11. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Mission Walkthrough - The ElephantUpdate notes

Big Oil (Stealth/Loud)

Day 1 (Stealth)

Assets: N/A

Solo/Co-op: This day is very easy for one reason. You can simply ECM rush it. There are at least 12 guards around the map, more if there is a random drug deal event (at least 7 enemies opposed to those already on the map). Start off with the guy in the basement, then put down and ECM and start eliminating everyone silently. Try not to let them shoot first and get the camera operator before the ECM runs out. Once everyone inside is dead, start looking for those that are outside.

After everyone is dead, look for safes around the house. At least 2 will spawn, a maximum of 3, make sure to look in every room in the main house, including the basement. There are also 3 pieces of intel that hopefully weren't burned. One is on the table on the ground floor by the stairs to the basement. One is on the table upstairs, and one is on a table on the balcony. These are random and can give you a variety of different intel for day 2.

Day 2 (Loud)

Assets: Alex Ammo Drop and Extra Helicopter Fuel (in case you don't get the engine on the first try)

Solo/Co-op: This day cannot be done silently in its entirety, as the police will be alerted once the helicopter is called regardless, so bring your loud builds. I would highly recommend doing this in co-op, as this day is very difficult, as with most loud heists. There is also an achievement for getting the engine on the first try in this heist, this is good to go for now as the less time you're in this heist, the better. To start off, you need to find the security room and hack the computer inside. One of the pieces of intel you could've got on day 1 was a keycard, so this will help, otherwise, you'll have to use the drill to get in.

Once in, the computer hack will take 3:20 to complete, so if you have gone loud already, it's a long wait. Once done, you will need to enter the lab. Here is where we need to find the information to determine the right reactor.

Try to avoid using explosive in the lab, as it may break the monitor that has information on it that will help you determine which reactor is the correct one.

This is all the information you will need to find the right reactor:

Colour - Reactors use one of three different gases, which will correspond to the colour of the gas tank attached to it.

  • Deuterium - Blue tank
  • Helium - Green tank
  • Nitrogen - Yellow tank

You can find the information for which gas the correct reactor uses on a notepad. This notepad is either in the lab or on a table or desk in the upstairs of the house.

Number of nozzles - Each engine has 1, 2 or 3 nozzles attached to the gas tank. This information is on a clipboard that spawns randomly in the house or lab.

Near the bottom of the piece of paper is a number followed by x H, this number represents the number of nozzles. If it is a symbol instead of a number, this represents the number 1 instead.

Pressure - This is why the warning message above is there. In the lab are some monitors, and explosives can destroy the screens. There will be a value showing on the screen which represents the pressure of the correct reactor. The value will either be 5812 psi (401 bar) or 5783 psi (399 bar). If the symbol is ≤, then the pressure is less than or equal to the number shown (5812 or 5783). If the symbol is ≥, then the pressure is greater than or equal to the number shown.

The main thing to pay attention to is the symbol, as most of the engines will be around 400 bar. If the computer indicates greater than, then look for the one that is over 400 bar. If it indicates less than, then look for one under 400 bar. There are 3 engines with exactly 400 bar, and from everything I have seen and looked into, it seems these 3 can never be the correct engine.

This is all the information you should need to find the correct reactor.

Once you have packed up a reactor, you can signal for a helicopter. You could pack up any wrong reactor to signal the helicopter whilst you search for the correct one if you like. Once the helicopter arrives, take the reactor to it and go back to the house to hold out as they test it to make sure it's the correct one. If it's the wrong one, you will have to try again (and this is a long process), if it was correct, you can now go to the escape. If you found the Airplane Keys on Day 1, you will be able to escape by plane.

If you got the correct reactor on the first try, you will unlock:

Election Day(Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Day 1 (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Assets: Security Access and Spotter

Solo/Co-op: This method is going to be the same regardless, as we're going to attempt an achievement. You need to access the computer (to find out which truck to tag) without touching the ground at all. This can be very difficult and will need some upgrades for movement speed (see stealth build in the builds section). It's going to be a little bit hard to explain in text, so I will add a video too that I have made showing the route to the first computer location, as explaining the route to the second is easy enough from there.

