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Posted on 18 March 10 at 04:37, Edited on 27 October 10 at 16:48
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Its great to have a classic on the N64, and a top of the line shooter even to today's standards, hitting the XBL Arcade at only 800 points! With that said, lets move to the review. Also don't forget to comment, I love to hear what you all have to say

Single Player headspin
Single player alone is worth the $10 price tag. Theres so many things happening all at once, and with a superb framerate, theres not much curbing my enjoyment. Its a blast to be able to beat up and shoot the very creators of the game itself in game. Agent difficulty leaves something to be desired though, the AI can be a bit chumpy when it comes to combat, but thats why theres 4 difficulties. Agent is a prime example of how the easy difficulty on games should be, fun to play, and not too much of a pain. Going up a difficulty doesn't add much to the difficulty until later levels, which is fine at first, but yet again leaves more to be desired. The other two levels, however, are a step up in difficulty, leaving the weak in the dust. Naked play on any of these two difficulties levels is next to impossible (Naked play=No weapons) Co-op and Counter-op just add to the excitement and fun, supporting local couch play or live play. 9/10

Multiplayer toast
Now this is where it gets interesting. Multiplayer is one of the best features, if not the best feature so far, of Perfect Dark. While the sim count is small, with only 7 sims at a time, compared to others, topping at 16, this reflects on the games age and also encourages PvP instead of PvC, which was one of the intents of releasing it with online play. Its great to revisit a classic with revamped controls, frame rate, and online capabilities. Even for the offline player, the sims have many, many, personalities to choose from, from fists only, to prey, and the list goes on. With so many customizable options, you could play for days before you experiance all that multiplayer has to offer. 10/10

Achievements compute
20 achievements for an arcade game may raise a few brows, but its actually better than the standard 12. Distribution of points is much smoother, no more 50 pointers slowing you down. The biggest one is a 20 point achievement for completing the game on its hardest difficulty. Now if more developers followed in these footsteps, we wouldn't have huge score games like Earth Defence Force, or Avatar, tainting the achievements and completion pool. All but a select few achievements are very easy to aquire, rather by story progression, or by playing one of the various modes. Theres also alot of diversity among the achievements, not focusing too much on story achievements, or on multiplayer. 10/10

Overall Game clap
I couldn't believe it when it was released at 800 points, I even saved up 1200 points expecting it to be worth much more than 800. Best value purchase on an Arcade Title to date for me. The download is a little steep though, clocking in at around 230MB, so pull out a magazine while it downloads. Hype factor is astonishing, specially for a game this dated, but it sure holds up to its title of one of the best FPS ever. Its age doesn't reflect on it like alot of the Arcade remakes do. It was ahead of its time in the gaming world, lacking from slow framerate, and couch play only. Now with Live enabled, and a fantastic framerate, you can't possibly go wrong. 10/10
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dataDyne 2023
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dataDyne 2023
Posted on 18 March 10 at 21:19, Edited on 19 March 10 at 13:53
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Perfect Dark Review by dataDyne 2023

Possible Spoilers (if you don't want to know weapon or level names)
I decided to write my first review! This guide should appeal to anyone new to the game with some incorporation for those thinking of buying the remake of a game they played 10 years ago! If you vote negative for this review please put a comment on why you didn’t like it so it helps me improve my review writing, if you cant’ be bothered or don’t want to help don’t bother voting at all, its not helpful. Anyway here goes:

Back in the day Goldeneye set the standard for First Person Shooters and to this day remains unbeatable by many. Perfect Dark came along and set a new standard and this remake is no different.

Graphics: 1080p HD at 60 Frames Per Second.
Sound: Original upgraded music and sound effects.
Achievements: 20 worth 200 Gamerscore.

Story Mode
In Perfect Dark, as you learn in the beginning sequence, you play as Joanna Dark, an agent from the Carrington Institute who is sent to infiltrate the dataDyne corporation, which is suspected of taking part of a government cover-up involving aliens and advanced technology. The adventure begins with Joanna working her way through dataDyne in search of Dr. Carroll, a scientist who is being held by dataDyne against his will. In a genre that is full of "space marine" clones, it's nice to see something different that plays at a different pace.

