2. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition General hints and tips/Glitched Achievement FixUpdate notes

With updates to the game since its release, the difficulty achievements now stack. This does not mean just go straight on Deathwish if you have a partner at a high enough level. Get used to the heists as you level-up to 100 for the first time, as it's a long process, and it's better to know each heist even minimally before going into it on Deathwish, than not at all.

Now when it comes to heists, there are some that can/must be finished in stealth, which is marked by a ghost symbol. For ease of completing them, some of these are actually better to go loud on, just due to how annoying they can be to stealth successfully. If this is the case, then I will point it out. I will generally only write a Deathwish guide for each level (or One Down for a few DLC levels), which can be adapted for easier difficulties. I say this as stealth heists generally have an increased amount of guards bar a few exceptions, and switch from regular to titan cameras (bulletproof) as you go up through the difficulties.

Another note is about using a tactic called aggressive stealth. Now, this won't work for every stealth heist and does require usually 3-4 players to work on some, but can work with 2. Generally, this is a co-op method, not a solo one. Now with the right upgrades (which will be listed on the builds page), you can have a single ECM jammer last 30 seconds, which means between 4 people, you can have 4 minutes to run around, take out guards, destroy cameras, etc. Be aware that only guards can be killed, so it won't always be a suggested method, also make sure everyone is near all dead guards, as pagers will all need answering when they have worn off.

One final note for stealth. In some situations where you don't want to waste a body bag on a civilian, if you stand them up and put them down by a wall correctly, you can get their head inside of the wall. When this happens, they can't actually be spotted, so keep this in mind to save some body bags for guards instead.

cn_A - Jump

cn_B - Crouch

cn_X - Reload

cn_Y - Change weapon

cn_RB (tap) - Shout, used to get hostages down/law enforcement on their knees and to cuff themselves, or to call AI teammates over to you. Unconfirmed by myself, but you can also use this to command an AI teammate to pick up a loot bag.

cn_RB (hold) - Command an AI teammate to stay in place. Actually quite useful if you want them to guard an objective whilst you get on with other things. Will also be for picking up loot bags.

cn_RT - Fire weapon

cn_LB (hold) - Deploy current equipment

cn_LB (tap) - Change current equipment. This can only be used if you get the Jack of All Trades perk, Aced, as it allows you to bring two types of equipment. Also used for throwing loot bags (Note, as of a recent update, you can now throw a bag at an AI teammate to have them carry it).

cn_LT - Aim down sights

cn_LSc - Sprint

cn_RSc - Melee

cn_left - Throw grenade

cn_down - Activate weapon gadget

cn_right - Change weapon fire mode (if applicable to the weapon)

Glitched Achievement Fix

When they started releasing DLC for this game, there were certain achievements in the majority of the packs that weren't unlocking when people were fulfilling the requirements. The problem with this is that it was entirely random, you could have 4 people in a lobby, 2 would get the achievement, 2 wouldn't. However, it was random per person what glitched and how many would also glitch. The 2nd bundle had some more with the same issue. During the first wave of glitched achievements, TA member amacteur managed to discover a fix that worked for the first bundle quite well, you can use this or the 2nd method that another member found later on.

Offline Method

Make sure the game isn't running. If it is, quit out of it.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select All Settings.
    Select Network.
  • Select Network Settings, and then select Go offline.
  • Launch the game.
  • Go to Crimenet.offline
  • Select the job you need for a specific achievement and meet the requirements.
  • Finish the job.
  • Once you get back to the game menu, press the Xbox button and quit/close the game.
  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select All Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Network Settings, and then select Go online.

  • Launch the game.
  • The achievement may not pop on screen but will be "unlocked".
  • Once you're in the game menu, press the Xbox button to open the guide, go to your achievements, click on Payday 2, your achievement is unlocked!

After the latest set of achievements were added, after some time XxSiLLyJiGGyxX found an online method, which meant you could finally unlock Pass the Ammo which required 4 players and was one of the glitchy achievements. Just a note, this method needs to be done in between each achievement to guarantee more success.

Online Method

  • Go to Network settings and go offline
  • Start Payday 2
  • Do any action that will trigger an autosave (play a job, check your inventory, change a build)
  • Without closing the game entirely (so don't quit out), go back Online

Now try any glitchy achievement and they should unlock just fine whilst playing online.

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