1. Penarium Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Penarium! This is a fast-paced platformer, where you play as a chubby little boy that has mysteriously been roped into participating in a circus of sorts, where you must smash barrels while avoiding deadly obstacles at every jump.

The controls are as simple as they come: Left Thumbstick or D-pad to move, cn_A to jump. The game's depth comes from the randomly generated barrels, and the progressively difficult challenges. If you can't stand pixelated graphics, then this might not be for you, but if you like platformers and don't mind cheap deaths and a little frustration in the name of fun, then:

Step right up, step right up! Come get yer deaths here! We got fresh hot deaths, step right up!

Read that in a carny voice, otherwise I just look crazy. At the first outing, the game will seem simple enough, but rest assured that the challenges get tougher as time goes on in the campaign (for the most part). The Arcade mode will be the source of the real frustration though for most folks. There are three Campaign arenas, each with 10 challenges. Once you finish the campaign, you'll need to grind out 1000 deaths, as the deaths achievements aren't cumulative across both gametypes. They can be earned in either, but campaign is faster for the grind. Arcade will lead to frustration but hopefully not any broken controllers. Getting 150 barrels in a single run may be daunting for some. I failed once at 146 barrels and had a few choice words.

Overall, though, it really isn't too bad a completion. If you're moderately skilled at platformers, expect to get the 1k in around 5 hours or maybe less. Theoretically, it could be done in an hour or two, if you're really good. For other folks, it might stretch to a 7ish-hour completion, but hopefully not much longer for your controller's sake. Let's go to the pixelated circus, shall we?

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