6. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Mission Walkthrough - BainUpdate notes

Art Gallery (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Preplanning: Body Bag Dead Drop - Location - Toilets

Solo: This is a heist I would advise doing in co-op, as not only is it much easier, but allows you you to do it so much faster. If you are playing solo, however, the general method works the same.

Start off by going to the right of the building. By the stairs to the roof is a door which leads to the toilets. Pick the lock on it. First of all, this is a good place to hide bodies, there are, however, too many guards on the map to take them all out safely. Usually, one guard will patrol right past the toilet on occasion, when he's near, walk close to the hand dryer. This will cause it to go off, bringing him into the toilets. Take him out, answer the pager, then bag the body and put it in a cubicle.

Now before we go further into the gallery, I will mention that there are 4 possible locations for the laser grid to appear. They will not appear at Hall E or A entrances (which are connected to the Lobby). They can appear in any other doorway though, so one could even be in the entrance from Hall A to B, which does make things harder if doing this solo. When safe, move in and watch for cameras. Since on Deathwish they will be titan camera's, just do your best to stay out of their sight. Hopefully, the laser grid is on the other side of the gallery, so you can get most, if not all of the paintings you need to escape. Grab paintings and take them to the van one by one. Try not to take out guards unless caught, as you risk their body being seen by a camera/another guard whilst you answer the pager.

Once you have enough paintings, go to the van and escape.

Co-op (3-4 recommended): Follow the first paragraph from above. Once that step is done, start your ECM rush, making sure to have 1 person watch the ECM and tell the next person when it is flashing. Get the minimum amount of paintings needed and escape. It's really that simple to do.

Bank Heist (Cash, Deposit, Gold and Random)(Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Preplanning: Spy Cam Surveillance - Locations - Office Area and Staff Entrance. Vault Key Additional Mission Equipment

This heist, in all honesty, is really not that hard. I suggest the Vault Key over getting a keycard, mainly because if you are a high enough level to do Deathwish, you should have 2 ECM's available to you, along with a body bag to spare because of Jack of All Trades.

Solo: Go round the back of the bank before putting your mask on. One of two doors will be open, the one further from the gate is the ideal one, as it means the bank manager and at least one guard will usually patrol and stand outside that door, making them easy targets to pick off and bag up. Hopefully, the manager has the keycard too, which will save an ECM use. If it's not this door, then ignore this and you'll just have to wait for your opportunity. Now to find the security room. It will be near the stairs through the door further from the gate, or to the left as you go through the back door near the gate. If you have a keycard from the manager (the other location is in his office, which is usually hard to get into without being seen on this difficulty), then use it to open the door and kill the guard inside. If it's the door by the stairs, then you can save a body bag, otherwise, bag him up and put him in the corner of the room where he cannot be seen by guards patrolling past it.

Now depending on which door was open at the start, you either have 2 or 3 guards left, however, camera's are off. This makes it somewhat easier to take the guards out. One spot that is always safe to take them out is by the stairs that are inside the building. There is a bullpen on the left, but on the right is a small room. In this very small room, in the doorway you can see from the stairs, is a good place to take a guard out. Their body cannot be seen, so you can run in, answer the pager and bag them up. If not, you will just have to wait till the right moment appears and take them out in what you believe is a safe spot. Once either all guards are dead, or only one remains, make your way outside and in the back door by the gate.

Find which door into the teller's area is open, throw down an ECM and QUICKLY kill them both. This stops them from setting off the silent alarm. Shout at the people in the main area and head to the bullpen and quickly kill everyone in this area. There is a silent alarm in the back and we do not want them activating it. Once they are dead, finish off the remaining civilians inside the bank, and watch out for any that get alerted that walk around the outside of the bank. Now we are free to put the drill down and finish the heist uninterrupted. If there is a door inside the vault, just keep trying keys till it opens, grab one bag of loot, then get to the escape to finish.

Co-op: The number of players will change how many guards you will want alive when you ECM rush the guards and civilians. If you have 4, get one person in the security room with an ECM on the door and kill the guard in there first. Get in position to kill the tellers, throw down an ECM and kill everyone. Once the ECM's are about to wear off, get near the remaining 3 bodies and get ready to answer pagers. From there, you're free to drill the vault open in peace.

Car Shop (Stealth Required)

Assets: Dumpsters. Body Bags.

Solo/Co-op: This heist can be quite annoying in general, whether in solo or co-op. It's not exactly a short mission, and you can be caught so easily in this heist too.

You'll want to start off by walking into the Car Shop and looking around the back part of the bottom floor whilst still in casing mode. This is only to find where the Storage Room is. If it's not here, then that's probably a good thing. Go back outside, then go to the gate on the right after exiting. Put your mask on and open it up by hacking the electrical box near it. Wait until the guards that patrol this area aren't near, then head down the left wall and go round the corner. Hopefully, there isn't a guard just standing at the bottom of the stairs, if there is though, take him out when no one is near and bag him up. Go up to the roof and dump the bag here if you had to kill a guard.

