9. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Mission Walkthrough - The ButcherUpdate notes

The Bomb: Dockyard (Loud)

There is a Meth Lab that can spawn on this map (I don't know if it's always guaranteed to spawn) It will spawn in one of the shipping containers on the boat, so open them all up. If you find it, you'll get an achievement:

Assets: Boat Escape & Crowbar (location of your choice, might as well be at the entrance you start at)

Solo/Co-op: I would try to recommend stealth on this heist, but it really is one of the hardest stealth heists to pull off. There are a ton of guards and civilians as well as 2 camera guys, along with it being a massive map in general. So loud will be a bit different and obviously more time confusing. To start, once you go loud you'll need to light a flare to get a C4 drop from Bain. Blow up the dock gate that you would've used keycards to open it up with when in stealth.

Now you'll need to hack the ship control terminal. Before starting the hack, look for the power boxes, there will be 2 on the building that the computer is in. If you can defend the power boxes for the duration of the hack, you'll unlock:

Now, in general, you'll need to be careful on this map with it being so open and there being A LOT of FBI that spawns in. So stick close if you're in co-op (if in solo, maybe stealth will be the way to go, it will be easier, but more time consuming more likely). Once the hack has finished, you'll need to wait for the boat to move, so in this time make your way to the left side of the map and down to the dock which will be blocked off by a fence gate for now. Hold out here till the boat docks and make your way onto it.

You'll now need to drill the containers open (if you need the Meth Lab achievement, drill them all open in hopes that it spawns). Once you find the bomb since we bought the boat escape (it has been a while so this MAY not be the case if I'm remembering wrong), throw the bags into the water, and they will spawn by the boat. Throw the bags in, then escape to finish this heist.

The Bomb: Forest (Loud)

There is an achievement that is a bit hit and miss on whether you can actually get it per run of this heist. When you get to the point of pumping water into the Train Car, you need to hope it's the option where you pump it from the river. If it is, you need to make sure the police don't disconnect the hose to unlock:

  • Pump It Up

    On Bomb: Forest, stop the cops from disconnecting the water hose whilst using the river water pump.

    Pump It Up

Assets: Demolition Expert (I believe you can set 3 locations, choose 3 that are best for you. If you want to try the pump achievement, put them by the river), Ace Pilot and a Better Pump, Ladder & Crowbar

Solo/Co-op: At the start, grab the Crowbar, Ladder and some Thermal Paste. Make your way to the train cars on the hill and start opening up the doors. If they contain cages, start putting drills on as this will come in handy if they are open before you get the vault sorted. Some cars will only be accessible via a ladder. So place it and get on top, remembering to grab you ladder again once you get off. Once you find the vault, you need to use the Thermal Paste to burn a hole in the vault. During this time, restart any drills and open up other cars. If these cars have crates in them, crowbar them open as we need to find some C4 for later.

Once the Thermal Paste has burned through, either a Helicopter will come to pump water into the car, which will take multiple trips, or you will need to connect it to the river. The river will allow you to get an achievement if you don't let the police disconnect the hose. Either way, this takes a while for the car to fill up with water. Once it is filled, you need to use C4 to blow it open (this is why I suggested getting the drills going straight away, so you could find the C4 by the time you get to this objective).

All that is left now is to take the bomb parts back to where we started, drop them off and escape. Overall one of the harder loud heists as it's a very open environment with very little cover and multiple snipers spawning frequently. This is one I would heavily advise doing in co-op. If you're lucky, the Deathwish achievement may unlock early (I've heard reports it is linked to just doing a set number of heists on Deathwish, and not all the specific heists), meaning you can avoid this heist.

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