14. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Hardcore Henry HeistsUpdate notes

All of the achievements in this pack are notoriously glitchy. Refer to the hints and tips page if you haven't already for 2 types of workarounds for these achievement glitches.

Boiling Point

So the only achievement for this heist is finishing it on Deathwish. This definitely isn't a cakewalk, as the heist is in a pretty open area and has a lot of small condensed areas too where you could run into trouble. Albeit, I will still try to give you a good run down of it in hopes it helps.

Assets: Ammo Bag. Grenade Case. Doctor Bag

Solo/Co-op: First of all, I would suggest doing this in co-op, as the AI are braindead and will get killed by one of the possible 2 turret spawns in the later half of the heist when they try to kill it.

The heist begins with you parachuting down. Once you land, your first task is to destroy 2 AA guns. The first will require you to find a bag of C4 and plant the 4 charges on it, whilst the 2nd will require you to hack it. This is no easy task, as this area has next to no cover, so you can easily get overwhelmed in solo or with less than 4 players. Try to use the AA guns for cover where you can, as the trees won't provide much cover, and big rocks are far and few between.

After both of the AA guns are dealt with, the one that you hacked you will need to use to blow a hole in the wall to the compound. This can either be on the left or right, remember for later to make extraction quicker. Blow open the hole in the wall, and you'll then be tasked with activating an EMP so you can enter the lower part of the compound. The EMP can either be in a good or bad place, outside if the worst spot, as whilst there is cover, it's still hard to defend. The 2 inside locations are better and a bit easier to defend, as enemies will have to bottleneck themselves in smaller areas to reach you.

Once the EMP is charged and goes off, you will be able to go through the gate in the downstairs section of the building. Go down to the basement, being aware that there is a good chance in this small hallway there will be a dozer, most likely a skulldozer with an LMG. Get downstairs and there is a chance in this main middle room that a turret will drop from the ceiling, if anyone has a high damage weapon and Swan Song, they are great for taking this out with the infinite ammo. You'll need to find a room with a scanner in it, which may be blocked off by gas, meaning you'll need to find a small gas canister near a vent to get into the room. The other option is that you'll need a handprint to activate it, meaning you need to find the right body with this hand. In the room with a scanner is also a chance of a turret in the ceiling, it's quite likely you'll get both spawns on Deathwish.

Once you are ready to get the scanner running, start finding bodies that are knocked out on the floor, there should be 3 around the compound. Scanning more bodies = more xp, but obviously means holding out longer, so decide how many you are going to do. At the same time as you are scanning, try to find a door that can be drilled open, either start drilling this door, or try to find the keycard that is lying around this lower area somewhere. Another thing to find before leaving is a briefcase, it's needed to finish the heist and it's easier to find it sooner rather than later.

Once you've scanned as many bodies as you can hold out for, get into the door that needed drilling open and grab the server. You now need to get outside and go to the far left or right, so remember where the hole in the wall is, as you're vulnerable with the server and need to get out fast. You'll have 2 dozers in your path when you get up the stairs to the gate, and outside will be a lot of snipers and perhaps more dozers. Try to get rid of the snipers to give the server carrier an easier time, and rush for the drop off point. Drop the server and get to the exit area to finish and unlock:

  • Red Snow

    Boiling Point - Finish the job on Death Wish difficulty or above.

    Red Snow

Murky Station

Assets: None needed

Solo/Co-op: Here are some notes on the heist before getting into it. We want to avoid killing anyone on the map, and this is actually quite easy as there are plenty of places to stay out of sight. Underneath the train cars are multiple gaps you can crouch into and one at each end of the train too, so always stay close to them if you're not sure if a guard is close. Drones also fly around this area and will periodically stop, when stopped, this is when they can spot you. You'll be able to tell it has stopped if you see a bright white spotlight shining on the floor, so avoid this area until it moves.

There are 4 items you need to find to be able to complete this heist: A Keycard, a Blowtorch, Thermite Paste and a Harddrive. These randomly spawn each time either around the trainyard itself or in the underground area. 2 civilians will spawn, and these are always right next to the blowtorch and thermite paste. On the opposite side of the trainyard from where you started is a shipping container with a whiteboard on it, this will tell you where all 4 items are in terms of being above or below ground, so find this if you're struggling to find any of them.

Now, at the start when you get down the stairs, is an open grate with a ladder going down to the sewer area. There are 2 small rooms in this initial corridor, and 2 side rooms at either side. Any of the items can spawn in any of these rooms, so make sure to check them out, and depending on their location, they can even be picked up through the wall to avoid getting spotted as easily. Another small note, on the other side of the sewer, is an exit to a small dock. This is one of the possible escape locations, with the other being where you started the heist. The ladder on this dock leads to the previously mentioned container with the whiteboard on it.

Near here is one of the keycard/harddrive spawn locations, if they are in the trainyard on your run. I don't know every location, so it will be up to you a little bit to explore. If the blowtorch or thermite paste spawns up here however, it's a bit easier to find, since you can hear them being used from close by and the civilians are in very open spots. The keycard can also be easy to find, as it always has a radio next to the rack playing one of the many songs in Payday 2.

Whilst you should get all 4 of these items, a bomb part isn't in the vault that is opened by each item, only 2 of them. So now it's time to start opening up train cars. On the sides of the train dotted around will be yellow access panels. These take about 5 or so seconds to interact with, so make sure no one is nearby, but also be careful when walking around inside the train cars, as you can be easily seen with the door on both sides opening. Some train cars will also have laser grids in them, so be careful when ducking under these, so as to not set off the alarm. There is also a way to tell before even walking into the car if it contains a bomb part or not, there is a light in each car, if it is red, it contains a bomb part, otherwise, it just contains weapons crates.

Once you find and pick up your first bomb part, you'll find out within around 10 seconds which escape you will be using. I'd personally say the van is a little easier, as getting to the dock when you move slowly with the bomb can be annoying sometimes. Once you get both bomb parts, escape. If you did it without killing anyone and on Deathwish or above, you will unlock:

  • Blackout

    Murky Station - Finish the job on Death Wish difficulty or above.



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