Pick the lock on the door to the stairs inside, then head to the bottom floor to check whether the door is open there. It isn't open on lower difficulties, but on Deathwish, it can be open. If it's open, then you need to be aware that guards may go up and down the stairs at times, so be on the lookout. If it's not open, then the stairs are your safe place to sit until you are able to make a move.

The first thing you'll need to do now is to find the manager and get his keycard. He can appear in a lot of locations, as far as I have seen, all on the top floor. He is in a black suit and balding on the top of his head. Make sure no one is around, or in the case people are, as few casualties as possible to save body bags, then take him out and quickly grab the keycard and hide the body on the roof.

Use this keycard to get into his office. In here will be a whiteboard with the name of a new employee on it. There are 2 sets of cubicles where this persons computer can be, upstairs right opposite his office, or downstairs at the back of the building. Carefully look through all the computers and the nameplates above them until you find the right one. When you do, start the hack on it. Now here's where you could run into trouble. If a guard patrols just outside the room whilst the hack is going, they WILL walk in. So be prepared to take a guard or two out here.

Once that step is done, make your way back out to the front of the building, being careful of guards and the roaming civilians outside, and grab the C4. Plant the 4 of them in the designated spots, then head back to where you found the storage room, which should now be open. Be aware, this heist goes loud after this next bit starts, and you will have a time limit to finish the heist. Grab the keys, go to the cars downstairs, and unlock then get in it. At this point, the C4 you planted will explode, creating a hole into a tunnel below to drive through. Follow the tunnel and try to keep as much speed as you can whilst being careful of objects in your path. Once you get out of the tunnel, quickly park the car in a crate and run for the escape van. If you didn't make it in time, enjoy trying this awful heist again from the beginning.

Cook-Off (Loud)

Assets: Grenade Case. Floodlights. Ammo Bag. Doctor Bag

Solo/Co-op: I would advise doing this heist in co-op, as having an actual player there with Inspire is more helpful than the AI, they will also take down enemies much faster.

The way this heist works is very simple. You will have ingredients around the house. The ingredients will be in these locations: The truck outside the house, the 2 sheds that need their doors opened, the basement of the house (accessed from outside) and the bathroom in the house. With the ingredients on the map, you should have enough to make the 3 bags you need to escape. Try not to mash cn_RB as you pick up the ingredients, as if there are duplicates, it will sometimes pick up both but only give you one.

Now when it comes to producing the meth, Bain will tell you which ingredient to put into the mix next. DO NOT put what he says first in. Wait till he says again what the ingredient is, as he will either repeat it or correct himself. Putting in the wrong ingredient will blow the lab up which fails the heist. There is no real strategy that will work for this heist besides simply defending your position well enough. Once you have 3 bags and the van arrives, quickly take all 3 bags and throw them in the van, then escape to finish this heist on Deathwish. Honestly, quite simple and easy as well.

Diamond Store (Stealth)

Assets: Body Bags

Solo/Co-op: Now this heist doesn't really differ doing it in solo or co-op, it's pretty easy either way and doesn't benefit from aggressive stealth for one reason. That is, that if you shoot any of the glass cases before using the manager's keycard to disable the silent alarms triggered by breaking them, you will fail stealth, and this heist is far harder and longer loud than it is in stealth.

Start off by going down the alley to the left of the building, if there is a civilian there, just walk a bit past them and then put your mask on. Now it is very rare that a security door isn't on the side here (meaning the security room can only be accessed from inside the building), if it isn't there, just restart, it's far harder with the camera's all being active. Also look for a camera above the door, if there is one, shoot it, as it will draw a guard out in a little bit. Pick the lock and kill the guard inside. Now quickly exit the room and go round the corner, there will be a civilian walking towards you, kill them as close to the corner as possible. There will be one that comes from the other way, again kill them around the corner if you can (if you have a silenced Judge shotgun, use it to propel them where you want).

It's easier to just kill all of the civilians in this level. Now if there was a camera above the security door, wait for a bit till a guard from inside comes into the alley to investigate. Kill him and bag his body, putting it in the security room. If there wasn't a camera, disregard this. Kill all of the civilians out the back of the building and watch for ones that walk the streets (watch for alerted civilians, as some may return to the map if they left it before you got to this part).

Head up the stairs at the back of the store and pick the lock. If you didn't get the extra guard in the alley, your goal up here is to kill the 3 remaining guards and the manager up here out of view of the civilians in the store. Do this nearer the end of the hallway, away from the stairs into the store, as if a guard comes up, they might see the body or you.

