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Peggle 2
Type Game
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer PopCap
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 09 Dec 2013
Last check 31 May 2020
Last on sale 12 May 2020
Release date 09 Dec 2013

Peggle 2 is a magical game full of bouncing balls, magical pegs and bricks made of pure compressed joy! Test your luck and skill by clearing pegs, bashing bricks and timing your shots just right to achieve EXTREME FEVER! Discover 5 magical Peggle Masters and use their preposterous powers over 120 levels and trials to shatter expectations and acquire high scores beyond the realm of plausibility ! And then, once you've honed your talents, deploy them against others in 4-player Peg party mode, or against a single opponent in Duel mode.

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United States $11.99 View
United Kingdom £9.99 View
Europe €11.99 View
Australia $15.95 View
Canada $11.99 View
Brazil R$23.00 View
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Included in
PopCap Bundle

Bundle contains Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, 200,000 Coins for use in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, and Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition.

Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition

Experience Peggle 2 in its ultimate form, with the Magical Masters Edition! Complete with all the add-on content released to date - new Masters, Costumes, levels, challenges, and more - this edition is bursting with value (and rainbows)! Test your luck and skill in Peggle 2 by clearing pegs, bashing bricks and timing your shots just right to achieve EXTREME FEVER!

Peggle 2 - Shiver Me Timbers Costume Pack

Ahoy hearties! The Peggle masters are loading their cannons for battle on the briny deep. Join the adventure in the swashbuckling Shiver Me Timbers Costume Pack. All seven masters are decked out to sail the seven seas, and they’re searching for a courageous captain to take the helm. Don’t be a land lubber. Hop aboard!

Peggle 2 - Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Costume Pack

Red Alert! Our humble heroes have been hybridized into Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare fighting machines. But whose side are they on? Find out in this action packed costume collection, which contains 7 combat ready costumes with updated sounds - one for each soldier- er, master.

Jimmy Lightning Master Pack

Lightning’s struck Peggle 2 – Jimmy Lightning! The star Peggle gopher is back with his unbelievable Multiball power, updated and awesomized for Peggle 2! His Master Pack features a host of all-new amazements: 10 levels, 10 trials, 30 objectives and 3 achievements. Join Jimmy for some frantically fabulous Peggle 2 action today!

Peggle 2 Windy the Fairy Master Pack

Peggle 2 has a new Master – Windy the Fairy! Her Fairy Flock power transforms lowly blue pegs into ferociously high-scoring purple pegs. Simple shots become Free Ball-earning monsters and great shots titanic monuments of points. Windy’s Master Pack has 10 new levels, 10 new trials, 30 additional objectives, 3 costumes and 3 new achievements!

Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 200,000 Coins

Get 135,000 coins, plus 65,000 bonus coins for use in the PvZ Garden Warfare Sticker Shop