Party Hard Reviews

  • The Mr KillerThe Mr Killer457,405
    06 May 2016 06 May 2016
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    The background story for this game is not very complex: You are playing a guy who is annoyed of his neighbors having a big, loud party going on. He takes a knife and goes on a killing spree to simply kill all the guests. So that’s how it starts. Later levels are other parties spread around the US in different locations. The target is always the same: Kill all the guests and don’t get caught.
    As simple as the story are the controls: You basically walk around and stab people with X.
    In addition some levels offer an item you can use such as grenades and swords.
    Each level has a different theme, amount of victims and traps you can use to assist your deathly desire. Of course it gets more difficult to kill all guests on later levels as you must take care not to be spotted while stabbing anyone. Otherwise police will show up and try to arrest you.
    Over all the difficulty is very fair. Due to random placement of traps and party guests there also is a certain replay value. However don’t expect too much. The levels are completed in around 5 to 15 minutes. Some even less. In total there are 12 parties to crash.

    Well, this game is obviously not about graphics. However the retro 2D look that it wants to achieve is well made.

    This is one of the selling arguments for this game. If you like 8-bit type sounds and music and listen to e.g. game music radio regularly, then you have to get this game. Every level has another cool techno-dance-like soundtrack and at least for me it doesn’t get boring as most levels only take between 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

    Nice achievements list. The achievements are not very hard and well distributed. Some however are a little annoying like starting the game 100 times or dying 100 times. On the other hand these are easily boosted when you finally want to finish to 1000G.

    + Fresh idea
    + Cool music
    + Fair difficulty (not too easy, not too hard)
    - Short
    - Some levels are very similar
    - German translation is the worst I’ve ever seen in a game (but you can choose between English, German and Russian, at least in the version on the German Xbox Live Store)