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    Payday 2: Crimewave Edition is for all intents and purposes, a remastered game-of-the-year version of the 360/PS3 title. Payday revolves around four players teaming up for epic banks heists of increasing difficulty which require precise cooperation and teamwork. The core gameplay includes planning, executing, and escaping with as much loot as possible in a mission-by-mission structure. The Crimewave Edition brings fully polished visuals, 99 new weapons, new heists, and over 140 new masks to customize. The full list of additions can be viewed here and is valued at over $80 of new content.

    As a cooperative focused game our four reviewers: Omega, Pandora, Magic, and Bond have all written a short excerpt detailing their thoughts on the game. Each reviewer has given their own score out of 10.
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    Omega: I didn't know much about Payday 2: Crimewave Edition coming into it. I didn't play it on the last generation of consoles and the only information I had on the game was it's 4 player co-op and you rob banks. Come to find out, the game is a little deeper than that. From all the guns, modifications and masks, which are customizable, you can unlock to all of the different skills/skill trees to choose from, there's enough customization alone to keep you busy. All of these guns, mods & skills are also enough to make you want to pull more heists to unlock them and become more efficient at knocking off banks, jewelry stores, armored trucks, etc. It's a very addictive and entertaining circle and with the right co-op partners, Payday 2 is a blast.

    However, the single player mode is not very fun and the a.i. partners are pretty much useless. They spend most of their time getting shot and they don't carry any loot. They're a distraction for the police at best but that only lasts until they go down. And you can forget about trying to loot an entire bank vault with them on the harder difficulties. Other than that, the only complaint I have is the gunplay not being great, it is good enough to do the the job though. And it gets a little better as you unlock better guns and gun mods.

    Co-operative play is where this game shines and how I recommend playing it. There's a great sense of satisfaction when you pull off a heist that drowns you in cash and xp so you can buy more guns & skills just to do it all over again. There's enough mission variety to keep it from getting stale for a good amount of time and the music in the game is pretty awesome as well.

    Score: 7.5/10 "Good"

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    Pandora: While I like certain aspects of Payday 2. The concept is decent and there aren't too many heist type of games on the market. Sadly the execution is lacking, I didn't play the 360 version so I can't compare the two but this game should have stayed on the 360. I like that there are so many different masks to choose from and I do like the perks for your character and skill trees. I like the variety you have I just don't care too much on how acquiring mods and masks even color choices are way to random, it's all luck based. You'll be playing endlessly trying to get certain parts to a gun you have equipped. Most important I'm not a big fan on the shooting mechanics, doesn't seem to matter what weapon you choose, just not enough control for my taste.

    With all the DLC added you definitely have a lot of different missions to choose from which is a plus but if you choose to reach level 100 you will be grinding certain missions repeatedly which can get boring. This game is a challenge to stealth however, especially in 4 player co-op and playing on the hardest difficulty might very well be just as much of a challenge. Overall this game has some good features, I like that it can challenge you. However the shooting is terrible and I'm not a fan of a luck based system in acquiring mods for your weapons. This game won't have much of a replayability factor for me just on those two things alone. On the bright side every time I play this game I feel the urge to watch Point Break.

    Score: 6/10 "Decent"

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    Magic: After experiencing everything Payday 2 had to offer on Xbox 360, I was excited to see what the team at Overkill could add to the series. Well, I wasn't disappointed. Crimewave Edition is practically a whole new game. The sheer amount of new heists, masks, weapons, and not to mention the entirely new Perk Decks, characters, Fugitive Skill Tree, Infamy Ranks, and Offshore Betting make the game feel really fleshed out. In Payday 2, your Offshore Account was essentially useless. After completing missions, the majority of your earnings would go to your Offshore Account which wasn't used for anything. In Crimewave Edition, that money can now be used to bet for rare cards and purchase contracts directly, another rather large blunder in the original version.

    With the added number of missions, there is a lot more variety on a mission-to-mission basis now than there ever was. Heists missions have you stealing money or valuable objects, Escapes have you defending your loot against cops, there are missions themed around popular actors such as Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Revolution) and Bokeem Woodbine (Devil, Total Recall), and even a few based on Christmas and Hotline Miami. During a mission briefing there will sometimes be a sentence declaring "stealth is an option". These are my favorite types of missions and as long as you have the right skills unlocked they can be really fun. The new Shadow Raid mission for example is an instant fail if the alarm sounds. You need to quietly sneak into the warehouse, steal a certain number of valuables (depends on the difficulty), and bring them back to your getaway vehicle. The main difference between Payday 2 and other stealth games is that you can't simply stealth kill all of the enemies. After four enemies have died, the guards will start to know something is up and sound the alarm. This can really make for intense moments as you try to avoid as many guards as possible.

