Street- just don't throw your paper through my window.
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    dancrozierNice review, loved the original as had it on c64. Disagree with the easy achievements though. I'm obvioulsy useless at this game but found them tough and the online co-op ones annoying.
    Posted by dancrozier on 20 Oct 09 at 18:35
    cc99999contrast these achievements to, let's say, Joust or Robotron....
    Posted by cc99999 on 20 Oct 09 at 20:23
    dropK1CK ninJAThis is a great review. I used to play the crap out of this game on the Game Boy. It's a shame no games now a days can capture the old magic of some of these retro titles. I will definitely pick this title up.
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 13 Jan 10 at 21:30
    DaShAgWhere is this game ?

    I've bought it, got a new xbox and now I cant re-download it ???
    Posted by DaShAg on 06 Oct 10 at 06:57

    Yes. I can just imagine it.

    Complete a week on each difficulty in one sitting.

    Smash every window on every non-subscriber house on Hard Way.

    Achieve a score of 90,000 on Easy Street.

    Complete a week without dying.

    Lol that would be the death of me.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 23 Oct 15 at 04:56
    RidiculousBoxThis game was delisted :(
    Posted by RidiculousBox on 13 Oct 18 at 08:47