Party Jousting Achievements

Full list of all 19 Party Jousting achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Golf bomb

    In Golf: Hit an opponent with a bomb

  • Birdie

    In Golf: Pick a flag-coin and enter the hole - in one strike!

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  • Tripple strike

    In Golf: Collect 3 flag-coins in one strike

  • Spike dodge

    In Golf: Travel through spikes, without taking damage

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  • Goalie

    In Car-ball: Strike the ball with the paddle

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  • Car double destruction

    In Car-ball: Destroy two cars, in a quick session

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  • Offense

    In Car-ball: Score two goals without touching the walls

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  • Combo combo combo

    In Match3: Gain a three-combo

  • Marathon matcher

    In Match3: Play until the time runs out

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