The single-player game is very well designed and a lot of fun. Rare has even thrown in one or two plot surprises and level design is extremely varied. Levels include dataDyne Corporation's HQ building, through a futuristic Chicago street, area 51 and even to another planet. Each environment is has different guards and enemies. And the enemy faces are randomly generated so that you'll not get tired of shooting the same person repeatedly.
Joanna has a variety of different weapons and gadgets, and she gets more and more as you progress through the single-player missions are completed. These range from the impressive Farsight, an alien sniper that enables you the ability to zoom in on enemies through walls via an x-ray-like scope, and the psychosis gun, which turns enemies into allies.
Thoughtful weapon balance keeps the action intense. As an example, the Farsight can home in on enemies through walls, but is quite slow moving and therefore very difficult to target moving enemies. Perfect Dark's theme allows for alien guns that fire lasers, as well as automatics and shotguns that spray bullets. As for gadgets, Joanna can use the Camspy, a small hovering camera, around levels to film hard to reach places like rooms overflowing with radiation. But it’s easily found by guards.
If you play through Perfect Dark on agent (easy), you’ll finish it in a couple of hours. But to truly finish the game you need to complete all the difficulties and all the challenges. The reason for this is there are many more things to do on the higher difficulties and you won't unlock all of the game's extras and cheats unless you play through it on the most difficult setting, which is sure to separate the hardcore gamers from the casual gamers.

+ Excellent Storyline
+ Amazing Characters, Gadgets and Guns
+ Superb Level Design
~ May be hard for some people on higher difficulties

Multiplayer Game Modes
Perfect Dark's multiplayer mode is great. It has some great level designs, all the weapons from single player (bar secondary functions) and Sims (up to 4 which means 12 people in one match. The best thing about Perfect Dark's multiplayer modes is the immense number of options and a level of customization that's you normally find in PC first-person shooters. From who gets to select the next map to a custom set of weapons to changing colours!
Both the Cooperative and Counter Operative modes are a great addition. The Cooperative mode, as it states, allows you and a friend to cooperatively play through the main story mode, splitscreen or over Xbox Live. This mode will provide hours of fun between friends. Also there is a mode called Counter Operative which is pretty unique to perfect dark. This mode allows a player and his friend to play through the story mode, one as Joanna and the other as all the enemies.

+ Many well designed levels
+ 40+ guns to choose from
+ Extremely in-depth customization of settings
+ Coop and Counter Op
~ Only 8 players in Multiplayer

Graphics and Sound
Where to start? Perfect Dark’s visuals where very good for the time it was released and this upgrade is no different. Rare and 4J have spend a great deal of time upgrading and perfecting the visuals so that they are fully HD compatible to 1080p resolution and the game now runs great at a smooth 60 frames per second (none of that slowdown / lag from the original). As a fan of the original Perfect Dark seeing it presented in these smart HD graphics just blows me away, I am amazed at how good of a job has been done. A person who hasn’t played the original however, may see it as a fairly good arcade game. The architecture is great, there is some really good dynamic lighting (if you shoot out individual lights, that area will become darker) and the transparency effects in glass are fantastic.
Perfect Dark’s characters and weapons are animated to a top-notch quality. As an example the reloading of the guns is so fluid it’s hard to pick a fault! Gunfire flash light up hallways, bullets leave bullet holes on walls and object, things explode with the classic Rare flames and blood splats out of enemies onto the floor and walls. There is even blur effects when you get punched in the head!
As for the sound, when you start the game and the PD logo appears, in full Dolby Surround Sound you can tell that a lot of effort has been put in from the music department. Perfect Dark features hours of ambient musical scores that sound similar to the old Goldeneye tracks, some brilliant weapon noises and all the in-game speech from the original. If you've got the proper stereo equipment, I definitely suggest using the Dolby Surround Sound.

+ Fantastic, upgraded 1080p HD graphics running at 60FPS
+ Good visual effects
+ Amazing, upgraded music and sound quality.