To start off, grab the keycard in the newspaper on the platform you're on. Look over the concrete barriers here to see a stack of wooden pallets. Get on top of these and do a small run jump to the shipping container in front of you. From here, look left. There is another set of wooden pallets right next to another set of shipping containers. Do a running jump (out of habit I crouch jump, so if you find yourself struggling, try this) to get to them, then jump left to the containers. From here, jump on top of the metal fence in front of you and carefully follow it right.

When you get to the end of the fence, look left and make the jump to the concrete barrier, then onto the stairs (landing on the stairs doesn't count as the ground, don't worry). Get on top of the container in front of you, then jump to the line of them in front of you. From here, there is a line of them to your left that should have an opening somewhere (the layout of these is entirely random and the jump can be easy or hard to make). Get over here and then to the next line of them in front again. Look right for a container below a balcony. When the coast is clear enough, make the jump over, jump up on top of the pallets and onto the balcony. Enter here and into the room on the right. This is one of the possible computer locations for the achievement.

If it isn't here, get back to the container where you made the jump from to get to the balcony. Facing away from the balcony, look right and you'll see another container here. It has some wooden pallets to the left of it which are the easiest way of getting on top of it. When it is safe, jump to them and get onto the balcony above the container. From here are 2 upstairs rooms that can also contain a computer (here is where the keycard is needed). If it is not in one of these 3 rooms (I usually struggle to get to the second set so restart if it isn't in the first room), then restart, as while you can get into the lower rooms, it's a lot more difficult to do and will get you spotted in the process.

  • Hot Lava 2.0

    On day 1 of the Election Day job, use the computer in stealth without ever touching the ground.

    Hot Lava 2.0

Here is a video for reference, this one required me to go to the 2nd building, but I pointed out the 1st two locations as I checked them:

Once that is done, cycle through the computer to find all of the truck companies listed. There will be one that isn't. Make your way without being seen if possible to the trucks with are just outside this second building and place a tracker on the one that wasn't listed. If you get spotted, just throw down an ECM (if they're fully upgraded, 1 minute is more than enough time to finish). Once this is done, sprint back to the gate we walked on top of earlier and back to where you started to escape.

Day 2 (Stealth)

Assets: Warehouse Ladder, Body Bags, Extra Keycard, and Spotter

Solo/Co-op: This day can cause a few restarts, as the crates can be in horrible places, and if playing alone, you'll have less ECM's for if you get caught right near the end. If you can play this with 4 people, it is suggested, as even though only one person needs to go through the warehouse, having up to 4 minutes of ECM time is amazing if you're 1 crate away from finishing.

I'm not sure when this happened, but quite a few times that I have played this recently, the heist has bugged out and forced me to restart. It can happen after hacking all 6 voting machines. Sometimes the objectives won't change, meaning you can't escape and finish, which means you have to restart. It sucks and I hope no one gets this unfortunate bug if they're struggling with the heist at all

Again this isn't going to be the easiest to explain, but I will do my best. First things first, grab the extra keycard and fill your body bags at the van. There are some regular police outside of the building who do not have pagers, these are 3 free kills and make moving around the outside a lot easier. Get through the fence and kill them, dumping them in the dumpsters on either side of the lot (by the spiral stairs on the left or the door on the right). By the door on the right is a ladder, climb up it (quickly if a camera is here) and look in the window, in the far left room is a possible camera person spawn. If they are here, make sure no guards are around (and you have spare bodybags, this is the main reason I take Jack of All Trades on a stealth build) and kill them and put them in a dumpster.

Now the building is a bit easier to move around without the cameras being active. Next step is to find a crowbar. Now I will say, I do not know every location, so some exploring will be needed. The locations I can remember are: Going into the warehouse via the door on the far left (little room with a load of shelves and crates). This room has a few spawns, some on the bottom of shelves, and 1 or 2 along the right wall where it will be propped up against the wall. When outside there are 2 spawns that I know of, both are at the ends of the raised walkway and are leaning against the railing from below (so if looking at the middle area outside with the raised platform, either end can have a crowbar below the railing at either end). Entering the door on the right, the small room to the left (where there's a workbench) has 2-3 spawns in it. Finally, the 2 staircases on either side of the warehouse that leads to the upper level can have a crowbar hanging off of the railing.