    Overall, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition is one of the best GOTY/Remasters I have seen on current generation consoles. The amount of new content puts other games to shame. If you enjoyed Payday 2 on Xbox 360 or PS3, there is more than enough reason for you to come back. If you didn't, well this is basically Payday 3. There are a few glitches, however, including the Crime Net freezing which are holding me back from rating it higher.

    Score: 7.5/10 "Good"

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    Bond: I went into the Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 thinking I knew what was what having played it quite a lot on Xbox 360. Boy was I wrong. There is so much more here to play and makes it so much more than a simple remaster. If you played it on 360 and are thinking "I played it before, I don't need to play the remaster" you are very wrong. This is almost a whole a new game. New heists, new masks, new guns, new skill trees, skill systems and ranking it's mind blowing how much there is here to play.

    Playing in Co-op is great fun as it always was but I think stealth missions only work with a maximum of 2 people, unless you are VERY well coordinated. However pulling off the more "Hollywood" type of heists where you run in and shoot up the place is a blast with players each having their role. We played almost exclusively on the OVERKILL difficulty and the action was intense, this is helped hugely by the soundtrack. The music in the game makes you feel very much like you are in a Hollywood heist movie and the ability to select which track you want playing while you are shooting up the place is an awesome addition.

    The achievement's in the game are also a huge improvement over the last generation versions. This time around you need a lot more skill that luck, which was always the problem I had with the old list. Here you are tasked with some pretty daunting challenges but at least they are dependent on your abilities and not so much a random number generator.

    I did however have a few issues with the game that detracted from the huge amounts of fun I was having. Hit detection was one of them. Sometimes, even at point blank, my bullets would not hit the enemies (and I know I'm not THAT bad at aiming). It's either that or the bullets were hitting the target and I just wasn't getting the visual hit marker. Either way it threw me off my game. The other issue came with receiving bullets. Sometimes it would say I'm getting shot from the right despite there being nothing there except a wall. Reloading also felt wrong. Sprinting or interacting would cancel the whole action unless the bullets were loaded (like a lot of games) but it felt like the gun was loaded and the game wouldn't apply the bullets for a split second or two which would make me start the animation all over again because I would sprint away.

    Overall I think Payday 2 Crimewave Edition is an amazing package and is an absolute blast to play. If you have 3 mates then jump into some high octane action. If they aren't around then get sneaky and try some stealth. Both options give the game huge variety. If you are thinking "It's just another shitty remake being pumped out like the rest of them" then slap yourself. This is so much more than a remaster. The amount of content here is through the roof, it makes the last generation version feel like a demo. If you enjoyed it 2 years ago then you should definitely pick this up. You will not be disappointed.

    Score: 8/10 "Great"
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    BiGPaPaRuOther then the fact that is not working for me, I think you hit spot on about the gunplay. I't was not this bad on the 360 version. Weapon seem slightly sluggish and bullets are so far off it's unbelievable. Also, the right stick (aim), seems to be a bit off as well. Who knows, maybe i've been spending to much time with the PC version but I still feel like this may have been a bad purchase but if they fix and tighten up gunplay, I will be a happy guy.
    Posted by BiGPaPaRu On 16 Jun 15 at 19:38
    SnoozedsMy review: "Dallas, follow me." "Dallas, follow me.." Dallas, Follow me." "DALLAS, FOLLOW ME!"
    Posted by Snoozeds On 16 May 20 at 15:43
    KanchanaburiTHis was, and will always be, one of my favorite games. I hope one day PD3 will be reality!
    Posted by Kanchanaburi On 18 Jul 20 at 23:20
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    “All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask. Now that it’s happened I guess I’m just about the best bank robber they ever had. And I sure am happy”. – John Dillinger

    Hoxton, Dallas, Chains and Wolf return to the underground criminal world in the controversial yet iconic Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, which has made an upgrade of sorts to the next gen consoles. Crimewave Edition comes with all the swagger, know how and brute force of the original game but with a lot of new extra heists and features thrown into the mix.

    For those not in the know, Payday 2 is a four player co-op shooter centred around criminals performing various contracts or ‘Heists’. Players can choose to perform these jobs either offline or through Paydays Crime.Net menu, where players from across the world can meet up and complete Heists together. Released in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Payday 2 enjoyed great success and very quickly became a cult classic. Two years on and Overkill along with publishers 505 Games, have ported the game to the next gen consoles.

    Crimewave Edition introduces new criminal A.I’s to the fray with John Wick a personal highlight. Wick, for anyone yet to see the film is a character played by Keanu Reeves who portrays a multi skilled hitman who goes on a revenge fuelled rampage after the loss of his wife and dog, armed with some amazing gun skills he proceeds execute everyone in sight, John Woo style.

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    The addition of John Wick to Payday as an A.I adversary boosted my growing interest in the game, having been a fan of the original bank robbing title. Fighting alongside Wick is like working with a true professional. Three other new characters including the original Hoxton, Clover and Dragan have also been added.

