8. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Mission Walkthrough - HectorUpdate notes

Firestarter (Loud/Stealth)

Day 1 (Loud)

There is also an achievement for getting every weapon out on this day. You can attempt this on Deathwish if you want, but it's advisable to do it on a lower difficulty, as you will not only have to move fewer weapons, but the risk of death is lower. Depending on the difficulty, find the open hangar(s), then start getting any trucks and weapon cases open. Move them one by one if playing solo, or multiple at a time if in co-op till every case if empty. If you have cleared out every weapon case, Bain will say you've cleaned the hangar out, otherwise, there's still at least 1 more to find. As soon as you put the last one in the truck the achievement will unlock.

Assets: Grenade Case, Doctor Bag and Ammo Bag

Solo/Co-op: This day will have you stealing weapons from a hangar. I highly advise if playing co-op, that only 1 or 2 people move bags, whilst the others protect them, as you move very slowly when carrying them. To start off, cut a hole in the fence and go down the hill. The open hangar(s) will have people outside of them. Be prepared for a fight. Kill them and get into the hangar. If there are any trucks, get the drills on them to get them open, as well as find any weapon cases sitting around the hangar that aren't in there. Get the bare minimum you need back to the van and escape, as this day is annoying enough as it is as you can get downed and surrounded quite easily in the hangar.

Day 2 (Loud or Stealth/Aggressive Stealth)

Assets (for stealth only): Body Bags, Camera Feed, and Spotter

Solo: In solo, it might be easier to go loud if you're confident you can survive, or try to stealth this. If you're going loud, you need to open the server room and get the server back to the van. Simple, but a lot of waiting for the drill. In stealth, you need to hack the computer to reveal 2 boxes that you need to cut the wires in to disable the alarm. Once that is done, pick the lock on the server room, grab it and get back to the van. The reason this is so hard in solo, is there are a lot of guards on the map, a lot of the possible locations are in guards patrol paths or in their line of sight a lot, and realistically you can't kill any guards, as you'd be seen whilst answering the pager.

Co-op: This is the easier method. Have everyone bring 2 ECM jammers that are fully upgraded to allow yourself enough time once caught to get out. Go through as normal, trying to reach and hack the computer at least before getting caught. If you do get seen, throw down ECM's one at a time and get on with the rest of the objectives hopefully before they run out.

There isn't a lot of real guidance to give for this day, as there's no set guard spawns or patterns, same with there being a lot of locations for the computer and the server room, which a lot I don't remember myself as I only got to experience a few locations in my attempts.

Day 3 (Stealth)

Day 3 is just another bank job. I'm not going to go in-depth on how to do this since I have already covered it in Bain's contract page. The only difference between the regular bank jobs and this one is that you have to burn a pile of money and place a camera when you get into the vault. Feel free to open safe boxes during this time, but after that is done, you can just sprint to the van to finish.

Rats (Loud)

Day 1 (Loud)

There is a very simple achievement on this day. When Bain tells you what ingredient to put in, put a different one in to blow up the lab, unlocking:

Assets: Grenade Case, Ammo Bag, Doctor Bag and Floodlights

Solo/Co-op: Day 1 of Rats has you cooking meth (3 bags are needed to get to the 2nd day on this difficulty). You will find 3 types of ingredients, on the map, all 3 of which will need to be used once per bag of meth produced. 7 bags can be made in total, whilst this gives more XP, it is better to cook only 3 on Deathwish to get through it faster and without risking restarting the day. The 3 ingredients you will find are Hydrogen Chloride, Caustic Soda and Muriatic Acid, shown as Hcl, Cs, and Mu at the bottom when you have them picked up. You will find ingredients in 5 places: The basement of the house, the bathroom on the ground floor of the house, the 2 sheds outside the house and the truck parked between the 2 sheds on lower ground than them.