Now with a crowbar-in-hand, it's time to start opening crates. For now, scout the lower floor of the warehouse and the outside. Crates can be just about anywhere (there are some in cages but we'll leave these for now). Be mindful of guard positions, as the hack takes 30 seconds, and if a guard sees a voting machine crate open, they will be alerted. If you don't get 6 out of all of the downstairs ones, get upstairs and look through the floor, as some of the cages you can see into. If you see a crate, use the keycard (and look for other keycards in the offices) to open that cage. Last resort is looking at the top of the shelving for crates. These are the riskiest in terms of you being seen, rather than the crate, so you may need ECM's if it comes to going for these.

If you somehow do it with needing ECM's then the gold you get for doing this heist in stealth is worth picking up, as it's a nice reward. Doing this heist in stealth also gets you another achievement:

  • I'm a Swinger

    In the Election Day job, complete the heist in stealth and swing the votes to the republican favour.

    I'm a Swinger

Framing Frame (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Day 1 (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Assets: Spycam (in locations of your choosing)

Solo: This is going to work is basically the same way as the Art Gallery heist from Bain's page if you look at that. It's going to be harder in solo, as you need as many paintings as you can get to make Day 3 a little bit easier.

Co-op: Again, the more people you have, the easier this will be, just like with Art Gallery. You'll want to get every painting on the map (without setting off the alarm, so be careful of the laser grid still) to make Day 3 easier. This should be no trouble if you have 3-4 people.

Day 2 (Stealth)

Assets: None

Solo/Co-op: This is a simple hand-off of the paintings for money. Just kill the group of civilians by the van so you can move the bags in unseen. No explanation needed for this day.

Day 3 (Stealth)

Assets: Spycams. Choose locations you think will be best, my personal recommendation is one on the lower floor overlooking the lounge, one looking over the lounge on the upper floor and one overlooking the hallway next to the bedroom on the lower floor.

Solo/Co-op: This is where this heist gets really hard, in terms of stealth, one of the hardest in the game depending on what bookshelf spawn you get and if you get unlucky with guard patrols. Now a word of warning, this heist may have changed since I played it last, so if this tactic doesn't work, please let me know so I can alter it.

From what I remember, there are only 6 guards that patrol the house. The easiest thing to do? Start the heist by eliminating 4 of them and putting the body bags on the roof where you started (up the stairs, as no one patrols here). Once you do this, a 7th (3rd technically now) guard will come into the map through the main staircase and do a patrol before leaving again. Try to track him so you know when he's gone, and this heist is now a lot easier with just 2 guards roaming the map.

The first thing to do is go to your camera access on the roof and scan for objects getting highlighted when looking through them. You need to gather 5 items and bring them back to the roof. There are so many spawn points for these I can't even begin to properly list them in text, but if you got most/all of the paintings on Day 1, you have a good chance of finding all 5 through the cameras (just try to remember what the room looks like, as it's not that easy to see sometimes. Once this is done, assemble it all on the roof and access the computer in the Senator's office.

Now we need to find the vault. If you've been paying attention as you've gone around the house, you would've seen some bookcases. There are 3 possible locations of the vault which are behind these bookcases. The first is by the upstairs lounge (if looking into the room from the main staircase, it will be to your left) right at the top of some stairs and in good view of the lounge, so be careful opening it. The second is in the bedroom. The third, and worst location is in the downstairs lounge. This is a horrible location as it means moving the bags further and is usually on guards primary patrol paths.

Once you've found the vault, you will have 8 coke bags you now need to transport to it (make sure to close the bookcase, even the ones where the vault isn't there when you go back to the roof and after throwing bags in, if guards see a moved bookcase, they will be alerted). After throwing all 8 bags in, use the Senator's computer again and you'll have the option to escape. Since this is Deathwish, I would recommend just getting out unless you REALLY need the cash (there are far better money farming heists).

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