Party Jousting Reviews

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,132,568
    22 Dec 2018
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    Party Jousting is a couch co-op/versus party game featuring a variety of one button mini-games.

    First, I would like to state that I am giving this game a 1 Star rating. Now, usually when I give a game 1 star rating, my reviews are very critical and typically negative with quite a bit of witty sarcasm. With this game, it is not the case. I don't hate this game. I don't believe it is one of the worst games I have ever played. However, I find this game to be quite curious and, at the end of the day, not deserving of any higher of a rating.

    To sum it up, I feel this game is little more than a gimmick. The premise is that it is a 'one button' party game that allows up to 16 players. When you consider that this can be accomplished using only two controllers, things get interesting. Each controller can allow up to 8 players. The idea is that each game mode only requires one-button, so using 8 different executable buttons (A,B,X,Y,LB,RB,LT,RT), each player can control a single button and compete in a competitive mini-game. Take a second and try to picture eight jackasses huddled around an Xbox controller tapping buttons (ok, I suppose I couldn't get through the review without the sarcasm). Since this is an achievement based website, you can probably just count on a single person controlling multiple characters to try fumble his or her way through a completion.

    The games themselves are surprisingly fun (albeit in short doses), but they feel like games that you find on those touchscreen game stations that you find in some children's dentist offices or select McDonald's restaurants. Those game's aren't terrible per se, but one would not imagine paying money for any of the content. In this case, the game is a humble $4.99, but still about $4.99 too much.

    I suppose the 16 person multiplayer is an interesting angle, but could you ever imagine anyone extending an invite to a group of friends :"Hey, I got an Xbox. Ya'll want to come over an play some Party Jousting" (knowing my friends, they would probably get the wrong idea).

    Anyways, for those looking for actual game information, here you go:

    -JOUST: Not to be confused with classic arcade game. This version spawns all the players in an arena where they flap around (flappy bird style) around the level trying bounce on the heads of other players while picking up power-ups and avoiding obstacles. Each round lasts about 15-30 seconds. It is a little bit fun but can get old fast.

    -BAGATELLE: This game mode is basically a giant interactive Plinko board in which you try to collect coins and extra points while avoiding hazards and trying to stay active on the board as long as possible. You have very limited controllability in this game mode, so it is highly luck based.

    -CAR BALL: This game is basically Soccer (sorry, 'Football' for the rest of the world) but using RC cars instead of players. Unlike the other game modes, you are limited to fewer players for this game. It isn't terrible, but like the other games, short lived. Part of the fun is that instead of just going after the ball to score, you can collide with other cars to destroy them.

    -GOLF: This game will potentially give you the most play time. This mode is a bird's eye view mini-golf game in which you have to collect coins and flags before your opponents to finish the course with the high score. In addition to outperforming your foes, you must also avoid bombs and obstacles.

    -MATCH3: This game is a block drop mini-game similar to Tetris. Actually, it is kind of like a mix of Tetris, Dr. Mario and Puzzle Fighter. Sounds complicated when you put it like that, but it is about as simple and uninteresting as you can possibly make a block drop game. As I have mentioned before, simple and uninteresting doesn't necessarily equal 'bad'. This is probably my favorite of the mini-games in that it something that actually feels competitive and familiar.

    All-in-all, this isn't a terrible game but uses the 16-player, one-button gimmick to sell a product that is completely underwhelming. I think if done correctly, the format could have made for some very interesting and fun games. Not bad, but a bit of wasted potential.