There are so many games that are hyped up a lot before release but don’t live up to those expectations and Perfect Dark won’t be joining them. Rare's futuristic FPS remake has amazing full 1080p HD graphics, many unlockables and options, a cooperative mode, a counter-operative mode, great bot setups, and a great all round multiplayer mode. Every one of these amazing features together make a complete and very advanced FPS that is way ahead of quite a few of the modern First Person Shooters out now. It's only right that this game got remade in High Definition, after all it was one of the best selling games on the N64. My congratulations to Rare & 4J for delaying the product enough so it was 'Perfect’ ? otherwise it may have failed like many remakes do in modern times.

5/5 – Presentation: Everything from the Story mode to the Carrington Institute menu area is just amazing
5/5 – Story: Immersing fairly long and cinematic story with a perfect balance of levels
4/5 – Multiplayer: From Coop to Counter op to multiplayer, there is a lot to keep you busy!
5/5 – Graphics: 1080p HD and 60 FPS, real-time lighting, solid animation, great architecture.
4/5 – Sound: In-game speech, fitting ambience, Dolby Digital surround sound and fast-paced music tracks.
5/5 – Gameplay: There is so much to do you will be busy for quite some time!
5/5 - Replay Value: Probably the best replay value on the 360 to date!

94% - Overall
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Grimdog John
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Grimdog John
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Posted on 19 March 10 at 11:13
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Whoa what a trip down memory lane!

Playing this game after so long made me release how easy games have become today. Gone are the days where you actually have to use your noggin to solve a puzzle; or at least play through a level around 5 times before finally beating it - whilst keep you completely captivated of course!

Instead we now have markers and pointers which send us on our way - pointing us in the exact location we need to be and in most cases telling us what we need to do. I'm not sure whether it's because games desginers feel people will lose interest rapidly if they can't get anywhere with a game - or whether we've all just become more impatient with games, but we need more games like this! I feel like I haven't used my brain in years!

The story is still as immense as it was back in the day. It's uncanny that exactly 10 years down the line I'm still glued to the TV in the wee hours of the morning in complete darkness. Not moving to eat, sleep or even take a whizz. Theres also a lot to do in this game - It's a completionist's wet dream. Not only do you have the game to beat on three difficulties - you have a series of multiplayer challenges to work through (which are still thumb blistereringly hard towards the end), a target range in which each weapon can be used to earn a bronze, silver or gold star, and not forgetting the elusive crowns, which are earned for completing various tasks throughout the whole game. This really will last you a long time, and if like me you loved it first time around, you'll soon realise that nothing has changed and you now love it even more.

Online multiplayer was always a major selling point for me and it pays off. I've heard people slagging it off because of lag or blah blah blah but to be honest, we all used to play this game with three mates in split screen, with a viewing window the size of a fag packet! Surely this is an improvement, quit your moaning! Playing online was a joyful experience to me. I re-lived so many memories setting the same traps and running for the same weapons. I certainly hope that people stay interested in this game because I'll be wanting to play it for a long time.

For 800 points this game is an absolute steal. If you're a younger gamer wanting to learn a vital lesson in the heritage of FPS, or an old git like me who wants to point at the screen anytime someone walks past shouting "This is how it used to be!" then this is an absolute must have.

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Wildboy Wiley
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Wildboy Wiley
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Posted on 04 April 10 at 16:06
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Having never played Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64, I was hesitant to buy Perfect Dark when I had seen it had released on the xbox live arcade. But since the fanbase of the game was actually pretty high, I instead took action immediately, instead of researching the actual games premise. Was I right in buying a game I knew absolutely nothing about, or was I doomed to forever have a poor game tied to my xbox gamertag?

Perfect Dark originally released on the Nintendo 64 on May 22nd, 2000. I can’t really say what that was like, as I have stated previously, I never got to grab a taste of the original. The port of the game released onto the xbox live arcade on March 17, 2010. Sadly, I wish I could say I purchased it on release day, but I had to wait till I got some Microsoft points to get it (which was 3 days later).