Once they're all dead, grab the keycard from the manager's body. Check the 2 offices for a keypad, this is what disables the silent alarm on the cases. If it's not in either of these 2 rooms, check the security room first. If it's not there, then it's at the bottom of the stairs in the store. Disable the silent alarm, put down one of your ECM's and begin killing the remaining civilians on the map. Start with those in the store, then those just outside it, finally the man in the store next to the diamond store.

Now just start breaking open cases and bagging up jewellery. You might as well get every bag, and it gets you a bit more XP for doing so. As said, this is a pretty easy heist and shouldn't take many attempts.

Jewelry Store (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

If you own the Butcher's Mod Pack, then there is an achievement for going loud in this heist, which is:

  • Private Party

    Jewlery Store - Don't let the cops enter the store until the van comes back on OVERKILL or above.

    Private Party

On Overkill or above, you can't let any police enter the store before the van comes back. It really isn't that hard. Do not open any of the windows in the back of the store, as this will just cause you to fail. If you have AI on, then get them to stay out the front of the store so they can see all the police on the street. Now just camp out front and occasionally go down the alley on either side of the building to check for police that come over the fences there. Once the van comes back, if no one entered the store (cloakers don't count, as they spawn in there), then you will get the achievement.

This achievement can glitch on you when playing online. Attempt in co-op or online in general at your own risk. If it doesn't unlock, Go Offline from Network settings, boot up the game, fulfil the achievement requirements AND finish the heist, then go back online and boot the game up to unlock the achievement.

Assets: None needed

Solo: So this heist is pretty easy, but may take a few attempts due to the random number of guards that can spawn on this map. Sometimes it can be 2 or 3 guards, but in rare cases, I have seen 5 or 6 in the store, which makes stealthing this pretty much impossible without being caught. Start by going into the alley on the left. There will most likely be a fence here (there have been very few attempts where there wasn't for me). Put on your mask here, and look for a small set of pipes sticking out on the right of the fence. Stand in the corner of the fence and try to jump back and right until you land on a higher ledge. From here you should be able to just jump over the fence and get round the back of the building.

Take out and answer the pagers of any guards out back, bagging the bodies up if they're in sight of a window. Go round to the other side from the fence you jumped over and open up one of the windows here. Kill anyone that is in the back of the store first and put your drill on the safe in the back now, to save time later. Just keep an eye on it as you do the rest of the heist, as this is where the last 2 bags you'll need are. Now head to the front of the store and start killing everyone.

Once that's done, put down an ECM and kill everyone outside. There are some people who will walk down the streets from off the map, so be prepared to run outside again to kill them. Starting smashing cases and running bags to the van whilst checking the drill. Once the safe is open, grab the last 2 bags and escape.

Co-op: Start the heist out the same as you would solo, so at least someone is around the back. Start putting the ECM's down, having one or two guys handling the front of the store and outside, one in the back, and one out back. Once they wear off, make sure everyone is by a body depending on the number of guards, then set the drill as usual and get on with the heist. Really a simple and easy stealth heist.

Shadow Raid (Stealth/Aggressive Stealth Required)

There is also another achievement in this heist, which if you have 3-4 players available, will make it easier, due to how heavy the loot is, and having more ECM time. You need to steal the Samurai Armor in the main warehouse. Use the same pre-planning as above and do this on Normal. To get into the vault, you need 2 keycards which need to be inserted within 10 seconds of each other. One keycard will always be on the guy watching the camera's on the top floor. The other can be on a civilian outside, or any guard that patrols around the main warehouse near the door itself. Once you have 2 keycards, get your ECM's ready, open the vault, place them down and move that armor to the dumpster outside. If you're on Normal, just get to the van after, and you will unlock:

Assets: Thermite Paste Dead Drop - Sidewalk Outside Compound. Spycam Surveillance - Warehouse Front Doors. Bag Zip-line Additional Mission Equipment - Zip-line to River Tug

Solo: Okay, so this heist can be pretty annoying. You need 12 bags of loot, there are A LOT of random spawns for all of this loot, some of it being very hard to reach undetected. By default, doing this heist will get you an achievement:

Starting off, grab the Thermite Paste on the sidewalk that you placed, if playing solo, look for a manhole cover just before the alley on your left. Open it and go down, use the paste and go back up for the other, using on the next sewer grate you see. This allows you easy access from the main warehouse back to the van, making it much easier to move bags. Now go down that alley on the left, be careful though as there is a guard that patrols here. Either carefully go around him, or go up the ladder on the left, jump to the roof across and carefully land on the top of the fence below.

