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First World Bank (Stealth)

Assets: Body Bags.

Solo/Co-op: There is a lot of randomisation to this heist, so I will try to describe all of the locations of each item/person/event as best as I can. Also, DO NOT kill any guards before you are in the vault area, as you pretty much need to eliminate all of these guys otherwise this area can be a pain to get through.

The first step is to find the bank manager. Don't put on your mask yet as you'll want to explore the level a little bit first. There are multiple locations for the manager, one is on the balcony in front of you when you enter, one spot is also behind the tellers' desks here too (there's a long wall behind them, here is where he can be, in my opinion, one of the worst two spots he can be in). If he's not in these spots, go to the room to the left and there are 2 small offices off to the side, in one of them is another possible location and one of the more favourable ones. Next, go to the right side and go upstairs, in the conference room here is another spot, on the balcony up here and in an office in the corridor on the right (the office is the other bad spot in my opinion). Also, look out for where the computers are (left or right when entering) as you'll need to reach these later.

The conference room is a decent spot, as you can kill everyone in there, use the button to close the shutters and move the few bodies that are in view of the door. Before killing the manager though, we have 2 power boxes that would be preferable to find (one is in a room we will unlock later), they are upstairs, so without getting too close to guards so as not to be seen, search for these too.

With that done, subdue or kill the manager and grab his keycard, then go to the marked room and open it with the keycard (there's usually a camera here, so be careful). Open and rewire the 3 boxes whilst being careful of the 2-3 guards that usually patrol upstairs. The next step is to hack computers until you find the right one that will give you the gate code, then get to the opposite side (use the upstairs to get over there) to get to the gate. Wait for the employee to approach the gate and dismiss the guards before going down, otherwise, you'll be spotted.

Once the prompt appears, enter the code and wait for the employee to open the gate. In this next area, be very careful, there can be civilian spawns in the room you enter into. Watch out for cameras and try to make it to the other end of the vault. There is a civilian in here, kill him and bag him if need be, then we need to take out the 4 guards in this area to make it a lot easier. Whilst doing this, be on the lookout for a 2nd keycard (there is one always in the room with the civilian that watches the cameras). Once the 4 guards are down and hidden, grab the randomly placed keycard and insert it into the slot in the camera room, then quickly grab the one in here and insert it at the vault entrance.

Now we just need to move bags and throw them in the vent to land near the exit. Take as many as you want, as this part and the loading part will have no guards in them now. Once this is done, go back to the insider and get upstairs ahead of them. They will open a door that leads through some offices and to the exit (I don't remember if it's always here, but the exit is usually on the right upstairs if looking in from the entrance of the bank).

In these offices, you can either kill everyone or stealth through, whatever gets you through without the alarm being raised. There are usually 2 cops here too (they don't have pagers, so feel free to kill them). Now just get downstairs, throw the bags into the garbage truck and escape.

Slaughterhouse (Loud)

Assets: Grenade Case. Doctor Bag. Ammo Bag

Solo/Co-op: You will start off on a rooftop without your mask on, waiting for an ambush to happen. Start by looking down the alleyway, when you put your mask on automatically lookout for a truck. When it appears, shoot the windscreen so it is cracked (this just puts the truck in a more favourable position later in the heist). Once the ambush is complete, head down the stairs and kill everyone in your path till you reach the back door to the slaughterhouse. Find the bag of C4 and blow open the door, once inside you will see the truck dangling from the ceiling (it would be further back and in a different position had you not shot the windscreen). Shoot the wires holding it up and set the C4 on the back door.

Start the drill, which will take a few minutes to complete. During this time, scour the slaughterhouse to find 2 gas cans and a keycard if possible, as you will at least need the gas cans to progress in the heist. Once the safe is open, start putting the bags of gold onto the conveyor belts to go all the way to the entrance of the place. Once you get outside, you will be told about putting up a smokescreen for the helicopters, place your first gas can here and grab the other you found on your way back into the slaughterhouse. Keep moving bags till all of them are in the container, then set the gas can in the blue container and use the crane.

You'll have to hold out for a couple of minutes before you use the crane a second time to move the gold. Once this is done, you'll have to escape. Blue containers are the key. They will be the only ones you can open if you can't find a way to the escape. Once there, ignite the trap by holding cn_RB and get in the escape area to finish a hectic yet easier heist.


Lab Rats (Loud)

Assets: Grenade Case. Doctor Bag. Ammo Bag

Solo/Co-op: For those that have played the Rats job, this is basically a big scale version of just day 1 cooking. You only need to produce one lot to escape, so get that done and just escape. I would highly recommend at least 2 people, as this can be quite hectic solo.

So what happens here is that there will be 9 bags of ingredients, 3 of each type. You have to take them up in sets of 3 at a time when Bain calls out the ingredient. As far as I have seen in multiple runs, he will do 3 in a row of the ingredient before calling out a new one. To get up to the different places where you can drop the ingredients, there are 2 ways. Near the start is a zipline that will lead to the Muriatic Acid drop, with a way to reach the Hydrogen Chloride and Caustic Soda drop from there. On the other side of the map is a way to just simply walk up, it's riskier to reach, but you will use it a bunch anyway as the ingredients drop all over the map.

At the start, there is a varying group of enemies that could be outside the truck, either a green dozer with a tazer, a black dozer, or a group of shields. Take them out, and follow the objective to get the ingredients dropped. From here there really is no solid advice to give, with it being a loud heist. Just play carefully and take your time, making sure to have Bain repeat himself, so you don't put in the wrong ingredient.

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