    While comparing the game across two different consoles the first major notable difference are the graphics, which are now in 1080p, though sadly still running at 30fps. This however doesn’t really affect the game and certainly shouldn’t be enough to put potential buyers off and why would it, the game runs just as smooth as before and feels to a degree, more slicker with crisp clean visuals and a brand new soundtrack.

    Players wishing to transfer their saved game across to the Xbox One will be saddened to discover that this option doesn’t exist, nothing from the previous title travels with you and all players will start out again at reputation zero. This however is appeased by the wealth of new features to accompany Crimewave Edition.

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    The updated game has more features then you can swing the proverbial stick at and has some great previously unseen additions, new to the consoles. Players will now be able to start work on a brand new skill tree in the shape of Fugitive, Fugitive has some great unlockable abilities with the capability to highlight groups of people within a certain radius, other great skills for the Fugitive include being able to hold an additional body bag aswell as the ability to hold specific Akimbo weapons, there are also various damage perks to be unlocked.

    Never seen before in Payday on the consoles, players can now regenerate after reaching reputation 100 but it comes at a great cost. Fans of Call Of Duty and Titanfall will know all too well the sacrifice made when choosing to ‘gen up’ but in Payday 2 Crimewave Edition the cost is very excessive. $200,000,000 will disappear from the players offshore account, all skills will go with it plus any spare cash laying around. The upside is that depending on the tier players move up to there are added incentives for doing so, with more experience earned then normal after a successful heist and cheaper skills available. Regeneration looks a very appealing option.

    Other noteworthy new features include the Perk Deck which allows players to convert earned experience into spendable points, when used these points can make your character in the game stronger, build up the team around you with added stamina for everyone in the game. The Perk Deck feature adds a different dynamic to the game and gives the experience points gained more meaning.

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    Finally you have the Preplanning option which allows players to plan a Heist in advance, which I felt was a great and very welcome addition to the game. No longer did I have to venture into Day One of a job without a clue of what to expect, the preplanning system allows you to eliminate certain threats straight off the bat. Drop points can be arranged, vantage points acquired to scope out a potential Heist. While Snipers can be deployed to assist the hardened criminals throughout their various misdemeanours.

    The games mechanics are essentially the same as the last gen with grenades the only real addition to the players arsenal. Armed with three grenades should be a good thing but they do not travel great distances and cannot be cooked for a more timed explosion. More often than not once thrown it is the player who needs to avoid them and this can prove a little frustrating. Enemies act in a strange ways, appearing to be a little clunky at times and stay still long enough for you to empty a clip into without avoiding incoming bullets. I can’t help but feel that the enemies could have been given a little more life and appear less robotic.

    The A.I’s act in a very similar way, they will follow you around and pick you up when you become immobile. However they offer very little in the way of objective help and can all too often be found standing completely still needing them to be shouted at several times to get them moving again. They don’t really add anything new to the game and for people experiencing it by themselves the A.I’s lack of assistance leaves you having to put in quite a shift to finish the job successfully.

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    As well as being able to enjoy the original Heists from Payday 2, there are eight brand new contracts to experience, this is where the value for money aspect comes in. The new Heists give the game extra life and bring a lot of enjoyment at the same time. White Xmas is a heist where players must escort a rather absurdly drunk Pilot through a wooded terrain, retrieving Christmas wrapped boxes loaded with cocaine packages along the way. Enemies line the woods in an attempt to take out the criminals by any means, the Pilot however sleeps through most of the contract and falls over at every opportunity, making White Xmas a heist that will no doubt leave players laughing.

    The fun continues in The Hoxton Breakout, where the criminals must break ‘original’ Hoxton out of prison, fully equipped with his deep grisly English accent Hoxton needs support as he attempts to make it to the FBI Headquarters unharmed in order to destroy any computer files on himself. Once off the streets players must defend Hoxton while he hacks the FBI servers, while following a barrage of orders in the process. Holding down the FBI HQ was one of the games highlights for me.

    Overkill plan to deal out updates and extra content for Payday 2 Crimewave Edition over the course of the next two years, so expect even more Heists, masks and mods throughout that period. That claim alone should keep the game in good stead. Xbox 360 owners however would no doubt quickly point out that their particular version didn’t receive any downloadable content, while the PC did.

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    Overall, Payday 2 Crimewave Edition packs a similar punch to that of the previous console, but with the welcome addition of having a plethora of brand new features at it’s disposal and some new Heists to keep people interested. More masks than ever before are now available, ranging from the uniquely insane to the beautifully gruesome. The update has brought even more weapons for players to sink their teeth into and the added option of being able to choose each individual heists soundtrack, which in my opinion was something the game lacked before.

    Some gameplay issues still remain but the added content makes Crimewave a value for money game and there are certainly hours of fun and enjoyment to be had out of it. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to team up with three other friends and take out a bank while bass thumping music plays through the tv. The game has been updated with 1080p in mind and it shows, visually the update is brilliant and even the lack of 60fps wont be enough to put gamers off of this game.

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