Petoons Party Reviews

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    15 Oct 2019
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    Party games are becoming more popular in recent years, with titles such as Oh My Godheads, , Marooners and It's Quiz Time arriving on console being games I have played. Now it's the time for Petoons Party from Petoons Studio. Is it worth the buy, or should you avoid? Let's delve deeper and find out.

    First and foremost, once you have laid your eyes upon the graphics, you will see a colourful pallete of colours which will certainly appeal to the younger generation, and I can testify to this as both of my children who are 5 and 6 loved playing this game with me. They would even play it when I wasn't around, and had the time of their lives with the Petoons. As for the grown up people who will potentially be playing this, most likely for the achievements, they may not be so forthcoming with praise. That's not to say that Petoons Party is a bad game by any means, it just won't challenge the more mature gamer among us. But for the younger generations, I am sure that they will have fun.

    As for the achievements, a quick look at the list will show that there really won't be too much of a challenge to be had, but the music related ones can be a little bit tricky, but shouldn't pose to much of a threat. With several Cup modes and locations to choose from, there will be enough games for people to spend some time on.

    Gameplay is simplistic and definitely won't be difficult to pick up. If a pair of young children can pick up and play, then adults will have no issues whatsoever in getting to grips with the controls. It's a fun little Indie game, but the demographic is mostly the youngsters, but I had my fun with it as well. Mainly getting schooled by the kids who were surprisingly adept at handing me my own backside every chance they got.

    The replay value is there, and having kids I can easily justify playing this over time. Mainly for them, occasionally to work on grabbing the remaining achievements for myself, although they do enjoy unlocking them too. The games are not too long and pretty quick in some cases. Perfect if you are short on time or only give the kids limited time on the Xbox.

    Petoons Party is most definitely for the kids. My pair love it, and regularly play it when they have game time. Your kids or younger siblings may well enjoy it too. It does appear a little bit basic in places with regards to level design and animations. But making it too hard would cut off that younger audience from experiencing it. The adults among us probably won't be singing it's praises from the rooftops and that's fine. Petoons Party is fun when you involve the little ones, and I sure as hell will be playing it with them in the future. The only major issue I can call out here, is the asking price. It may well put people off.

    Developer: Petoons Studio
    Publisher: Petoons Studio
    Release Date: 27th September 2019
    Price: £16.74