Hopefully, there isn't a guard ahead by the door, if there is, you're going to have to take him out. Just throw his body in the water. Follow round the back of the warehouse, being wary of camera positions. You'll find some stairs in a small building here; go up them to the container yard. I like to personally start here with the zip-line, as it means I can get a few bags guaranteed, but if I'm lucky, then up to 6 bags on the best run I've seen. Carefully manoeuvre around this area, only opening what is closer to where you came from, not the main gate. If you're lucky, you'll get a few bags you can take to the zip-line and maybe even a crowbar.

Now it's time to enter the warehouse itself. Get back to the manhole cover you originally went down and follow the sewer. Go up the ladder at the end here, as this will lead into the main room just inches from the main warehouse. Look on the shelves here and behind where you come up, as there is a possibility for 2 bags of loot. If there is anything, bag it and throw it down into the sewer where no one can see the bag. If you have a crowbar, head through the door in front of you, if not, then it's time to find one in a pretty common spawn. Go right and take a left at the stairs, instead of going up them. The room at the end on the left should be a kitchen, and a lot of the time there is a crowbar on the table here.

In the warehouse itself, there are a lot of boxes that need to be opened, it's entirely random how many will have loot in them, so hope you get lucky and get most of your 12 here. If you don't it's time to go upstairs and search for more loot here. This is pretty much every location that will contain loot, getting it out is a judgement call from the top floor, as it's a risk to go back downstairs. Once you get the 12th bag back, get in the escape zone and you're done with one overly annoying stealth heist.

Co-op (4 people only):

Assets: Loot Drop Off Point Backup - Warehouse Doors Garbage

This method really won't work without 4, as you rely on having 4 minutes of ECM time, with the 30-60 seconds of the alerted timer. I would suggest going through the container yard before going ECM crazy, as this still takes some time if you get a heavy piece of loot. Once you have a few bags, make sure you have found some crowbars (maybe 2 at the very least), then place down the first ECM and start running through the warehouse grabbing everything and leaving it in the dumpster out the front of the warehouse. Have one crowbar per floor to get this done quicker, then sprint for the van.

Transport: Crossroads, Downtown, Harbor, Park and Underpass (Loud)

Assets: Doctor Bag. Ammo Bag. Expert Driver (optional)

Solo/Co-op: These are heists I would heavily suggest doing co-op as everyone can tinker their builds a bit to make these go even faster. 4 players would be ideal to finish these as fast as possible. I say this, as 2 people can put upgrades into shaped charges, to allow them to carry enough to blow open 3 trucks easily, then one person would run a regular build, whilst the final would upgrade the OVE9000 SAW and ammo to open the locks faster in the trucks. If running with 2 or 3, then prioritise having one with a SAW and 2 with inspire.

Opening just 2 or 3 trucks will usually yield enough loot to finish the heist. Having a SAW just speeds up the process of opening the shutters in the trucks, as they can take a long time to pick the locks. However, whilst doing these heists (or running through on Normal after if you do not get the item), there is a random spawn on some runs that will put a set of plans for the Train Heist in one of the trucks. Picking this up unlocks:

As I said, if you do not get this during your Deathwish runs, just keep restarting on Normal until you find it (and yes, the Train Heist is required to get the Deathwish achievement). Again, being a loud heist, there are no real tips to give for survival, that all comes down to experience with the game and your team.

Transport: Train Heist (Stealth)

Assets: Body Bags

Solo/Co-op: Just as an FYI, I did find this mission a bit easier by going loud when in co-op, but solo, it would be advisable to do it in stealth.

As said in the other transport heists guide, you will need to find the plans for this in one of the trucks to unlock it. This mission takes a fair bit of time, as you need to move a turret and 20 bags of ammo, so you're in this one for the long haul.

From the start, grab the hard drive, as this is needed to open the vaults (will take 2 minutes each), grab the extra body bag too, you're going to need a few. Go through the fence ahead, there will be a total of 3 guards and 3 civilians who patrol or sit idle in this area (If you spawn down the hill, just restart). When it is safe, take out the guards and civilians one by one as far from the train as you can, bagging them up and hiding them. One of these guys will usually drop a keycard, if not, one of the other civilians in the level will have another, so you will need to get one.

Carefully start going down the doors of the train, using keycards where you have them, ECM's if you run out. There are 3 vaults to find and 6 doors to open. When you find a vault door, use the camera so you can use the hard drive to begin the hack, just try to stay hidden for 2 minutes. During most of these phases, you will have to find a power box, so carefully make your way to whichever if marked. If you have 2 players, have one sit at a distance and tag the guards, there are quite a few that patrol the train area, and can come from above it if not careful.

Once the vault is open, it is up to you whether you want to just take the turret straight away or not. Either way, you're moving 23 bags. Get all 3 vaults open and being to move the loot, it will take a long time as it is heavy, so be aware of that when moving it. Once you have the amount you need, just go to the escape to finish.

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