Make your way into the house and kill anyone in there. The cooks are dead, so you will need to cook the meth yourself, with the help of Bain who tells you which ingredient to put in. DON'T put whatever he tells you to put in straight away. Sometimes he gets the wrong ingredient, so wait till he says the ingredient twice to make sure it's the right one to put in. You now need to hold out till you can make 3 bags of meth with the supplies you find. Once you have 3 bags, you need to hold out a bit longer for the escape van to arrive, then move the bags to it and escape. Not many tips to give, besides scouting for planks before the police assault starts to board up the windows, and to take out snipers as soon as they spawn, as they will one-shot you.

Day 2 (Loud)

Assets: None

Solo/Co-op: This day is a trade for the meth you cooked in day 1. It can go one of three ways. The trade can go off fine, with you getting the intel. The trade gets raided by the police, or the guys turn on you. Assuming it goes any way but the first way, you will need to find and open the safe that contains the intel before the burn it. There are 3 buildings with multiple locations for safes to appear and not appear. Usually, 2 or 3 will spawn per run, so look through each room carefully to find them. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have one person bring C4/Shaped Charges to open the safe sooner so you can escape sooner.

There isn't a massive guide to give on this day, as there is only 1 room you can enter per apartment block which can have 2-3 locations for a safe to possibly spawn per room. Once you get the intel, get back to the van to escape. If you're lucky you'll avoid all fighting and get the first scenario.

Achievement: There is also an achievement on this day, which I recommend on a lower difficulty. Start off by cooking the few bags on day 1, then at the start of day 2 go through with the trade as normal. Once the info and cash location has been pointed out, kill the gang members and go and blow open the safe which has the info. Now stealth the bags of cash and take back the bags of meth and secure them all. Doing so will unlock:

  • Caribbean Pirate

    On day 2 of the Rats job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead.

    Caribbean Pirate

Day 3 (Loud)

Assets: Ace Pilot (Only if you're going for the money bags, not advised on Deathwish)

Solo/Co-op: This day is quite simple and can take about a minute if you're fast. You need to get to the bus and kill everyone inside. That's it. If you wish, there are suitcases inside filled with money, some contain C4, so you will need to defuse it before it goes off. If you choose to do this, then you need to wait for the pilot and throw all of the bags into the helicopter then escape. If you're not going for the money get straight to the escape point to finish the heist.

Watchdogs (Loud)

Day 1 (Loud)

Assets: Grenade Case, Ammo Bag, Doctor Bag, Armored Escape

Solo/Co-op: You'll start this day in the back of a truck with multiple bags of coke. When the doors open, you will have a large group of police in front. You'll want to move all of the bags into the building behind you and upstairs, this is just a good centre point depending on where the drop-off point for the bags ends up being on the map. You'll have to hold out for a while till the driver arrives, in the meantime, be careful, as there may be a sentry gun truck in the middle of the road. Once it arrives, start moving the bags towards the location as a group, and decide whether you're going to throw them all in or just enough to complete the day. Either way, decide before throwing any in, as once you hit the required amount, the escape driver will be in very quickly. This brings us to:

  • Coming in Hot

    On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.

    Coming in Hot

You need to get to the escape vehicle before it is destroyed. It can be destroyed quite fast, so this is why I suggested buying Armored Escape. Get to the road and take cover before the driver arrives. Once he arrives, quickly get to the car to escape before it gets destroyed to unlock the achievement.

Day 2 (Loud)

Assets: Grenade Case, Ammo Bag, Doctor Bag, Sniper

Solo/Co-op: You'll start off day 2 in a dock. Start by throwing a loot bag into the water for:

  • Fish A.I.

    On day 2 of the Watchdogs job, throw a loot bag into the sea, hoping fish move away as it gets near.

    Fish A.I.

Pick up a bag and go call the loot boat (for some reason when playing this mission recently, I was able to get the base amount of bags needed to escape, but the boat is meant to return for more). Move all of the bags into the main building and wait for it to arrive. Start moving bags one by one when it does and throwing them into the boat (again, it is meant to return, you can either wait once you hit the objective amount or get out). Once it has 4 bags on board, it'll go away and return to pick up more. Once you have enough bags, decide whether to get them all or leave. If you're going to leave, at least grab 1 bag each for the extra money at the end (especially if you're not Infamy V yet, as you need $200m offshore each time before that anyway).

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