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  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5823,005
    12 Dec 2013
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    Peggle is a game that is filled with the upmost positive tune of magical creatures and creepily cheerful music. Let your magical unicorn guide Bjorn take you on a mystical tour across the lands as you switch between masters learning their skills in the way of Peggling or other as I call it. Each will bring a differing take on dot shooter that is somewhat reminiscent of I would say Plinko where you are trying to knock out the orange pegs with shot balls. It seems like a complicated thing through description though it really is
    as simple as taking aim and firing in an attempt to hit the designated pegs while trying to pin mad scores. I won't say that there isn't skill or coordination to annihilating the all pegs, but I found my best shots were of luck creating some crazy moments. These moments are definitely special and could really happen at any particular time during your journey through Peggle's many varying levels. These levels are split into sections of ten with bonus trials that are combined underneath a master or teacher as you could put it. The
    masters are each given an introduction and give you a differing skill that will help you complete their puzzles. Alongside the skill the masters have a different feel or artistic world to explore. Even being on the side and not at centered stage I found these masters to have interesting characters bursting with random bits of emotional cheer. Eventually completing all their levels they will be unlocked for use and selection based on your preference with even more unlocks available as you continue to progress. After everything is
    said and done as far as regular process you will most definitely feel the need to go back in order to further your scores or even finish all the bonus rainbow challenges present that you can.

    The online mode bits you instantly in a party of four with fierce competitions in map selections voted by the people and then battled in. Everyone will compete at the exact same time and played during a series of rounds to see whom can chain scores to create the highest scores. After every round there is a score comparison or if you are finished early you can view the other boards to see how they are shaping up. This is a great mode to compete with friends or even others online, I will note at this moment that more modes will be
    available for free at a later time, but are not included in this review. The gameplay portion of the game looks great with beautiful art styles and enchanting music. The characters are all neat presenting a differing style to the levels you bring them into. The overall style of the game is really interesting and quite addicting to whomever gives it a try.

    The Conclusion
    Peggle 2 is magnificent title for Xbox One that no one should avoid, it brings just a joyous time with a ton of gameplay. The characters are crazy with unique personalities despite really just sorta being there and those puzzles are so addicting. Whether it be just for crazy enjoyment or high scores Peggle will give you exactly what you want and shoot streaks of crazy at you everytime you finish a level. I had a great time with the game and will continue to for a long time with the multiplayer and going back to up any past scores. Each movement through the pegs are magical and I celebrate too intensely when a great shot is performed or feel lots of pressure when ball count is low when the orange peg count be high. A final note is that I did find a couple crashes to dashboard which really wasn't too negative when they hit and that at times the game does take liberty with the DVR system. All in all you will want to play this amazing title for now and for a long time ahead.

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    BiGPaPaRuI signed up with the new EA Access Hub and Peggle 2 is one of the introductory titles for this new service. With Battlefield 4, Madden 25, and Fifa 14 all offered as well, I thought to myself, I'm nor going to play this game, looks stupid and for children. Still with my negative thoughts, I figured what the hell, let's give it a shot. Now 3 days later i've nearly completed the game and am so glad that I decided to give it a try. I agree with your entire review, i'm addicted!!! Great Review!!!
    Posted by BiGPaPaRu on 29 Aug 14 at 16:26
  • VanHow10VanHow10135,896
    26 Aug 2014
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    Peggle 2 (7.5 of 10)

    Peggle is hilarious. Something about this game allows you to spend countless hours trying to hit all those pegs. There are different characters that you can choose from, each with their own special ability that allows for an easier clear, or quick way to get all those points. The game itself has a relaxing vibe to it, and is hard to put down.

    Graphics (3 of 3): Don't expect a realistic game. You are bouncing a ball off pegs, trying to get points. How great could the graphics be? It is a cartoonish style graphic, the colors a bright, the pictures in the background are nice to look at. The characters are gorgeous, and hilarious all at the same time. It is an ascetically pleasing game.

    Multiplayer / Achievements (2 of 3): The multiplayer is actually pretty good. It allows you to play against others, either using the same game board, or your own. Both are based on who gets the most points. It is interesting, and again, pretty addicting. Achievements in this game are mostly a grind. You will get through the full game, and have 550+ GS, the remaining 450 gs though is pretty rough to get. You are required to finish certain challanges per level, and also they have game boards that have a goal you need to meet. Weather it is to get 750,000 points, or stay under 150,000. It keeps you interested, but gets to be quite the grind.

    Story / Replay (2 of 3): The game doesn't have a story. I am not sure how that would even work with this game. The replay though is there. It is nice to hop on if you have a few minutes to burn, finish a round or two, and go about your day. It seems to be the game I play if I am exhausted, or not in the mood for something fast. I also play this often when my child is hanging out, it is easy to pause whenever you need to.

    This game is probably one of the best arcade games you can currently get for the xbox one. It is addicting, easy, and quick. You dont need much attention towards the game either. I believe this game is under 20.00$, and is free if you have EA Acess (Highly recommended).

    Feel free to add me on twitch/twitter/blogspot/g+/trueachievements. My name thoughout the internet is "VanHow10". I play xbox one as if it was my job, and I try and stream as much as possible. Feel free to stop in and say hi.
  • AStarfoxAStarfox709,548
    01 Apr 2014
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    Having now completed this game and gained all possible achievements I would rate Peggle 8/10.

    The game is fairly basic and requires little thought to achieve level progression. Perfect if you’re in the mood for a light hearted game or just want to take some time out. For the price, I really can’t argue and have noticed it’s a really good game choice if you’re looking to boost your Gamerscore. You can achieve some 500G+ within half a day of gameplay. There are only a couple achievements which took me quite some time to get and they’re the objective based achievements whereby you’ve got to complete 3 optional objections in every level (Clear all pegs is time consuming and can be frustrating).

    Peggle gets quite addictive as well. Once you’ve started, you only want to play more.

    All in all, good game and strongly recommend.