I will not lie, it’s hard to write a review about an “arcade” game, and I am noticing this will probably be the shortest review I’ve ever written, because there isn’t much to say. Let’s start with this. Perfect Dark for the xbox live arcade comes with improved graphics and a much improved frame rate. It features local multiplayer with up to 4 players, as well as an online multiplayer. As well, there are leaderboards, Challenges, “Crown” medals you can earn, 3 goldeneye64 maps and some goldeneye64 weaponry for all you fanboys and girls, and 20 achievements totalling 200 total gamerscore.

To say it simply, Perfect Dark is worth the money. Why? Well, even though it has a somewhat boring storyline, it does have some great run and gun action gameplay, and easy controls. Let’s put the story simple, you play as Joanna Dark, you are trying to stop an alien race known as the “Skedar” for some reason….Anyway, there are 3 difficulties, which differ based on how many objectives you have to complete per mission. The “Crown” awards are a great way to challenge yourself to see if you can complete a certain level with the needed requirements, multiplayer is fun with friends or with the bots added in the game, and the 20 achievements are guaranteed to make you dedicated to mastering.

What could I say needed to be added to the game? Well, the one thing that bothers me the most is during a mission, if you complete 4 objectives and you die during the 5th objective, the game forces you to complete the entire mission over, as well as all 4 objectives previously completed. The company that ported over the game should have added some sort of “save” feature, or maybe a checkpoint system, so that you didn’t spend 2 hours+ trying to complete one mission on the hardest difficulty.

Overall, I give the game 5 stars. Even if the game can be very stressful when you die right when you are about to complete a level, it just adds to the dedication and challenge of trying to complete the game. The “Crown” awards themselves are an excellent addition, the graphics look a little more up to date to today’s standards, and the multiplayer plus 20 achievements are an added bonus.
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Stefan Leroux
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Stefan Leroux
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Posted on 24 August 10 at 15:50
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For almost 10 years, Perfect Dark for the N64 has been my favourite game. I remember all the hype in the magazines, and painfully awaited it, following all of the development and details as they were released. I was in the store the day it was released, and was so disappointed when I was asked for ID (I was 14 at the time, but incredibly huge for my age - I'd never had any previous problems). I was even further disappointed when I discovered that all expansion paks were sold out and I had to wait 3 weeks before I could play it properly.

However, moving on, this review is about the XBOX Live Arcade version of the game. Again, I waited for this for what seemed like an age, expecting the same game with upgraded graphics. Boy was I wrong.
The game has been ported by 4J Studios, who have done little to it other than give it high-resolution graphics, and change the multi-player models to be the 4J team as opposed to the original Rare developers. The gameplay itself has remained unchanged, including all of the bugs and problems present in the N64 version, as they wanted to keep it true to the original.

Despite being unchanged, it is by no means the same game. The XBOX 360 has considerably more power than the N64 did and so in the many situations where the original would slow down (most notably explosions - it couldn't handle more than 3 at once, and I remember one time setting off 30 mines simultaneously: it took 10 staggered booms for them all to go off), the XBOX version can handle perfectly. This makes a lot of the game easier and more fun, but at the same time, can actually make some things a little harder; the shooting range for instance was slightly easier with slowdown; but overall it's a huge improvement.

The controls have obviously been changed, and this seems to be a huge problem for many players. I don't really see the issue with it - dual analog sticks have long been used, and to skip it for Perfect Dark would just be wrong to me. There are 3 options available: Classic, Spartan (for Halo fans) and Duty Calls (for Call of Duty fans). All of these are just options to let people slip straight into whats most comfortable for them. They work well enough, and do the job, the only issue is that using a single analog stick for movement makes it a lot harder for people to use the original's speed-strafing technique.

Of course, the biggest change to the game is that it is now an XBOX game, which naturally means achievements. Perfect Dark has 20 various achievements - some easy, some hard, and even one which pays an homage to the original game ("Act Your Age, Joanna"), and getting all of them will keep you playing all modes for quite some time.
4J also introduced the concept of "Leaderboard Crowns" to the game, which are basically sub-achievements. Each level contains some task which will net you a crown, and obtaining it will show the levels icon next to your name on the leaderboards to show everyone how good you are. These crowns are unknowns, and you are not told anywhere how to get them - or how you got them, but obtaining them all is the key to a final achievement. These crowns, although a simple idea are part of what keeps so many people playing the game. It's because of them that after 10 years I have finally managed to unlock the final level; WAR!; and complete the game at last.

For an older game Perfect Dark has definitely aged well, and has definitely deserved to be remade. The mission structure is simple, and although most levels are shorter than the average these days I still feel that it hold up against some of it's competition. I'm a Halo fan myself, but I think that the gameplay of run and gun through a level is just a little too repetitive, which is where PD wins. Each mission gives objectives to do; keep people alive, save the President, espionage, kill aliens; and this is what mixes up the game a bit more.

If you're an FPS fan looking for something new to play, I would highly recommend Perfect Dark - particularly if you're looking for a co-op game. It's simple and short, but at the same time if you like it theres so much packed in there for you to do, it can keep you going for ages - a decade for me so far, and it's still as exciting a game to me now as it ever was.
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Posted on 01 April 11 at 00:04, Edited on 22 August 12 at 17:21
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Ahh yes, the game I've been waiting for is finally here and I have to say this game has met all my expectations. Perfect Dark was the semi-sequel follow-up to one of Nintendo 64's greatest games, James Bond 007 Golden Eye. I have fond memories of me, my brother and my buddies playing many, many hours of this game, from sun up to sunset.

Perfect Dark on Xbox 360 is an exact port of the N64 version, but with sharper and enhanced graphics and animation. Everything from the sounds to the levels are perfect ports. All the weapons are here, and there are a lot of them. Unlike most shooters which only allow you to carry two weapons at a time, Perfect Dark gives you four to five at a time. The game has a ton of different firearms, from practical weapons like pistols and rifles, to more imaginative ones like the Farsight, which lets you snipe players wherever they are on the board; the gun lets you see through walls, kind of like night vision goggles. Proximity mines, Rocket Launchers and more are at your disposal, as well as my personal favorite, The Laptop. Throw this gun on a wall or floor and it deploys into a sentry type gun, shooting any enemy that comes in sight of it. But unlike the N64 version, this Laptop runs out of bullets much faster. After two to three sims are killed, the gun is empty. In the N64 version, my Laptop would kill at least ten or more sims before you had to deploy another one. There's even a cloaking device to be had. With this you can literally walk right up into your enemies face and stand nose to nose without being noticed. This baby got me out of a heated battle many times.

A complaint I had about a lot of shooters was how slow your character seems to move. Halo 3 for instance (though I love Halo 3) upset me at times because when the action got heavy and I try to run for cover, it seemed as if my character was walking instead of running, totally ignoring the fact that I was about to get my butt shot off, which led to deaths that could have been avoided. Perfect Dark on the other hand has your character moving at a very brisk pace and at 60 frames per second, it looks as beautiful as it moves. The updated graphics also serve this game well; no more blurry, blocky graphics that can sometimes barely be made out. 4J Studios has done a great job with this remake.

This game comes with a load of play modes. Some we're all familiar with like King of the Hill, Capture the Case (which is basically capture the flag), to others we're not so familiar with, like Slow Motion where everything is pretty slow motion, and Tranquilizer, which has you running around with a Tranquilizer pistol. When you shoot someone with this, their screen goes hazy. Keep shooting them and they eventually die, but not after being tranked so much you feel as if you're going to throw up. You also have single player campaign and challenges, as well as multi-player co-op and multi-player battles. You can play 4 player locally with split screen or go online and battle opponents from around the globe. The single player campaign is well done and pretty long for a downloaded Xbox Live Arcade game.

This game keeps track of everything from how many headshots you have to how many bullets you've used, kills, deaths, games played, games won and lost, distance traveled and a lot more. Online leaderboards complete this statistics package and gives you another reason to play.

There are 20 achievements in Perfect Dark. Some examples are "kill an enemy when dual-wielding", "earn all leaderboard crowns" and complete missions on different difficulties. Some are easy but some require quite a bit of work to attain.

Perfect Dark on N64 was great and is made even better on 360. It's exactly what I wanted, the N64 version with much improved sharper graphics and stellar 60 frames per sec animation. This is how a remake should be done.

Replay Value-8
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